Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Game = not as big a celebrity as he thinks

I just had a great idea, why not turn The Game into my version of Bol's J-kwon. When Bol went on his rampage his comment section blew up. Hood rats who had googled J-kwons name found Bol's site and of course had to defend "their man." I hope to have similiar success. The common thread that me and Bol have in terms of these two rappers (I use the term very loosely) is that we both have actual disdain for our respective objects of hate.(btw a big no homo on that last sentence) So anyway from now on when I hear bad news about The Game, you, my loyal blog readers will hear the same.

According to The Game was detained at a Mexican airport. The Game was in Mexico for a concert and at the airport he pulled the primadonna move of letting a customs agent check his bag as he got off the plane. Well one might understand The Games reluctance, he probably had gay porn and other homosexual controband in his luggage bag and didnt want it to be exposed. He and Fiddy already have a rocky relationship and this could have sent that over the edge, but I digress. Maybe this is the wakeup call that no-skill having prick needed. For the last time Game, you arent a superstar. You have ridden the coat tails of the most popular rapper of the moment to platinum success, congratulations. You however are not rap royalty or even really a rapper in my opinion. Oh yea and your album the commenting begin

Thursday, March 24, 2005

American History X Review

My brother has had this movie for a while but I had never bothered to watch it. Since I have had so much free time though I decided to check it out.

American History X stars Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard. Derek and his family live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The typical American family. After Derek's father, a fire fighter, is killed by black gang memebers as he attempts to put out a fire in a crack house, Derek acquires a skewed view of America. He becomes a neo-nazi skin head. Derek becomes the family outcast and is eventually kicked out of the house by his mother. The night before he was to leave the house three black gang members attempt to steal his car. He proceeds to shoot and kill two of them, the third he brutally murders by crushing his skull against the curb. Derek is sentenced to 3 years for his crime.

While in jail, Derek's younger brother, played by Edward Furlong (the kid from Terminator 2), Danny follows in his brothers footsteps. Derek is a god to Danny and his friends. Danny and his friends join the gang that Derek helped create before he was sent up. The gang has grown in the three years Derek was incarcerated, and it provides protection for the white kids in the neighborhood.

The story revolves around the day Derek is released from prison. It seems 3 years in prison has changed Derek. He doesnt see the world the same as when he went in. This change does not go over well with the gang he left behind. Danny is deep into the rhetoric of the gang and Derek struggles to change his views about race.

The ending in this movie is pretty obvious from about halfway through, however knowing what was going to happen did not take away the affect the ending had on me. This was a great movie, that caused me to question alot of my own beliefs. This is the type of movie that comes along only once in a while. It has been on my mind all day.

Questions without answers are pretty useless so I would like to have an interaction with my readers. I would like the readers of this blog to go see the movie if you have not and tell me what you think. Preferably you would leave your thoughts in the comments section but you can also email me about what effect, if any, this movie had on you.

Follow Up

This is a follow up to SoundBoyz previous post concerning the Terri Schiavo case. The following excerpts are from a story that was reported by The Associated Press. This is even more proof that Bush and Republicans in general are terrible hypocrites who have no idea how to run a country.

"Austin, Texas - The federal law President Bush signed to prolong Terri Schiavo’s life in Florida appears to conflict with a Texas law he signed as governor, attorneys familiar with the legislation said Monday.

"The 1999 Advance Directives Act in Texas allows for a patient’s surrogate to make end-of-life decisions and spells out how to proceed if a hospital or other health provider disagrees with a decision to maintain or halt life-sustaining treatment."

"Thomas Mayo, an associate law professor at Southern Methodist University who helped draft the Texas law, said that if the Schiavo case had happened in Texas, her husband would have been her surrogate decision-maker. Because both he and her doctors were in agreement, life support would have been discontinued."

"Bruce Howell, a private health law attorney in Dallas who was involved in updates to the state law in 2003, agreed with Mayo that Bush’s signing of the federal law appears to be inconsistent with his actions as governor."

So there you have it. Now the first questions that comes to my mind is, who is influencing Bush to make this decision? The question is obviously rhetorical, it is the people who butter his bread, the religious right. The precedents being set by this President are dangerous. This is another major issue in wich the government is trying to have more control over. But of course all the religious right cares is gay marriage and less gun control. "God bless America, and no place else"

Monday, March 21, 2005

Isn't it Ironic......Don't ya Think?

As everyone should know by now, the government has passed emergency legislation concerning the fate of Terri Schiavo. She is the hospice patient in Florida being kept alive by a feeding tube for the last 15 years.The President has cut short his vacation(if only he had done that for the PDB about Bin Laden)in order to sign this bill in order to force the Federal Courts to reexamine this case for the umpteenth time. This move has already been tried by the President's brother Jeb, the Governor of Florida(Terri's Law), in which it was deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!I seriously cannot think that there is anyone that does not question the motives of these politicians. It is obvious to me that this is an attempt to see if the Republicans can overturn a ruling by a state court. If they are sucessful in doing so, hell.......they could overturn just about anything that they deemed wrong or immoral, such as gay marriage, Roe v. Wade and anything else that their hypocritical hearts desired. This is a fundamental breakdown of the system.
The Judicial , Legislative and Executive branches of government are supposed to be independent of each other, thus providing checks and balances. This is a violation of the Constitution and is therefore illegal! This should not be supported by the public because if this works, the public will no longer be protected in private matters . This is yet another example of the Republicans using their power to change the fundamental workings of our government.They, not the Democrats, are guilty of using the courts to change the laws and the rights we all are entitled to thus far!This is just another step towards the end of Democracy. When the government can intervene in private issues and impose their opinion on the matter, is the day America can officially change it's classification of style of government from Democracy, to Dictatorship !

I find it so ironic that the very people that are supposed to make sure that this lady's wishes are respected and carried out, are the same people that are exploiting her situation by not granting her wishes to be exercised.Another thing that I find ironic is that the one thing that could have given this lady a chance at recovery, stem cell research, is another thing that these slimeballs are against and are exploiting to rally the right to lifers!So, I'm confused, they want to keep severely disabled people alive to suffer , but are not willing to explore ways in which these same people can recover from these ailments!Hmmmmm, sounds like someone is not exercising his or her right to think!!
In closing, this whole ordeal is filled with ironies and contradictions.This is par for the course when it comes to these do as I say , not as I do Republicans!!They are quick to outlaw activities that they are guilty of doing.They are steadfast in their support for war, yet they are against euthanasia. They are the first to impose the death penalty, yet they claim to be against abortions.They are against stem cell research , yet they are for letting people suffer for extended periods of time in hopes that they will be rehabilitated by the very treatment that they are against.. This reminds me of something I heard on TV the other day.Someone said that they believed that Bush rigged the last election, and in response someone from the crowd started yelling and becoming unruly . In response,the person said something to the effect that(i'm paraphrasing), go ahead and call me a liar, tell me how stupid and unpatriotic I am, call me a Communist, threaten to kill me, then tell me how much of a Christian you are.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Star Wars Preview

I just saw the Star Wars preview. Nothing has changed. First off, we all know how this shit is going to go. There are not goin to be any suprises. I cant believe beeyotches gasped when they heard that our boy Skywalker, no homo, had turned bad. OOOH, BIG motherfuckin suprise. And theyre going to appearently make Chewbacca outta CG Graphics, which sucks, no homo. But shit, im getting too nerdy here.

And yeah, Houston + Mike Jones collabo is coming your way. I havent bought either of their albums, but dont tell em that. Oh, and as you probably know by now, Fiddy and Teh Ghey are having hot makeup sex, no homo.

Say what you will about 50, but this is true always:

Kissing Men = Gay as fuckin hell

No homo to all this shit.


Not having sex with Janet Jackson because you dont want to take an AIDS test = fuckin gay as shit

Who didnt have sex? Well none other than 2Pac Shakur. I like his music, but I cant let shit like that go.

Ya boy (no homo) Houston & Mike Jones, no homo

YO! My main man (no homo) djxplicit has set up my collabo with Mike Jones. I've been looking to do that shit, man! djxplicit, who is my unofficial manager, set the shit up with Mike Jones. The cut may be a mixtape-only joint, but thats aight. Here's the conversation between djxplicit and Mike.

djxplicit: hey is this mike jones?
mikejones: yea
mikejones: who is this
djxplicit: houston's manager
mikejones: YO
djxplicit: he said he wanted to collabo with you
mikejones: fa sho fa sho
djxplicit: aight. he was thinking of a remix to "i like that", possibly.
mikejones: nah man
mikejones: that old
mikejones: remix in "still tippin"
mikejones: my joint
djxplicit: okay. well i cant get into the artistic stuff.
djxplicit: houston's aim is ______
mikejones: ok
djxplicit: hes busy, so chances of him being on are low
mikejones: yeA
mikejones: the nigga did gouge his eye out....
.djxplicit: yeah
mikejones: how is he doin wit htat
djxplicit: but a word of advice, hes kinda tired of people just talking about his eye
djxplicit: hes doin better now
mikejones: he gonna have surgery on it?
mikejones: or what?
djxplicit: hes out of surgery
mikejones: word?
mikejones: how his eye look
djxplicit: his eye socket you mean?
mikejones: yea
djxplicit: well, its covered up
mikejones: eye patch?
djxplicit: yeah. hes experimenting with other options
mikejones: like?
djxplicit: i dont know. thats what i was told
mikejones: but u his manger
mikejones: u gotta know
djxplicit: his sister, billie, said thats what they were going to do. he hasnt tried anything else up to this point as far as i know
djxplicit: and theres actually 3 managers
djxplicit: reno rankin, andrew rowe, and me
mikejones: look
mikejones: i got to go
djxplicit: yeah
djxplicit: ill see u around
mikejones: set up this sound session i got with my nig
djxplicit: right
mikejones: peace
djxplicit: peace

Final Manifesto....Jesus IS Lucifer........

Greetings and Salutations, I have decided to deliver this, my final manifesto on a topic that I have spent a great deal of time researching.Unlike other blogs that will lure you in with provocative headlines, only to let you down, I promise this entry will leave you wondering and talking for some time to come.

It is my hypothesis that Jesus Christ was/is Lucifer.Now, before you leave or skip past this in disgust , I would like to offer you a challenge.The challenge is this , if you can refute anything that I include in this post, I will retract it and issue an apology to everyone.I say that Jesus was Lucifer for multiple reasons.However, before I go into those reasons, I would just like to go over some background on these two entities.

Lucifer, also referred to as Satan, or the Devil, is a character in the Bible.Although the thought of the Devil, or Satan, conjures up thoughts of an evil,repulsive beast , Lucifer is everything the contrary.Lucifer was an Angel. As a matter of Fact, he was one of God's favorite and most trustworthy angel .He was said to have powers comparable to God.This fact would be the source of the conflict involving Lucifer.I will elaborate more when I make my case.

Jesus Christ needs no explanation. He was the prophet, or messiah, in the Bible that is the focal point of the Christian movement or Christianity.He was said to be the son of God and has even gained greater statue in the Christian faith, because he is commonly referred to as God. Jesus' name has become synonymous with God and his name is often interchangeable with God's name, or his being.

Now comes the good part.It is my opinion that Jesus Christ is Lucufer. I make this statement based on the following: Lucifer was God's favorite angel, and envied God because he(Lucifer) was not God.This caused a conflict between Lucifer and God in which God made a challenge to Lucifer. The challenge was that God was to give Lucifer reign and dominion over a world in which Lucifer was given 2000 years in order to gain total power and control over it's inhabitance.God made a promise to Lucifer that if Lucifer could have all of the world's inhabitance worship him and him alone,without anyone left that still worshipped God,he( God) would give Lucifer equal status in Heaven .Lucifer was then cast down from heaven and allowed to reign for 2000 years.The Bible does not state when the 2000 years began, or when it ends.

Enter Jesus H. Christ(Just kidding about the H).Jesus was said to have been born of immaculate conception.This could be explained because Jesus/Lucifer is an angel and does not need to be born of this world. However ,he did need to give the perception that he was a human being. This is all part of his grand deception, his master plan. Furthermore, Jesus/Lucifer,was born with the ability to defy natural laws and perform miracles, abilities angles are said to also possess.Jesus /Lucifer spoke in parables because he left it up to people to interpret his teachings,as to not be guilty of lying to achieve his ultimate goal.While on Earth , Jesus/Lucifer performed numerous miracles which all could also be accomplished by angles.He was known to praise God,this would be consistent with Lucifer,God's favorite angel.

I could go on and on, but I will start to tie up all the loose ends .Jesus was/is Lucifer because Lucifer's main objective is to have the whole world worshipping him within 2000 years. When Jesus "died", the calendar started over to keep time from the point of his death, hence AD(Anno Domini),year of our lord.Although Jesus himself said that he was NOT GOD, followers and worshipers have somehow made him God. Also , Christianity was literally forced on millions of people through the savage Crusades . These bloody and barbaric movements were used to force people to accept Christianiy , or face sudden , brutal death.Millions were savagely slaughtered during the two Crusades, and Christianity was forced on millions more.Slavery, another shameful and savage movement, was justified by using Christianity as the reason to enslave and convert Africans.The KKK is an organization that prides itself as evangelists who are devout Christians, and follow the Bible to the letter of the law.I could cite many, many more examples of how Christianity was forced on the human race, however I think you might know more about this than I do.

Today, we find ourselves in a "Holy War", in which Christians are at it again. They know that their time is short and they have to force open countries that still hold on to the "ONE GOD"theory , and force Christianity on them through the front of "Freedom" and "Democracy".This is evident in Iraq, where Christianity is being taught to the young children, so that it is guranteed to be accepted and spread throughout the culture.After all, Lucifer would'nt want to lose this bet because a few stubborn Mullahs and Imams are still holding on to the ancient concept and teachings of one God!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Zack Shutt drama = over

Well. Since Zack has publicly apologized, I have taken down my posts. The kid seems honest enough, so I would like to say that I have officially withdrawn myself from "The Lesser B-Boy Blogger Battle of '05". I would like to apologize for any inconveniences i mightve caused, since I did kinda go overboard, but I really hate racism. Maybe I overreacted, I dont know. Anyways, its all over between me and Zack, no homo. I still will say that LTDMK is Nuthin ta Fuck Wit, and that Im glad we kept this shit textual or whatever. I'll try to convince Fly to take his post down, but that is out of my control.

djxplcit = Signing off

Monday, March 07, 2005

Super-Villain Style - Blog Review

Look/Style 4.5/5
Super-Villain Style uses a very traditional black background with white font, very easy on the eyes. The effort into the overall look of the blog is great. The banner is really attention-grabbing. The way that the pictures are consistent in placement and space is a nice touch, also. Navigating to the archives is somewhat hard, but that's blogspot's fault.
Writing 4.5/5
Doctar's writing is - uneven. Not necessarily in a bad way. Doc can be really insightful, for example, his top 10 supervillains countdown was incredibly interesting and insightful. It really was serious writing which impacted me (as much as blogging about comics can, anyway). The Joker one is memorable. On the other hand, Doc can be just plain silly. Chewbacca is a recent favorite. It's absurdity is just incredibly funny. Doc may be the blogging version of Kool Keith or M.F. Doom - multiple personalities, absurdity, Supervillain motifs. There is a tendancy to go for the sillier posts, which is fine by me. Octavious does have a tendancy to ramble, and some posts are slow to start. For example, Like a Pimp almost makes you lose interest before he regains it with a conclusion that made me LOL (as the kids say) right in the middle of the library. Some posts are just a buncha links - not incredibly memorable, but interesting nontheless. A great post is One Nation - Retarded; yes it is silly and it rambles, but it is interesting and raises valid points about the political climate. Another great posts is: This Message Brought to You By...; within its absurdness (?) there are pretty good points.
Extras 1 Bonus Point
Interesting links as well as alotta downloads. Deadly Weapon, AKA TNA pics, is worth mentioning.
Final Score: 10/10
Doc Savage has a superb layout, even if somewhat cluttered. His writing is insane - absurdity and seriousness are juxtaposed into a unique writing, with different personalities (the Kool Keith comparisons are inevitable). Doctar's writing is at it's best, either analitcal and thorough, silly and absurd, or both, as much as a paradox that makes. Overall, one of my favorite blogs. Let me end this carefree review with a large



Hispanic Bloggers Association, bitches. Coming to a computer near you.

him: I spent all of last class writing a song for someone else.
me: Why would you write it for someone else?
him: Because I would have to rap. And, being white, that would mean making a fool out of myself.
me: Isn't he white too?
him: Yeah, but he's an idiot.
me: And you're going to do it for free?
him: Yeah. But if he becomes big [ed's note: NO HOMO], then I'll be his manager.
me: You do realize he'll never become shit?
him: Maybe he will.
me: He won't.
him: Maybe he will. I mean, Kanye West got a record contract.
me: Good point.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

9th Wonder + Buckshot?
9th Wonder, who is producing a buncha albums solo, and doing guest mixdowns, and Justus League shit, and Little Brother and whatnot, is appearently working with Buckshot, in an album entitled "Chemistry". This could very possibly be the shit.

Anyone want to go to a show (no homo)?
Talib Kweli
4/30/2005 Baltimore, MD @ Johns Hopkins University
5/07/2005 Salisbury, MD @ Salisbury State

04/01/05 - Washington, DC @ Dream

New Royce mixtape/album
it's unclear whether its a new Royce Da 5'9'' album or mixtape.

M.I.C. 3 Tracklist

1. Ride ft. Juan & Big Herk
2. Chips On Pistons ft. Blade Icewood from Street Lord Chedda Boyz
3. Wet My Whistle ft. Amerie
4. F*ck My Brains Out ft. June & Balance from M.I.C.
5. Grown & Sexy
6. Paranoid
7. Right Back ft. Juan (STL) & Kid Vicious
8. Gansta Music ft. Cha Cha
9. Coma Side ft. Juan & K-Doe from Street Lord Chedda Boyz
10. Street Life
11. Politics ft. Cee Lo from M.O.P.
12. Clap ft. Juan, K-Doe & Milik from the Street Lord Chedda Boyz

The titles of the songs and guests (who the fuck are most of these guys?) are suspect.

O.C. - Starchild (Import Version) Review

01 Intro NOT RATED
Just a pretty ill jazz-inspired beat, with a little piano/flute deal working. Samples from O.C. songs start this album up over that laid-back instrumental. Not bad.

02 Evaridae (feat. Pharaohe Monch) 5 Stars
This has the only guest appearence, by Pharaohe Monch, who sings the hook. The beat is layered with a buncha samples and has a nice D.I.T.C. feel to it. The way the incorporate the female sample singing along with Monch is nice, as well as O.C. humming the melody. This is another rather laid-back song, but O.C. sounds comfortable enough, not as energetic as say, "Time's Up", but much calmer, which works here. O.C. still has skills. The opener is exactly what you would want it to be.

03 Who Run It? 3.5 Stars
The beat here is just not working that well. It's jazz inspired, but it is a little too high-pitched, and the hook isn't working for me. The samples on the hoo have noise from their original beat that drowns out the beat. O.C. does pretty well, but I'd like a better beat and hook.

04 The Professional 5 Stars
This beat is different-sounding, it has proud horn samples which are accompanied by cool percussion and a few other shit. O.C. goes to more up-tempo shit, and he looks more energized than the past songs. The song fades, and a scratched chorus comes in. This one I really like, especially the last samples with Nas and some other dude going "Professional" "Lyricist" "Here's another classic". When the song beat fades out at times, O.C. goes acapella and it sounds pretty nice. This shit is nice.

05 1nce Again 4.5 Stars
Another scratched chorus , another song with powerful horn samples. The songs kinda have this problem in which they seem a little too similar. Not that this beat isnt ridonkulous, it is, its just that it sounds the last one a little. O.C. kills it again. I like the little snare fill too.

06 Ya Don't Stop 5 Stars
This song has crazy ill production. It has a sample of a female saying shit, and then doing oohs and all sorts of funky sounds like an electric piano (?) and such. O.C. comes in and kills it, and then stops, and the females come and sing with a little piano thing. O.C. basically talks about how dope he is, but he does it incredibly well. This song has a chanted chorus, which is a break from the scratched chorus.

"Recpetion of a king when I walk in the building
Grown men and women in the place, no children
Packed house, back out, my mic, then i buck off,
Chicks scream like, LL rippin his shirt off
Rock star status, in the front row
Yellin: [Females: Just what I neeeeed]"

07 Story To Tell 4.5 Stars
Song based on horns, also rocking the sample that heads might find familiar from Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's "It's a Love Thing". It has a sampled male singing "I got a story" and such. O.C. basically tells his life story. Personally, I prefer Pete's beat. That bassline is cool though.

08 What Am I Supposed To Do? 5 Stars
It has a lighthearted sample and a what sounds like a guitar, and a cool hat and snap combo along with the usual kicks and snares. O.C. talks about fake friends. The background samples, which are also high-pitched work pretty well. The hook is actually pretty cool.

09 Getaway 4.5 Stars
This song starts with sampled singing. It has a slow but high pitched sample, and aside from the superb drum work, the beat is not all that special. The sung sample is beautifully (no homo) interwoven into the song. The beat grows on me tho. O.C. spits really cool, reminiscing about his family and friends; gotta love the storytelling.

10 Memory Lane 4 Stars
The song uses horn hits and a light-hearted flute as well as yet another show of superb drum work. The horn hits are not as special as other beats. The sample of a male singing...hold on. My tags are fucked up! The guy is saying "Getaway!" "Memory Lane" is a better title for track 9. But anyways. O.C. spits some above-average stuff, even though maybe the fact that you hear 2 voices at the same time saying the same shit makes it sound like its the chorus all throughout the song.

11 Special 5 Stars
This is more upbeat, using alot of horns, switching the beat a considerable amount, and using sampled singing. O.C. stars it off pretty well, making an ode to EPMD:

"Aiyo, relax your mind, and let your concious be free
And get down with the sound to this n*gga O.C.
Walking the streets, chicks hawking me,
You ask why? Thats how it ought to be,
Draw your own conclusion, seperate the real form illusion,
The fake ones dealing from confusion"

The sung samples sound pretty cool with O.C. doing some ad-libs and whatnot.

12 Who Run It? Remix 4 Stars
This uses a flute loop, and a high-pitched piano and other stuff comes on in every now and then. The vocal samples on the hook still seem to drown out the beat. I like this version better, cause the beat's better.

13 Outro Not Rated
The beat uses the same beat as the intro, and i like the break. This time tho, they scratch O.C. samples, but this time from the album you just finished listening to.

Final thoughts: O.C. staged a valiant comback album, and he seems grown up but still determined. The beats are good in general, although they start sounding a little too similar for my taste. His flow tho, its a lot more laid-back than previously. Tho longtime O.C. fans will find that a little disturbing, there's nothing wrong with his new flow per se, its just different from before. Best hip-hop album of 2005? Maybe not, but the bar has been set. However, M.F. Grimm, who appearently Exec Produced it, is saying the U.S. version will feature production from Premier and Pete Rock (!!!!!!), or so the rumor says.

Final Score:4.545454 (Not Kidding)
Rounded to: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Grit Records, who realeased this album, have a dream line-up. They have the new KRS-One coming out, "Keep Right", which I'll be looking out for. But seriously, the line-up is insane: KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Revolution, A.G., O.C., and others. Best of luck to them.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Many things to think about and discuss:

Kurtis Blow, real name: Kurtis Walker, got the "Blow" not from what people's dirty minds think it come from, but from a blow as in a punch or hit. The person who suggested the stage name was Kurtis's manager. Kurtis had a DJ who went by the name of "The Son of Kurtis Blow". Kurtis's manager was none other than "hip-hop mogul" (that's what everyone calls him) Russell Simmons. "The Son of Kurtis Blow" was Russell's teenage brother Joseph who would later become Run from Run-D.M.C.

LL Cool J dropped out of high school to record Def Jam's first CD at the age of 17. Now he's on shampoo commercials.

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's undeniable classic "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)" is dedicated to Heavy D & the Boyz member Trouble T-Roy, who died in a car crash.

Ice Cube was big friends with Public Enemy. Looking at the credits of "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted", you'll see a buncha "Shocklee"'s (as in Hank), buncha "Sadler"'s (as in Eric), some "D."'s (as in Chuck) and one "Flavor Flav".

Hank Shocklee produced and/or remixed for many good artists including EPMD, PE, LL, Ice Cube, Tricky and Peter Gabriel, among others. Hank Shocklee and Bill Stepheny made their own label (Sound of Urban Listeners, SOUL) and as their first act, signed "The Young Black Teenagers" who, of course, weren't actually black. They were mostly white, with 1 Puerto Rican. You may not know any of them, except perhaps for DJ Scribble, who did shit for MTV and whatnot. Later, Hank got his brother Keith and they made their own label, Shocklee Entretainment.

Maddona sampled Public Enemy's "Security of the First World" in her song "Justify My Love". PE never sued because, for years, PE had done that shit (legally, but still). Incidentally, the Young Black Teenagers recorded "To My Donna", using the same beat to diss Maddona. Lenny Kravitz supposedly co-wrote "Justify My Love", but it was probably some Mexican who later sued and settled out of court. Jay-Z later attempted to have Maddona sing the chorus to his DJ Quik-produced song "Justify My Thug", using slightly changed lyrics. However, Maddona was elsewhere, so Jay got some random backup singer to do it. C'mon Jay, couldn't you wait? I mean, there's a lotta difference from the girl you got to sing the hook and Maddona (in prestige and shit, I mean).

Note to Fly Numero Veinte: Why the hell do you IM me at 3 AM? I know I was on, and in Utah its probably, i dont know, 1 AM, but still.

I Think It's Time We Had This Talk!

O.K. the fucking gloves are off! I'm just gonna put this out there and we can choose to discuss or NOT. I think that some white people are spawns of Lucifer. Now, I said it! I don't think it's that far of a stretch, nor am I the first to suggest this. It's not like they don't have the track record to back up this claim. Yeah, shit, I know that Black people, and all people for that matter , kill and commit attrocities, but I think White people are behind it most of the time! They have caused most of the fighting in Africa, yes Africa, by introducing Christianity to divide the people. Christianity , in itself, is blasphemous because of the fact that it is based on more than one Diety. I don't give a shit how you explain the holy Trinity or whatever, it's still the worship of more than one God! Forget about Catholocism, that shit is straight up Pagan. All these so-called religions were designed to divide and conquer, not to mention they get you to be submissive and meek, something that is needed if world domination is the ultimate goal. Meanwhile , Whites go on with the business of taking over and robbing and killing and dominating shit! They don't seem too concerned with getting into heaven. They used Christianity as an excuse for slavery, to justify the killing, raping ,and enslaving of a people.Well thank you very fucking much!W ith that kind of help, who can refuse their good will? I could go on and fucking on, but hey, who has 2000 years to go over all this shit? I will say however, that these are the same Evangalists that founded the KKK. Now, these people were only doing their Godly duty and what the Bible states! So, it's not suprising to me that these are the same fuckheads that are supporting the current climate of war and hate! Not much has changed.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Superman = Fly-ass Pimp

No homo just in case.
"Fuck up a show, collect my dough, and step off wit a bad bitch"

Quit Hatin on B-Buster (no homo)

Yo, I dont get this man! Every motherfucker is dissing Blockbuster cuz "Aint No Late Fees" is the shit. They'll make it sound that there is no late fees cause they just charge you full prize. However....


Okay. After a week after its due, you would be charged some $7 in late fees. Except now, they make you buy it BUT you can return it and pay a $1.25 restocking fee. If you keep it for 30 days after its due, they do charge you retail price. But listen to this, lazy pieces of shit:

Old Program: Keep for 13 days = $6 late fee
New Program: Keep for 13 days = No late fee

Old Program: Keep for 36 days = 30 something late fee
New Program: Keep for 36 days = $1.25 late fee

How is that a bad thing? Most of my movies got returned 1 or 2 days late. I never returned shit a week overdue, let alone a motherfuckin month overdue. And even if you did return shit up to 29 days overdue (which is ridiculous), you'd still pay the incredibly low $1.25 restocking fee. So whats all the hate about?

-Houston S. (The One-Eyed JayEyeGee)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Tribute to the Ghetropolitan Journal

Let me start this with a "no homo just in case". I may get a little emotional (no homo), but bear with me.

Ever since Bol became Hispanic and Hispanic bloggers have risen together to make the Hispanic Bloggers Association (HBA), I thought of what I think is the best Hispanic blog out there, The Ghetropolitan Journal. Sadly tho, the GJ is dead, only an image which bluntly states "This site is dead" is left. I felt crushed, especially since Pedro, the guy who runs the site, left without a trace. No email, no aim, no phone #, no street address, nothin. After consulting Bol on the matter, I finally found his email through Google's cache. Hopefully he'll come out of retirement and help with the HBA. He wrote incredible pieces with pictures. Overall, one of the most entretaining sites on the internet has fallen, a huge blow to Hispanic blogging in general. Anyone who hasnt seen it, go on Google's cache. Tho the pictures may be gone, the writing's intact. Goodbye to Ghetropolis.

R.I.P. Ghetropolitan Journal
No es el mejor mundo possible sin el.

Self-Rightous Americanism

(or as I like to call it: SA, baby!)

What do I mean by this? Well. Think bout this for a second: we want to disarm Iran. But who has the worlds most dangerouz nuclear arsenal? The U.S. to the izzay, baby! How can we tell, after years of abusing other countries [djxplicit note: like GUA!], that they gotta give us all they weapons, while we have a larger arsenal? That shit dont make sense to the H to the izzo, Ust to the izzo, N to the S dot. Doesnt Israel have more weapons than Iran has? I know that we suppozedly trust Israel cuz they some trustworthy Jews, but all Im sayin is: why would Iran trust Israel or us? B-ush the bee-yotch aint helpin shit. But if I go into it, I'll be like the 8 millionth person to blog bout their anger against GDM. Bloggin bout it is as common as hating school/work. Except I like my J-O-B, cause I get P-A-I-D.

-Houston S. (The One-Eyed JayEyeGee)

Was It Worth It?

After learning today that the casualty for American Soldiers fighting in Iraq had reached 1500, I paused for a second and asked myself the question,was it worth it? Was losing 1500 KIA and tens of thousands mamed and injured worth the invasion of Iraq?I pondered that thought for a while and finally, it dawned on me that it was all according to who you ask.If you ask the families of the casualties , I would think that they would not think so. After all, who would feel it was worth losing a loved one for anything? No amount of money in this world , nor any lofty goal, is worth me losing even a distant cousin, and I have a few of those.

I have seen the families of some of the casualties and I have seen them differ on weather or not the war was just, however, I have'nt seen them answer the question, was it worth it?Was it worth you losing your loved one for the invasion of Iraq? Notice that I did not say the liberation of Iraq because that country is still not free. They are still being occupied and they are still faced with a deadly insurgency.So, what have we accomplished?We have captured Saddam Hussein, killed thousands of Iraqis,freed an Iraqi boy band so they don't have to practice in their car anymore. We have also opened up a Sovereign Iraq, not a sovereign state, because we still occupy it,Sovereign as in the Bank Sovereign. I called my bank two nights ago,and was shocked to hear someone proudly announcing they were taking my call from Sovereign Iraq.I thought , how ironic, we did'nt respect the country's sovereignty enough not to invade, yet we have outsourced american jobs to Iraq already.Besides being barely able to underastand them, they offered little help in the way of resolving my issue. I had to wait until the next business day and go down to my local branch!

In closing, I can't answer that question,Was it worth it? I can't answer that because I paid no price ,except the inconvenience of having to go down to my local bank.The real people that can answer that question, don't want to answer that question because the price for them may have been too high, in my humble opinion.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New member

**Introduction by the 1 & only djxplicit**
The staff over here @ LTDMK congratulates our newest member, Houston. You may or may not have heard of him, but he is the most famous out of all of us. Houston is an R&B singer, and he had a hit song with J-Kwon Nelly Chingy (theyre all the same to me) and Nate Dogg. Now, before you judge (which is what I did) - read the stuff he writes. Houston is a funny dude (no homo). I caught notice of him after he commented on Byron's blog. He's been affiliated with this blog for a bit, but now he's "a full fledged member of the hottest crew" (to quote DMC). Ok, lets get into it.

**The post**
What is up, my homepeoples? These first posts are the hardest, but Im gonna write about something. I don't have anything currently in my head, so pardon me if I ramble. Hahaha. Well.......1st, Im gonna shamelessly self-promote myself. I have an album in the works. It's gonna be sicc, man! I got Mike Jones on one track, and Slick Rick on another and BUSHWICK BILL (!!!!!!) on another. In case you can't tell, Im a huge Bushwick Bill fan (no homo). After this whole eye incident, Bill and I talked...and man, he is a legend (no homo). I guess second off though, I need to talk about this whole eye experience. Now I gave the media this whole "Im closer to Jesus" bullshit, but dont beleive that. I just caught myself attmepting suicide after fuckin with those white people drugs. Don't reccomend the experience (unless you wanna end a one eyed jay-eye-gee like myself). I have come to terms with my career now, though. Most people dont know me, and the one's who do dont like me. But it dont matter. I brush them hataz off my shoulders. Just str8 up brush em. Oh, and for those that havent noticed, I go from the internet's second best spoken jay-eye-gee to J-Kwon level-illiteracy just like that. But bear wit me, my peoplez. I'll write anotha post when I actually got somethin in my brain.
RIP Colonel Sanders
Houston is out!

Something To Watch!!!

Trust me on this one guys, I am going to make a major prediction right now.In Florida, as we speak, there is a little girl that has been missing for about five days now.The press is really building this one up for the big twister. See, I can tell from the start of the case that the FATHER is guilty. Not that i'm a know it all, but because i've seen this pattern enough to predict this one. The press keeps interviewing the FATHER, who looks like a meth addict! He keeps trying to cry, but no tears, this is a dead giveaway(pardon the expression). Also, when you have a child missing, you do not start talking to your child as if your child is somewhere watching you on T.V!This steady drumbeat of interviewing the dad is another clearcut sign that he's the killer! Not that doing an interview makes you guilty, but doing every one that is available to you , and being so vocal about it just does'nt sit right with me.One would be in so much worry and tourment, one would'nt have the emotional control needed to do one interview, let alone 10. The FATHER looks like one of those meth heads straight from COPS! I am willing to bet my credibility and my reputation on this one.This is something to watch for, it's more interesting than American Idol!Seacrest out!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Does anyone else think its fucked up that...

T.I. samples Jay-Z saying "Bring 'em out" on T.I.'s song "Bring 'Em Out"? Allow me to elaborate. This sample comes from Jay-Z's song "What More Can I Say?". The full line is:

"So the rings and things you sing about - bring 'em out / It's hard to yell when the bar-rel's in your mouth"

Why do I think this is bad? Well...because Jay-Z uses some...erhm..."creative sampling" of the Notorious one's "Rap Phenomenom" song:

"The rings and things you sing about, bring 'em out / It's hard to yell when the barrel's in your mouth"

Do I think it's all that bad that Jay-Z references Biggie so much? Not really, although other ones do get me, for example:

"Rocafella is a army, better yet the Navy" - Jay-Z, "Takeover"
"Cash Money is a army, better yet the Navy" - BG, "Cash Money Is A Army" (I think)

Here's a list of the "biter accusations"

Some of it is bullshit tho. But it doesnt even bother me that much that Jay-Z borrows from Ma$e or Snoop. My problem is that T.I. samples Jay-Z, not B.I.G. It's Biggie's line, so please sample him in the future. I don't give a shit if you dont have the acapella. On another note, I was re-listening to Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" and I found it funny that he sampled both Prodigy and Nas. One last thing about Takeover, sampling, and Jay-Z:

"So yeah I sampled your voice, you was usin it wrong / You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song"

Well, Jay, if he was using his voice wrong, how was it a hot line? Plus he sampled more than one line. But still. Jay-Z will come out of ready for this ridiculous prediction I'm about to make? Ok. He'll make a 4 star album. I can't beleive I just said that.

Also, I saw Jay on the Cone Zone yesterday. Conan asked Jay if among so many rappers flashing the bling and whatnot, were there any known for being cheapstakes?

"Is there like an...'MC Thrifty' who brags: 'I got this at the Gap'?"

There was this thing on Power 106 which called Biggie a biter and then did the whole "let's play Biggie saying a line, and then Jay saying the same shit".

I find it to be OK for him to do that, but I think Jay-Z overdid it a little. The reason this debate goes on puzzles me. I doubt Jay-Z really needed to borrow a line from Dre (Dre!) to put on the chorus of "Takeover". But why does he do it so much?

Its 3 AM

Fuck. I gotta wake up tomorrow, supposedly. On the + side, school may be canceled due to snow. Fuck it, it has to. As I told Fly AKA TZA (Im sure most people pronounce it "TeeZeeAy" rather than "Tuh-zah") Ive been putting off stuff since Wednesday last week. I need another day, God. Another day that I'll prolly waste playing Madden and singing along to Pharaohe Monch, but another day nonetheless. What I do in Madden might be pathetic, it might be heroic. You judge. I control a fucked up team, trade 90% of the players, win the Superbowl by simulating. Then, after a couple of years of dynasty, I add another team to my control and randomly move them to Mexico City. I do the same, trading 90% of the players, and have my 2 teams face off on the Superbowl. I do this for 5 years, taking the worst team in the league and making them contenders. Currently, Im on my 6th year, and added the Arizona Cardinals (4th team), who were 68 million dollars in the red. I made a playoff appearence, but barely made a profit. So I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska (one of the relocation packages) and thats where I'm at now. This whole description of my weird Madden playing experience probably sucked and didn't entratin anybody. Oh well. Its 3 AM. Wtf you want from me?