Monday, February 28, 2005

On the + side, I can sing Pharaohe Monch hooks pretty well

I cant sing for shit. I stopped trying to a long while ago. If someone asks me how a song goes, I'll probably just hum it and then tell the lyrics than sing the song. However, today, I started singing the hook to "Evaridae" by O.C. f/ Pharaohe Monch (Monch sings the hook). For whatever reason, I was recording on my PC, and then I played it back, and it sounded pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Then I started singing the "My Life (Remix)" by Sheek f/ Monch & Skillz (again, Monch sings the hook), and it sounded even better. I dont know. Someone tell me some good hooks that Monch sings. I'm pretty sure it only works for songs in which he ONLY sings the hook tho.

My AIM Sucks

No one is on. For example, people who are neither logged off nor away nor idle in my buddylist are:

ToddLynn <-dude hasnt responded for some 1 hour now
PNHFITZ <-same
miztik avenger <-AKA that weak MC

thats it. My buddy list is pretty long, but no one is on who's worth talking to. fuck this shit. im going to sleep.

Oscar's Golden Moment

Don't expect a detailed wrap up like you got of the Grammy's. I ain't got that kind of time. I really did'nt have that kind of time to watch a bunch of rich , white Ana's(anarexia), and Mia's(Bolemia), sashay their way across a red carpet draped in ridiculously expensive borrowed gowns, wearing even more outrageously expensive borrowed diamonds(except for Oprah and Holly Berry).I lack the patience to watch outwardly gay(Homo) actors and Bisexual ones(1/2 Homo) come to the event with their pretend female "others".Then they gather in a theatre, only to be showered with an expensive array of gifts that total more than what most people gross in a year's salary.They are then obliged to sit there and pretend that they are a diverse group of free spirited , free thinkers, that are tolerant to all.Bullshit man, these folks just started acknowledging black people yesterday, and it was only because of everyone's collective disdain for the current administration.Then, a group of secret members known as the Oscar commitee or panel, or some shit, vote on who and what they think is entertainment.What was entertainment was Chris Rock's hosting of the event. I managed to listen to some of it while in another room, and I must say, if you want funny, hire the jungle bunny!

In closing, I did'nt have the time nor the patience to watch this spectacular , glorious, fantabulous event, however I did manage to hear little bits and pieces , and I must say, Jamie Foxx has gotten that feel sorry for me while I put on the performance of my life and "cry" for white folks and recount how he now "talks to dead people".Was'nt that the line made famous by a little white dude? Anyway, I had a fun time and I can't wait 'till next year! Congrats to all the winners who's names eludes me right now, except for Jamie(Feel sorry for me)Foxx and Morgan (i'm as non threatening as a black man gets) Freeman.

On a personal note, I will be doing research for the Adult Video Awards, so if you don't see me contributing as much as I normally do, chalk it up to hard work and dedication.BBC Peace!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Fat Joe vs. 50? Ain't Gonna Happen

I'm sure you've heard 50 Cent's dissing Joe, so Joey Crack appearently wants to fight him old-school. Whatever. Both men are just talking shit to hype their new albums. Why would 50, who is one of the best-selling artists in the world, risk so much? I doubt Joe really wants to risk much, either. 50 Cent is "playing career Rusian roulette" (to quote Royce da 5'9''). He can't go around disrespecting people everyday of the week. Eventually, it'll catch up to him. Shit, here's a list of people he's disrespected:

- Lil' Kim
- Kelis
- Ashanti
- Jadakiss
- Fat Joe
- Nas
- Ja Rule
- Irv Gotti
- Stiky Fingaz
- Busta Rhymes
- Shyne
- Ghostface
- Jay-Z
- Benzino
- etc.

The list goes on. I don't give a shit about 1/2 those people either, but still. You have to question dissing, say Nas, who collaborated with both Eminem & Dre. As a matter of fact, Eminem's last 2 guest appearences were one with Fat Joe and the other one with Jadakiss. 50 Cent's career is officially on the decline commercially.

Eminem is an Idiot

**Rumor Mill**

Rap artist Eminem (Shady/Aftermath) has begun preliminary development on a new double disc album to be released late 2005. The double disc album entitled "The Funeral" will feature tracks from all of Eminem's personas including Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers. The album will also include 4 new songs titled "The Funeral - featuring Bizarre", "The Funeral - featuring Dr. Dre", "The Funeral - featuring Obie Trice" and a brand new Dre produced track "Where I'm Standing (In the Game)". The album will "put to rest" all three of Eminem's personas and supposedly clear the way for a new Eminem. "I feel I've reached the point of my career where I need a new 'fuel' to create tracks," Marshall Mathers is quoted as saying when asked about the new album. "So I'm putting all my old shit of the first half of my career on this album and getting ready for a fresh start on my next half." Why are three tracks named the same thing? "I'm not really on any of the tracks named 'The Funeral'. Those tracks just signify the death of each persona." The album will be divided into 3 sections each divided by one "The Funeral" track. Bizarre will rap about the Slim Shady persona, Dr. Dre will rap about the Marshall Mathers persona, and Obie Trice will rap about the Eminem persona. The last track of the album will be "Where I'm Standing" with a new "reborn" Eminem rapping over the beat.

I don't know if its true. But anyways, it sounds like a one of Dre's album, with a bunch of guest appearences. Which mean he'll produce at least 1/2 the tracks. Add the fact that his last album was the pathetic "Encore", that this is coming out a mere months after that, and that you'll probably see all of D12 and G-Unit on it, and let's say that the chances of suckage is high. Fuck Eminem.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

NFL Offseason

Muhammed signs with Bears

Can Mushin, almost 32, really help the Bears in the long term? The Bears definitely needed help at receiver, so I think overall, it makes sense.

Coles for Moss?
for ?
The Skins are looking to deal Laveraunes Coles for Santana Moss. Coles caught 90 passes but only 1 TD (from Clinton Portis) while Moss had 45 catches but found the end zone 5 times. The Redskins are going to have to restructure some contracts for this, but thats fine. My issue is that this doesn't really solve any problems for the Skins. QB is probably the greatest area of concern, but with Mark Brunell and Patrick Ramsey and Tim Hasselbeck, changes can't be made.

The Other Moss Deal?

The Vikings should not deal Moss. There, I said it. They would take a cap hit, and they would lose a talented receiver. If they decide to, a good trade would be to the Ravens. They could trade, say, Ed Hartwell, Will Demps, and a 1st rounder, and in turn would get a game-changing receiver.

Smoot is gone.

The Redskins will probably lose Fred Smoot to free agency. They have gone from elite to mediocre at CB. Will he reunite with Champ Bailey in Denver?

More Trade Talks
Corey Simon could leave the Eagles, who made him the Franchise Player. Again, Denver would love him, but can they afford him? Edgerrin James for Patrick Surtain makes sense. James loves Miami, and the Colts seem to have a rather rocky relationship with him. However, is Surtain really worth a premier running back? An intriguing player is Tommy Maddox. He could go to a team that needs an experienced QB.

Top 5 Anticipated Albums

Honorable Mention: O.C. - Starchild
This would probably be #1 if it weren't for the fact that I already got the Japanese import, and appearently they're going to release it in the states. There'll be a few bonuses, to be sure, but obviously since I already have the "International Version" I don't feel that excited.
05: Sean Price - Monkey Bars
Burning Question: Can Sean Price make a great album?
This album could be the return of the BCC and Duck Down Records. Very little is known about this album at this point, but the expectations are pretty high. To my knowledge tho, there will be little outside help for this album. Which is fine, but are the in-house producers, etc. up to the task?
04: Beanie Sigel - The B-Coming
Burning Question: Can Beanie Sigel ever be great like they promised us?
The legend goes that Jay-Z was so impressed with his first meeting with Beanie, he signed him on 1 freestyle. But Beans has never done anything to be considered "great". He's always been the second guy behind Jay-Z, never making much noise commercially or critically. Can he do it now? The production is there (DJ Scratch, Aqua) the guests are there (Redman, Busta Rhymes, Heavy D), its all up to Beanie. It's pretty hard for me to beleive Beans can make a great album if there are appearences by Peedi Crakk and the like. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, tho.
03: MED - When Push Comes To Shove
Burning Question: How good is MED as an MC?
To tell you the truth MED is an enigma to me as an emcee for the most part. I've only heard him on Peanut Butter Wolf's "Stones Throw 101" Mix CD on 2 songs. But its the production that really gets me. Peep the lineup (for an underground artist!): Madlib, Oh No, J-Dilla, Diamond D, Just Blaze. I can't give this top honors because I don't know the guy that much, but by the people promoting and on this album, I have high expectations.
02: Da Beatminerz - Fully Loaded With Static
Burning Question: Can a producer's album have great guest appearences and be cohesive?
Da Beatminerz are good, and they have gotten a collective of MC's you can't look away from. Just check some of the guys in the line-up: Black Moon, KRS-One, J-Live, Wordsworth, Chali 2na, Dilated Peoples, Last Emperor, Krumbsnatcha, J-Zone, Poison Pen, Jean Grae, Tony Touch...But with the dizzying array of guests, how can you know that each will be at the top of their game? How can you make the album cohesive?
01: AZ - Final Call
Burning Question: Can AZ break the curse?
Think about this: AZ debuted on the classic album "Illmatic", and he kicked one of the most amazing verses possibly ever. AZ's smooth yet somehow gritty flow, skills, etc seemed to be the perfect ingredients for becoming a star. Yet, after dropping Illmatic's little cousin, "Doe or Die", people still found him to be Nas's sidekick instead of his partner. AZ still dropped a good amount of good material, but he still is kinda left out. But AZ can make it all right now. Appearing on the incredible Nas collabo "Serious" has only shown that the skills are still there. Is "Final Call" going to break the "Illmatic Curse"? Only time will tell.

Friday, February 25, 2005

"Dont make me expose you to the people who dont know you"

I apologize to my loyal blog readers for my recent absence from this site. I have been busy with school lately and have not been able to be on the Internet as much id like. However xplicit and I have had the last couple of days off because of snow so i hope to get in at least 3 posts this weekend.

On 50 cents new album , "The Massacre" , there is a song that peeked my interest (the rest of the album is pretty much throwaway). It was the remix to the original Game song "hate it or love it" on his shitty album The Documentary. On this remix the Game plods through the song as usual with his suspect flow, dropping names and not making much sense. I am ready to skip it and then I hear the following line, "Fo' I creep and turn yo' projects into columbine/nd I'm Rap's MVP/dont make me remind y'all what happened in DC''.
Now I started thinking, 'Im from DC, what is he talking about'. And then I remembered. Back in early January when the Game was promoting his piece of shit album he came do DC and did the standard hip hop stations promotional tour. He came on Wkys's night show with host Zulux. Zulux does the standard interview for a while and then starts to joke around with Game. Im not sure what was said but whatever it was it angered Game so much that he had his manager attack the host. After that Game's bodyguards jumped in and also started attacking Zulux. Then at the end of the fight game sucker punched Zulux and all of the men fled the studio.

So now that we know what happened in DC,I have some questions. The first being if Game is such a tough guy why does he need two bodyguards? The second question is if he had a problem with Zulux ,whom I have met and cannot be taller than 5'7, why were his bodyguards and managers the first ones to confront him. The third, and final question being, if you had to get 3 people to soften up a 5'7 radio dj before you jumped in why would you want to brag about that?

"Dont make me remind y'all what happened in DC", no Game, dont make me remind YOU about what happened in DC you talent-less, name dropping, Dr Dre dick riding prick.

Rudy Giuliani - Your next idiot president

At some point, Republicans need to stop riding 9/11 into doing shit. Im sure at this point Bush could pass legislation making listening to OutKast illegal, claiming the terrorists will attack us if we dont get 100% behind it. And to most of the country, Rudy is Superman. He plunged head first into the burning towers to rescue children. Scratch that. He rescued cute babies.

Who is running for the Democrats...Hilary Clinton? Yeah fucking right. To your average redneck, its Superman vs. the bitch who got cheated on. I could go into why Superman being elected is a bad thing, but instead ill just quote rap lyrics.

"my clan's plan's to get Giuliani hung"
- Big L, Stretch & Bobbito Show 7 Minute Freestyle

"I'm gettin' vexed, Giuliani is 666"
-Nas, The World Is Yours (Q-Tip Mix)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

National Day of Love and Kindness

We have all sorts of days on the calendar, President's Day, Valentine's Day, take your daughter to work day....etc.I don't know if they have this , but I would like to be the founder of NLK day. Not MLK day, Dr. King is the subject of that day.NLK day is short for National Love and Kindness Day. It's a day that we all should remember to be loving and kind to everyone, including yourselves.I would like to make it in the early spring, you know, when it's just starting to warm up in the north east, say May 22. O.K. Officially I have just declared May 22 NLK day! So say I . I am very serious about this, and I want everyone to pass this info along. We can spread gossip and bad news like the bird flu, so I think by May 22, we should all know and observe NLK day.On this day, noone should argue , fight , yell ,scream, cry, swear, abuse anyone or anything else. Also you should perform a random act of kindness , it does'nt have to be random, just an act of kindness. I really would like people to spread this around and let's see if we can't do something positive if we all chip in. Who Knows , if this works out , maybe we can try to make it a week next year! Please people I'm asking you really , really nicely. I will be going around on May 22 and I will see if this truely made a difference. If I catch you acting up or being disrespectful, IMO beat your ass! No, I did'nt mean that. Please , let's be loving and kind just for one damn day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Word Association Thing...

Some of you might not know that I am a very accomplished Psychiatrist. I have a very successful practice in the Cayman Islands , where I treat lot of people who suffer from sunburn!O.K ....I'm not a license psychiatrist, however, I have been to so many in my life, that I know how to analyze folks using that word association thing. It's not a game, it's a treatment,yea , or a diagnostic tool.I am more than happy to diagnose anyone who is willing to take this brief quiz. You simply write down the first thing that comes to mind when you read the words.It's supposed to be done with pictures, but I don't know how to up pictures to this thing, besides, it dose'nt matter, i'm not really a therapist anyway! Just take the damn thing! I'm getting frustrated, I need therapy!!!!

1. Sunshine
2. A broken bottle
3. The color Grey
4.A group of birds
5. A flower
6. Puddles
7.the color orange
8. Mud
9.a dog
10. the color yellow

Leave your response numbered accordingly and I will anal yze you as soon as possible(no Homo).

P.S. you can use more than one word as a response, but try to make it short and sweet, I don't have all day to psycho anal yze you nut jobs!(No Homo No hOmO)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Don't Laugh!

I spend a great deal of time reading other people's blogs and interacting with other bloggers. In a short time, blogging has become a favorite activity of mine.To think, I started by accident, Xplicit needed someone to help contribute to his blog while he gets his computer back on line. Now , it seems like I have a whole blog life , with a blog family,blog friends and even blog enemies(just kidding Two Dogs!). I am a very ......let's just say that I'm not exactly a people person, yet I do enjoy interacting with people through blogging. I wonder if I AM a people person, but my life experiences with people have reinforced in me time and time again that I like to be by myself. I don't know when Xplicit is going to get his computer fixed, but I'm going to ask him if I can stay on and contribute from time to time. After all, I can't just abandon my blog family just like that! I was thinking of starting my own blog, but I don't know if I would be into it like I'm into blogsitting.It's one thing to babysit, it's another thing to have kids!Whatever happens, I will still check up on my fellow bloggers, I feel that we have formed a sort of bond.I have become interested in what people have to say , how they're doing, what they're up to,.. etc. I must sound crazy right now but hey, don't laugh, you're reading this, aren't you? Seacrest OUT!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Something to Think About....

After spending some time reading other people's blogs, I have come to the realization that people are all the same.I mean this in a good way. The more you read people's thoughts and opinions and information about their daily lives, the more you realize that we are all just people.It's funny how a female from Canada and a male from the mid west can both manage to think the same thoughts and go through the same experiences. It just makes me think, why can't people just do the right thing? I mean , we think the same thoughts, we feel the same feelings, then why can't we just all do what we all know is right? If I know that it's wrong to abuse someone else, and I don't wish to be abused , why is there still abuse? I know this sounds real dumb right now, or maybe not. Maybe others think the same way!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Answers to the Bahamas giveaway....

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the answers to the Bahamas trip giveaway.Well, I have waited long enough and have given people ample time .I will now officially close the contest and declare that no one has won the wonderful prize that Xplicit was giving away.So, without further ado, the answers are

1. The psychotic mother from the midwest that was arrested for living in squalor with her 6 or 7 kids. The father had died years before and she raised the kids to mistrust the government. She made this now famous quote when the FBI had arrested her and was putting her into a government vehicle.

2. This interesting quote was made by the now forgotten Montana Freemen. While they were held up in their compound and was preparing for a raid from the FBI, one of them was on a shortwave radio and was trying to desperately contact anyone soon after the assault began.He issued an all out call for help to anyone that would listen.We never heard from them again and this must mean that their fight for Montana's independance did not go so well.

3. The last, and easiest quote came from Jack Van Impe . He is a well known biblical scholar and has a television show . This show is designed to scare the bejesus out of you and covince you that the world is going to end real, real soon, and you need to accept Jesus as your lord and savior. He is often heard breaking down scriptures and relating them to the coming of the lord. Rexella is his anarexic wife that co- hosts the show with him.I think even she is tired of his shit!

I would just like to take a moment to thank those who participated(Some more than once!) in this contest giveaway . Be sure to look out for similar contests running on this blog courtesy of DjXplicit.

Your'e with it.

*Posted from a second grade classroom

Im tired of kids acting like being white is a bad thing. You know...all the half white kids, they try to ignore and hide their whiteness. I ask...why? I know my share of people who want to be something else. I know one white kid who insists to talk about his great-grandfather who wasn't white. Why? Is it to be different? The way I see it is...embrace your culture, whatever it is. Because I also know my fair share of non-whites who say they are somewhat white. When I was around 7, I remember a girl insisting she was born in the border between Guatemala and the United States. Considering there is no such thing, that shit is ridiculous. I guess it's all a part of the "grass being greener on the other side" effect. Which brings me to my next point:

Why do we need euphemisms for the term "redneck"?
Nascar Dads? Blue collar whites? Shut up!

Another thing:
Realize that there is more than 1 author on this blog. This is djxplicit AKA Zodiac Digital reminding you that I didn't make a post with MJ jokes (that was soundboyz AKA The Sixty Second ShoGun).

Personal News:
I am planning on making a Public Enemy mixtape, using a bunch of different styles. Yesterday I mixed the PE/Moby collabo "MKLV FKWR" with Sepultura's brazilian tribal jam "Kiowas" thats the kind of thing I'm going for. Please, if anyone has a clue about reformatting a hard drive, e-mail me!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

If I Ruled the World

Lately, I have been wondering what it would be like to rule the world. Would I still believe in all that righteous, fair crap or would I just live it up to the fullest? Would I go around and spread peace and prosperity, or would i be partying and sticking every female not injured or mutalated by war. It's a question that one truely cannot answer unless put in that unique position! After all , there are lottery winners that have wished they never won .One thinks that they are prepared to handle the awsome responsibility that comes with all that power, but to actually have that power must surely be intoxicating .

I probably would start off as the noble ambassador of good will and kindness to humanity, but by day 4, I probably would be cruising around in expensive cars, dressed in the finest clothes and shagging the most exotic and rarest of females(and some not so exotic too!).I would donate a great deal to children's charities, after all,most of those kids would have mothers that would be dying to meet the kind one that has blessed their children, so they could bless me! O.K. that was over the top and inappropriate, and I apologize to all moms around the world, that was rude and uncharacteristic of me. See, just the mere thought of riches and power has turned me into a creep. Now I understand why the people who rule are wicked, self centered jerks, and I'll never have shit!

comment from djxplicit: paragraphs, man!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Sorry So Late....

For all my adoring fans out there(NZYME) , I'm truely sorry I'm posting the Gospel so late.Today was one of those days that make you think seriously about the devil.Everything went wrong, I won't go into details , but I will say that I turned my computer on and NOTHING!!Yesterday I smelled something like a electric burn.It was coming from the computer but it was working fine all day.All the components worked great. However, this morning I pushed the on button and nothing happened, absolutely nothing.I quickly figured it was the power supply, and figured that I would fix it in a couple of days, then I remembered that I was blogsitting for XPLICIT!!!!!I immediately thought of him losing this treasure to the nation and quickly decided to open her up. One thing led to another and ,WALLA , I took out the old burnt out power supply and went and got a new one and installed it , all by 11 pm. I cannot believe that I did that by myself!I have little to no knowledge of computers.I must say that I'm truely proud of myself!Everything seems to be back to normal , actually better than normal, and XPLICIT gets to keep his holy Grail.Even though today was a trying day with many negatives, I was able to face these challenges and turn them into positives!God is Great!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Top Five Michael Jackson Jokes

I've decided to list the top 5 jokes about Michael Jackson. Hey, don't be gettin' all sensative and stuff, these are only jokes. So , take off your sequin glove and have a laugh!

5. Why did Michael try to get the case moved to juvenile court? in juvenile court, Michael was sure he would get off!
4. What do Professional Baseball players and Michael Jackson victims all have in common? They're all just little Kids with gloves deep down inside of them!
3. How can you tell when it's bedtime at Neverland? When the big hand touches the little hand!
2. What did investigators find at Neverland? They found class A drugs in the bathroom, class B drugs in the kitchen, and class 3C in the bedroom!
1.Why does Michael Jackson prefer twenty-eight year olds? Because there's twenty of them!

Disclaimer: The owners and /or contruibuters of this blog are not liable or responsible for the content of this or any other post that may or may not be contained i.e. written on this or any other blog.The formentioned individuals and/or group does not condone , nor do they intend to make light of serious crimes and or victims, real or imagined , of said crimes, which may or may not have occured.However , individuals that find this material lewd or offensive may or may not go f#*k themselves, depending on each individual's personal choice.

Is Michael Jackson Guilty?

I used to think that I knew what this case was about.I was so sure that this was all a conspiracy to set up and brand the King of Pop the worst type of human being(in my opinion), a child molester. As more and more information comes out about the situation, the more and more I question what this is all about. When the first charges were filed against Mr. Jackson in the early 90's , I was sure that this was merely a shakedown of one of the wealthiest entertainer in the U.S. When the case was settled out of court for millions, this only confirmed my suspicions about the motive of the alledged victim involved. Now, after another victim has come foreward, I'm not so sure what's going on here. All i'm saying is that if you were falsely accused of something , first of all, you would'nt settle out of court for any amount of money.Secondly, you would not allow yourself to be put in that situation again! Now that he's being charged with the same crime, I seriously am starting to think that where there is smoke, their is fire. I will have to wait and see like everyone else, but something about this just does'nt seem right. Secrest OUT!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

On a Much Lighter Note.....

In light of my recent posts, I have come to the realization that I need to lighten up a bit and not scare Xplicit's core audience away with these dark, deep , posts. So today, I have decided to keep it light and fun. What I want to do today is pose a series of questions, and if anyone gets them all right, Xplicit will treat the winner to an all expense paid cruize to.....The Bahamas....where you can wine and dine and 69 in the lap of luxury. The trip includes all expenses paid for 6 days 9 nights, all meals are included except for dinners. You will be pampered and treated to a wonderful all day spa where you will enjoy a professional rub down by our finest Japanese hookers, just ask for the tug boat special!All you have to do is list the answers to these three questions and win!

1. Who's responsible for this famous quote....."Things don't look too good right now.....but ...we pray".

2.Who was responsible for this quote..."If anyone in the world can hear me right now, we're under attack."

3.How about this famous quote..."Ah Rexella ...We're nearing the final days of the coming of our Lord and savior.....Listen....pray this prayer with me...will you".

Please list your answers in order and if you are our will be notified by xplicit within 48 hours with instructions where you can claim your prize. Good luck and only one entry per person.....this means you NZYME!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Attention All True White Racists!!!!!!

I have a problem with White Racists! Not the obvious problem with them just being ignorant and stupid for no reason other than a inferiority complex. No, this problem stems deeper. If you claim to be a White Supremacist or just a plain old bigot, I have one really good question for you , How can you let the JEWS take over your country and your government and do absolutely NOTHING about it???? See, I understand your rhetoric about "Niggers and Kykes taking over your country". You feel more and more like whites are becoming a minority. This is a piece of Pig shit! There are plenty of whites in this country to dominate for the next 1000 years. See, you don't really fear the blacks taking over because you know that they have been so devistated from slavery and segregation, to plain ol' racism, that even if one or two make it, they pose no threat to your country. The problem I have is why the HELL then do you let these JEWS take over not only your country, but your Government! These NEOCONSERVATIVES are JEWS! They have taken over your government and has used your Country for their ZIONIST agenda.You do NOTHING about it! Not ONE fucking thing!Check into it. LIBBY, Pearle, Wolfowitz, Tennent etc. ,they're all Israelis.They hold dual citizenship with the US and Israel. Guess who they're looking out for first?So, I hate to ramble on about shit that wont change, but you racists talk all that shit about defending the motherland from Jews and Niggers and Spicks and whatever, you seem to be doing a good job on the niggers and spicks, but you just let these Zionists(Cause they're not really Jews), waltz into this country and take over your Government, Businesses , Media, Military and on and on and on! You did'nt do SHIT! Now they have your sons and daughters fighting their war and tricking your dumb ass into thinking it's because of TERRORISM! You fuckers are more stupid than I thought!

Monday, February 14, 2005

The 2005 Grammy's Rap up......

Greetings, Happy Valentine's Day to all(no homo).I wish everyone a happy and SAFE Valentine's day.I hope you find my tips helpful on getting the most out of this wonderful day! O.K. enough of this mushy shit! I really would like to review this years Grammy Awards.
As some of you know , and some of you may not, yesterday was the day when the 2005 Grammy Awards was held. It was a star studded event and as usual, the show was filled with performances from a mixture of the music industries best and brightest in all genres of music ,and this was all in the first 5 minutes of the show! The Black Eyed Peas, or those interracial liberals, as the Republicans commonly refer to them, really gave a wonderful performance of their now cliche hit"Let's get it Started"(or Let's Get Retarted ,depending on your political correctness). This performance included a mixture of Rock's best such as ......What's their name ....and pop's famous...who's her face, chiming in to show the unifying effect of good music.The performance also included slave attire by one of the members of The Black Eyed Peas along with Leprauchan shoes from another(I shit you not),while yet another member proudly sported clothes from the wardrobe of the play, Pirate's of Pinzance.Anyway, I tuned in long enough to see a beautiful performance by Ms. Alicia Keys. Is it me , or is she just ravishingly beautiful, and extreamly talented to boot.She followed up her performance of "if I Ain't Got You"(Chick needs some English lessons) with an emotional duo with Jamie Foxx. This was a great performance of the late Ray Charles' song "Georgia".I always was a big fan of Jamie Foxx, as a singer, and could never understand why this silky,smooth crooner with skills on the ivory, was'nt a big deal in music. Anyway, I tuned in long enough to see Kanye West win the Grammy for Best Rap album! As I stated before, I don't respect that guy's ability because it takes little skill and talent to sample parts of an old record then speed it up to the pitch of the Chipmunks and then program a beat under it! Well, after that, I stopped watching it and got on the computer and did some stuff......and things of that nature.I Hope this gave you the feeling of actually being at the ceremony.Tune in next time when I review the AVN's.

P.S. OOOh ...I just remembered that I saw the J. LO Marc Anthony duet.Well, if you saw it, you would understand why I forgot about it! It was something straight from Telemundo's soaps .The only thing that was missing was the midget and someone toting a M16!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Blueprint for a Special Day!

Seeing that it's the eve of one of the most loving, romantic days of the year, I would like to leave a few pointers on how to make this Valentine's Day very special for you and your loved ones. First, I would like to say to all of those who don't have a special someone to enjoy tomorrow with , do not worry, you can make tomorrow a special day for yourself. What you want to do is make some "Quiet time" for yourself. If you have to work , don't worry,you can slip away on your break and go into the restroom and find a empty stall, lock the door and really spend some time with you. Really get to know yourself, what you like and don't like, where you like to be touched and what to say to yourself that really gets you in the mood. Remember, only you know what you like, so pay close attention to yourself and what you respond to.Be careful, if you are in a place of business, you want to keep the sounds to a minimum. Also, pay attention to your watch and the time , you don't want to get in trouble on your big day for taking too long a break. Finally , be sure to clean up any mess that you may or may not have created , and remember to wash your hands before returning to work!

Now, since we've taken care of the wack-offs, let's focus on the couples. Couples, just do what I said for the single folks to do, only find a private residence or hotel.You don't want to get caught at work having sex.When you and your special someone are alone, simply rip their clothes off and have your way with eack other in a wild , raunchy, uninhibited display of pure anamalistic sex. This will definately have a lasting impression on your special someone and will provide memories for many years to come, or at least until next Valentine's day ,when I strongly recommend that you do it again.Hopefully, it's with the same special someone, but if not, hey , it's better to say that you have loved and lost than to NEVER have loved at all. If you have broken up and don't have a special someone for next year, simply focus your attention on the first paragraph of this guide. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Never Ever!!!!!

Two things in life one should never ever discuss is politics or religion. With that being said, I have already discussed politics and I am now ready to discuss religion.I have pondered this deep and often controversial topic to try and find a truth about the world's religions. Is there such a thing as true religion or is religion merely invented long ago by man in an effort to explain the unexplainable, in a time when no one knew anything and often struggled to explain their enviornment and happenings in their small and simple world?For example, if the Tsunami happened 4,00 years ago, which i'm sure one did, did man struggle with the concept that god was punishing them for their transgressions or did anyone know about the tactonic plates under the surface of the earth that shift because of pressure build up from time to time?Was the God of the sea, Neptune, or his son Titan the cause of this calamity or did man realize that a earthquake can cause the sea to produce waves of up to 30 feet?When a volcano erupted, was it the wrath of Zeus or was it the vulcan god Nimrod throwing a tantrum? Is there only one god? Was Jesus a God? How could Jesus be a god and God be a god if there is only one god?If Jesus was the son of God , how can he be God if his father is God? Would'nt that make his father jealous? After all, he IS a jealous god and warns man against putting any other gods before him , after him , with him, Look he's jealous so he should be the only god , alright.Should'nt god be above jealousy? After all, it is a sin to be jealous of someone else .I know this is a great deal to contemplate all at once , so i'll leave it at that for now,but i'll be back with more pressing questions about this. Until then, God's speed.

One Quick Question.......

Listen, I know that i'm not the brightest person, but could someone with knowledge of this topic please reply and explain this to me. Why can the United States go around the world and stop other countries from developing or obtaining neuclear weapons? Seriously, don't we have tons of them and were'nt we the only country that actually used them? So as the country that is against neuclear prolifiration, why are we armed to the teeth and have a record of actually USING them?

How can we say no one else can have them but us and the others that already have them? Should'nt we also be trying to disarm the others that are already known to have them or is there a grandfather clause involved?Seriously, this is the biggest pile of shit I have ever heard!It's like me saying, No one else can own a gun but me,but I have already shot and killed some people , and then go around threatening and shooting people who try to obtain one. WTF?

Friday, February 11, 2005

The President Bush Translator

I know that xplicit has his now famous Wu- Tang name generator. Well, after careful thought , I've come up with one that will translate President Bush's speeches. I know it's hard to understand him as it is , but with this device, it will break down his terms and phrases into words we all can understand. Actually , it's not a seperate thing like the Wu- Tang name generator, it works in my head. Let me demonstrate using parts of his last State of the Union Address." My fellow Americans"(Rich white people, poor white people and illegal immigrants that will work for major corporations without rights and fair labor practice)"I am confident in saying that the State of the Union is Strong"(I'm rich as hell, all my buddies are rich, and we're blowing up shit). "The soft bigotry of low expectations"(Make it hard as hell for minorities to get into College and then pass the Hutchinson Act that allows Military recruiters to obtain their info from their high schools and agressively persue them). "No Child left behind"(implement policy that high schools purposely fail minorities and then increase the military recruiters and give them access to their personal info and tell them that they can pay for school by serving , meanwhile cut scholarships, grants and government loans).

I still have to work on the translator a bit, but you get the point!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Kanye is a fraud

Kanye West is a fake , a phony , a fraud and a charlottan(?). As a producer who has produced tracks since the early 90's, I understand starting out and using straight sampled loops in your productions. However , I progressed from that in like 96. Granted , I will still make a track with a dominant loop as the focal point of a beat, but I won't make ALL my tracks like that. I recently downloaded a folder with all the original songs that Kanye West used to make various tracks, and after listening to all of them, I came to the conclusion that he is a big FRAUD! Any 12 year old kid can do what he did. It requires little or NO talent whatsoever, just a working knowledge of a sampler and a sequencer. I personally don't see the big hype about this guy!! He's very egotistical and have little talent to boast about! I don't see the big deal. Although, he does have some lyrics that are worth listening to(If he even wrote them). Overall, this dude is more hype than substance!

Man on Fire Movie Review

I promised Djxplicit that I would do this review about a week ago so I guess now is as good a time as any.
Man on Fire stars Denzel Washington as ex-CIA agent (or whatever they never really explained what he used to do) turned body guard John Creasy. Creasy, down on his luck and money, agrees to take a job in Mexico that his freind (Christopher Walken) has set up for him. Apparently in Mexico ,and other Central and South American countries, the kidnapping of affluent peoples children is rampant.

The girl Creasy is sent to protect is a 10 or so year old girl named Pita (Dakota Fanning). Pita is a sweet little girl who, from their first meeting, wants desperately to be Creasy's freind. However Creasy is a shell of his former self. Creasy's problem is that he is now a drunkard. In fact during the first 20 or so minutes of the movie it is rare that you see Creasy without a bottle of Jack Daniels somewhere around him. His alchoholism makes him less sociable and admittadly not as sharp as he once was.

However Pita is such an infectous girl that Creasy's rough exterior is softened as he interacts more and more with Pita. And then in a very harrowing scene we see Pita being kidnapped as Creasy is pumped full of lead. He is hospitalized and on his way to recovery Creasy swears revenge on Pita's captors. For the next hour of the movie we see Creasy mame, toture, and ultimately kill all those he feels respnsible for the kidnapping. The movies goes this way until a very predictable but yet (for me anyway) fitting ending. I thought that this was a great movie. I found myself emotionally invested in Creasy's quest to find the people who took from him the one thing that he lived for, Pita. The problem however is that this movie is terribly predictable, from this review one could basically figure out the ending without much thought. However I dont beleive that this is the movie itself's fault rather that this concept as been tried ineptly so many other times (" A Man Apart" anyone?).

Shocked and Outraged......

I am shocked and offended that I would have to face censorship on such a grand scale. I agreed to blogsit for xplicit and I do nothing but spill my heart out and use my skills to entertain his following of blogheads. Then yesterday ...I return to this blog to find that a couple of my posts were deleted!!!!!! I am outraged!!!! We did not abolish slavery, End world Communism,defeat Facism, Charge into Germany....Korea..Vietnam.....Haiti(?)....Gernada.....Iraq and any other place I can't remember to preserve Democracy and freedom of speech....and all these things we hold dear, only to be censored by the owner of a blog called "Lettin these Dumb Motherfuckers Know". It's not only insulting, it's criminal. Granted that my joke was lude and my girl tells me it's RUDE!!!! Even if nobody finds it funny but me, I still have the right as an American to tell that joke!!!!!! We did'nt charge 8000 miles into Bagdhad to spread Democracy , only to have it taken away here ... in the very place we call the land of the free!!!! I don't see what was wrong with my little bio....although I'm sorta glad it's gone....But as a citizen of the greatest country on the face of the earth....I should be able to say what I want to who I want when I want how I want to where ever I want and .......Why I want(?)....The point is freedom of speech is under attack and I will fight to defend it everytime!I'm going to take a little nap first though.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rare post at school

OK...I'm glad the duo of Soundboyz and Macq (nh?) has held up pretty well. Some cool posts, and stuff. A few things that could be improved is Soundboyz' ridiculous punctuation and inability to break stuff into paragraphs and the ideology clash (but I guess those are things that come along with having more than 2 writers on 1 blog). Verizon told me that my computer's f_qed up and Compaq tells me I gotta pay $40 to them to help me...The plan now is re-formatting the hard drive, so any advice with that stuff is appreciated. I don't have anything in my mind right now. Oh CD player doesnt work anymore. I would turn to the darkside and buy an iPod if it wasn't so damn expensive. Wow. I just used the "d" word. Hope that the keylogger's Ok with that...stuff.

Bonafide Blenz vol. 1-11

Hey....I see nobody gives a shit about me and my blends.O.k. That's fine It's my thing and I know people could give a shit ....Anyways....I just upped two of them if you want you can check them...Hell ....I might as well use the free publicity while Xplicit's still working on his connection! I'm going to be selling these at a mom and pop store near you cop them if you so feel the urge to....Whatever!!!! Just click on the title.....Bonafide Blenz vol.1-11. Not that one.....the one at the top of this post......yea ...the green title!!!!

Bill Cosby.....He Done F#*ked UP

Now.....I know some of you might say.....Man Heathcliff Huxtable ain't no pervert!!!!Some might say.....Ghost Dad did'nt drug and rape no ho!!!!! those of you that are in denial.....I say're probably right....He did'nt do these things.....However ....Mr. Cosby has managed to put himself in a very dangerous position...You see.....if one is going to take on the current administration and refuse to sit next to Condaleeza (the Skeeza) Rice and refuse to support their policies and criticize their agenda.....then Guess what's gonna happen to you?? You see....Mr. Cosby did what a lot of Americans would like to do.....and thats show their opposition to the current administration's policy....However....doing so is a very dangerous and unwise move!!!!!These people don't play fair....they will tap your phone.....plant agents....bug your home.....anything to get the dirt on you and then use it to silence you and press criminal charges......when possible. Meanwhile.....they still can't figure out who leaked the name of the FBI agent.....A very serious crime.Yet...they are able to catch Scott Ritter (Former UN weapons Inspector who criticized them) in an internet child porn ring!!They are able to catch everyone else in various things that don't pan out in the end.....and they want to be able to hold you indefinatly without charges!!!!! Wow!!!! short Mr.Cosby has put a target on his back and opened himself up to their attacks....and I gurantee you....when they are done with will be hard pressed to find a re-run of the Cosby Show playing on any station( a pretty hard thing to imagine). Oh...One more thing.....Mr. Cosby has been careful to stay away from racial issues all of his life..he was smart enough to know that anyone who wanted mass appeal does not bring up race issues...Well Mr. Cosby must be getting either senile or bold in his old age because he fucked up and did that!!!! They immediatly jumped at the opportunity to slander him in the press....turn his own against him by selectively covering only the comments that criticized blacks...AND ....then began this systematic campaign to ruin his reputation .Hey ...this sounds like the Michael Jackson case!! Anyway....I wish him the best because I know he's in for the worst time of his life ....and he's lived through some shit!! I just want to say that i'm for the war ...I love President Bush and ALL of his current and former ADMINISTRATION and I believe fully in their cause!Shit ....i'm not trying to get set up and thrown in Guantanimo!!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Daunte Culpepper = Gully

Apparently there is a FedEx sponsored football awards show during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Well FedEx invited Peyton Manning, Shaun Alexander, Curtis Martin and Minnesota Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper. During the ceremony, a kid from Jacksonville, who had been paralysed trying to make a tackle for his highschool football team, reportedly asked Culpepper , “Hey Daunte, can I get some of that ice?” Culpepper reportedly immeadiatly spang up and handed the kid 2 chains worth 75,000 dollars.

The kids mother started to cry and the father then reportedly started making plans to put the chains into a safe. Culpepper then went back on stage and calmly answered reporters questions for about ten minutes. After the session with reporters Culpepper was heard saying, “Where’s that kid at? I’ve got to get my stuff back.” Culpepper then proceeded to "get his stuff back" from the kid. He apologized for the misunderstanding and even got the adress of the kid so he could give him another gift. However, I doubt that Culpepper is gonna do shit because thats how gully (or cheap depending on who you ask) he is.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Attention: Macq......Don't HATE..........Congratulate!!!!!!!!

Wattup Homie!!! I understand that we're both going to be helping out xplicit on his blog. ....So that makes us cobloggers...Here's the deal....we cant be hatin and shit like that there!!!!!! What do you mean a lot of Patriot hating? Just be a grown up and give these guys the proper credit that they deserve.....I understand when certain things don't work out for certain people.....They tend to project their dissapointment and anger towards the WINNERS!!!!! So lets be civil about this.....The New England Patriots are WORLD CHAMPS........and you're home team is NOT!!!!!!! Get real use to this!

The Takeover: Macq edition

Im holdin down this blog for my man Louis (no homo) until he gets his internet situation fixed. So while Im in charge you will hear alot of Patriot hating.

Ok so the Patriots won the Super Bowl , again, yesterday, and for one reason and one reason only did I rue this outcome. That reason being that people like Fitz are just itching to crown this team the best ever. I wont front, this team has had some impressive wins and even though they do not dominate they always find a way to win. Bill Bellicheck has put together the best team of assistant coaches since the Holgram bunch at Green Bay.

That being said lets not go crazy here people. Bellicheck isnt the greatest coach since Lombardi, the Pats are not yet a dynasty, and finally and most importantly Tom Brady isnt that great of a QB. Tom Brady has moxy, Tom Brady is cool under pressure, Tom Brady even has a pretty good arm but these factors do no a great QB make. If he continues down the path he is going Brady will end up being one of the greatest ever but he has only been a starter for 3 years.

Not only is he young but Brady just does not have Super Bowl numbers to stake a claim as one of the best. In 4 Superbowls Joe Montana never threw an interception, converseley just last year Brady threw an interception in the red zone. Brady has also had to rely on Adam Venetierri (sp?) to save his ass in two of his three Superbowl wins. So again, lets not go crazy over this people.

BTW if anyone could tell me how to post pictures on this thing thatd be really great

This Blog has been Posessed By the Holy Ghost!!!!!!!!

Actually......It's not!!!!!!!! It's Soundboyz holding down the fort for Xplicit.....I like this guy so much(no homo) that I agreed to fill in on his blog until he straightens out his online situation.........and I've never met the dude in person!!!!! Is'nt the internet just a wonderful thing!!!!! You guys and gals are not going to be ready for this!!!!! Yes I'm the first Blogsitter......and I come to give you shaken baby syndrome!!!!!!If you don't like or agree with shit I say.....TOO FUCKIN BAD!!!!!! I'm doing dude a favor and I don't want any SHIT out of you .....Now that we have an understanding......Welcome.....and come often!!!(No Homo)!!!!

My Internet = Broke and other math equations

My internet's I won't be able to post indefinitely. But fear not, the main man macq will hold the fort down (hopefully). Rite now, I'm using a school computer at my mother's work, and since I'm sure that I'm being spied on as I speak, I can't curse (like CL & Pete, BDK, Q-Tip, Heavy D and all them). I'm actually typing into the search bar on Yahoo!, so that LTDMK logo isnt displayed 5 feet away from the PK room. It feels like a cover operation or sum i-s-t-h liek dat. I just want to make a few quick points before I go:

Patriots = Not Really a Dynasty
C'mon? 3/4 Isn't a dynasty. 4/4 or 5/6 for me is a real dynasty. At least 3/3...but not 3/4.
Madden 2005 = Always right
It picked the Patriots by a score of 17-14 with McNabb throwing 3 INT's.
MC Hammer Is a Broke Woman Beater
He got a little money from that ad, but it would probably go to coke or some zn!+ like that.
And I'm OUT

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Public Enemy/Don Omar - Shut 'Em Down (xplicitremix)

Here. Mirror 1. Mirror 2.
I made this at 3 AM yesterday today while I was sick. Pardon me if it sucks. Whatever.

Oh yeah, I didnt mention the fact that I was sick yesterday and today so I had nothing to do, so I'm basically blogging 24/7 (more like 48/2 or something).

Another Old Remix I Want to Talk About

Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)
Pete R. drops his usual amazing horn-based beat, with hard drums. If Aretha Franklin has the voice of God, then Chuck D has the voice of man. Perhaps so powerful and meaningful as to be superhuman, but filled with so much emotion and passion, it can't be anything but human. Pete Rock does some adlibs, and it works. He also raps for 20 seconds. Chuck D opens with one of the best, most meaningful, most emotional opening 4 bars ever:

"I testified, my mama cried,
Black people died, when the other man lied"

Damn. Chuck D's passionate delivery mixed with the political message is one of my favorite sounds in music. That white guy with the monotonous flow, of course doesn't have the best God-given voice, but he could learn a little about varying your tone. For example when Chuck says:

"I like Nike, but wait a minute,
The neighborhood supports so put some money in it,
Corporations owe, they gotta give up the dough
To the town or else we gotta Shut 'Em Down"

You can hear the stressing of words, syllables or phrases ("the neighborHOOD"; "Corporations OWE") or the heigthening his pitch during phrases ("I like Nike"; "money in it"). Overall, a lost mix from one of the greatest producers ever and one of the best MC's ever.

"Playin' games with my head,
What the judge said put me in the red,
Got me thinkin' 'bout a trigger to the lead,
No, no, my educated mind say:
'Suckers gonna pay anyway'"

How do you reject an MC?

Okay - for people that don't know, I'm looking for an MC. Some guy asked for horrorcore beats, and I was intrigued considering I hadn't done shit like that. So I made beats like that, and asked the guy to record something for me to listen to how he sounds. Unfortunately, it was garbage. He was a 17 year old, white (polish, italian, austrian) kid in danbury, connecticut. He had an extremely monotonous flow. He never varied his pitch, he never stressed words. And he said some garbage about death and Christ and stuff like that (and quoted Star Trek - wtf?). So basically, he sucked. I'm now going to attempt to tell him that I won't give him any beats, but I don't want to just straight up tell the guy "you suck, never talk to me again". I figured I could mysteriously disconnect and block him on the AIM. But he has my slsk ID and my e-mail (of course I could block him there also). It's a lot like breaking up with someone in the sense that you don't want to "hurt" them, but at the same time, you gotta get out of the situation. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang

"Wu-Tang Manual"
I cant lie. I'll probably consider buyin anything as long as it's somewhat related to the Wu-Tang. Whether it's ODB's Sour-Cream-and-Onion chips or Cappadonna's Kung-Fu movie or one of their shitty-ass PS1 video games or Method Man's shitty-ass movies, they'll all pique my interest (btw all those items exist and at one point I considered buying all of them). And the "Wu-Tang Manual", written by the RZA, sounds like a better product than most Wu-Related stuff, maybe even better than the famed Wu-Deville shoes. It explains a few songs, their names, their philosophies, their histories, shit like that. Method Man, on the other hand, is comming out with a documentary on strippers entitled "The Strip Game" and includes appearances by Redman, Scarface, Ghostface, Warren G, and Travis Barker of Blink-182 (the fuck?). You can bet I'll buy some Wu-related shit by the end of the month.

I made a Wu-Tang name generator.

I can't wait for Wu-Ice Cream. I mean, they haves songs like "C.R.E.A.M.", "Glaciers of Ice" and "Ice Cream" and extended fam like "The American C.R.E.A.M. Team".

Oh, I'd buy that shit. Get me some Method Man...what is that? "Organo" Flavor?


Nas - One Mic
An audio/visual experience unlike any other.

I'm numbers 3 & 5!

I don't even get what they're ranking. But my other blog takes position #3 and this blog gets #5.

01 largehearted boy (B$3,485.43)
02 Ghetropolitan Journal (B$1,590.71)
03 Operation: Slap A Dropout (B$1,100.00)
04 JuliaBonham (B$1,100.00)
05 Lettin these dumb motherfuckers know (B$987.05)


Now, I know that DJ Premier is still out there scratching hooks. Teminator-X is past his glory days, but he's still incredible. I know Mix Master Mike, DJ Q*Bert and Shorkut and all those people still make albums with only their turntables. And I don't want to take anything away from the X-Ecutioners (and the ex-X-Ecutioners). But Jam Master Jay was doing shit in the 80's that kids now can't (or won't) do, especially with as much class. He was present and you could tell he was there, but the focal points were always Run and D.M.C. Listen to this song.

Run-D.M.C. f/ Ice Cube & Chuck D - Back from Hell (Remix)
Look at the intro. He flawlessly scratches samples, and puts the beat on, and puts a samples completely on time ("from the depths of hell", etc). And goes into a guitar solo with a drum fill with some other vocal samples. Run takes the mic, and you'll see how Jay scratches into a kick/crash combo, and back into the beat. And at the end of the verse, there's vocal samples and shit and during the hook, all flawless...I could go on. My favorite part is D.M.C.'s verse. Check the drum fill with Ice Cube on it, and when he scratches for 2 measures, switches the beat (to that shit Missy Elliot used for "Work It") and goes back to the original beat. I'd like a thorwback group like Run-D.M.C. And while I'm wishing, I wish for rock bands to stop using DJ's as gimmicks. Fuck that shit.

Other Shit: Rick Ruben
He co-founded (with Russell Simmons) Def Jam. He signed LL Cool J, Run-D.M.C., Public Enemy, EPMD and the Beastie Boys, among others, to his label. For all purposes, he invented rap-rock. The good kind. He produced shit like "King of Rock" by Run-D.M.C. and "Paul Revere" by the Beasties (which, coincidentially, was written by Run-D.M.C.). After leaving Def Jam, he started his own label, American Recordings and signed artists as diverse as Slayer and the Geto Boys. His recent work includes producing for artists like Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, Mick Jagger, Smashing Pumpkins, Limp Bizkit, and, most recently, Jay-Z ("99 Problems").

Speaking of People who deserve more respect...
Erick Sermon. He was 1/2 of EPMD and dropped the classic album "Strictly Business", and has stayed relevant for more than 15 years now. No one considers him his favorite MC or producer, but he has grown with the times and has been dropping respectable albums since 1988.

"Yo, when the roof is on fire, believe it, it's me
+Sparks+ when I "rock the mic" like +Sigel & Free+
When the pen hit the pad, the evil in me, come out
"Total recall" for people to breathe"

Fuck the democrats

Nah, I don't like Bush in the least bit, but seriously, fuck those fake-ass beeyotches commonly reffered to as the Democratic party. Their whole campaign was based on attracting the redneck vote. They kinda just took the minorities, the low income families, and the young adults for granted. I think it was Kweli who said, what would the Democrats do if these groups boycotted the election? Bush frequently pleases the red(neck), white (skin) and blue (collar). He makes it a point he hates people without "ridonkulous" religious beliefs and minorities in general. John Kerry? He just kinda didnt mind 'em. Fuck that shit. Nader is the shit. Eric B. for President.

Fuck McDonald's
Fuck 'em. They give you shitty-tasting garbage and recycled bullshit culture. i'm lovin it? oohhh, I better buy some hamburgers cause they didn't capitalize I or put G's in there. And of course, there's this:

HUH? "I'd hit it"???? You'd fuck the cheesburger??? WTF???

Fuck Old Navy
Speaking of recycled culture and bullshit commercials, fuck Old Navy.

Fuck the Botulism Victims
Fuck 'em. Here's a news article about them. Honestly, I can't feel bad for rich people being so greedy as to use bootleg botox. If you want to take away wrinkles and you get paralyzed for it, serves you fucking right for being so vain and greedy. Imagine how many people are starving and thes motherfuckers cant put looks aside for a second and give money to people who need it (i.e. me)?

Fuck horses
First off, I've never rode a horse. Why? Cause like an iPod, it's basically a waste of money. Money I don't have. Money that if I did have I'd do something more productive with. There's few things as irritating as listening to people talk about their horses. Fuck. Why dont you just talk about your yacht instead?

Fuck Kanye West (nh)
Sign the petition.

Fuck this post.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


No fuckin shit.
It started snowing today, and after I realized it for myself, around 8 people still told me about it. I'll be looking out the window and someone next to me will be all like "duuuuude...its snowing." I was outside, with snow on my head, and people still told me about it like their mothers invented snow or some shit.

Music under the Snow
Songs I played:
Run-D.M.C. f/ Ice Cube & Chuck D - Back From Hell (Remix)
Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)
Bilal - Love It (9th Wonder Mix)
Nas - 2nd Childhood (9th Wonder Mix)
Prodigy - Keep it Thoro (9th Wonder Mix)
I.N.I. - Fakin' Jax (9th Wonder Mix)
Canibus - Indvisible [<-someone tell me which song the hook samples]
Canibus - Cemantics
Canibus - Poet Laureate II

"Confuse my shrink with English the publication refuses to print"

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I publicly apologize to all blondes

I commented on the fact that a senior in my class asked why we couldn't fix economic problems by "just printing more money". I included the fact that she was blonde, which, FYI, is not a good idea when talking to blonde people. After writing about shooting Paris Hilton, I noticed I might be putting an anti-blonde vibe. So I publicly apologize for all that. PS - here's a picture of the senior girl:

You know my Google s-k-i-double l-z.
I'd like end with a quote from the man D. Ellis:
" many times have you said "damn, white girls are so stupid"?? I've said it a trillion times -- does that make me racist? No, it's just because I meet mad dumb white bitches -- I also meet lots of intelligent ones (okay, maybe not "lots"...)"