Friday, January 07, 2005

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LTDMK is a trend-setting general purpose blog, often hip-hop often not. This site was created by DJX, who later legally changed his name to Zodiac Digital. The contributing lineup has changed a bit, but its no secret that right now, it's the strongest.

Most readers usually come here while looking for HOT LATIN DONKEY PORN or HOW TO BUILD A NUCLEAR BOMB. Well, you will find it here, along with the fact that COCAINE SHIPMENT COMING TOMORROW.

These are the incredible contributors who run this blog shit.

WU-NAME: Zodiac Digital
RACE: Latino / Hispanic, except on Thrusdays.
INFO: This is written by me, so I might as well plug my band, Raw Public.

WU-NAME: Asthmatic Mathematics
RACE: Black. Or so he made us believe.
INFO: He listens to Dashboard Confessional(s). I swear.

WU-NAME: Babyfaced Priestess
INFO: Most likely my future wife.

WU-NAME: Johnny The Grym Reaper
RACE: White. Or thats what everyone says.
INFO: He wants to attend Baltimore Arts School to take up dancing, just like his idol Tupac Shakur.

WU-NAME: The Zodiac Ambassador
RACE: Black, except during June. Then he's sooo white.
INFO: Contrary to popular belief, he's not a serial child rapist. It was only time.

WU-NAME: Chief Gravekeeper
RACE: White. That nazi cracka.
INFO: Does drugs with dogs. Hey, that's alliteration!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u lot make me laugh whats wrong with you all. i dont get this website, whats with the name huh?
try 2 come up with somthing entresting and amuzing and cool(word of phares 'cool')

im out

lol@this website uve all created peace naw in fact eat shits

12:01 PM  
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Anonymous Bob said...

I listened to the band you plugged... and I laughed. This blog is silly. Reminds me of... poop? Ya, poop.

2:13 AM  
Anonymous Mary said...

I found this blog after searching, "What happened to peoples manners.." lmao Lemme pose a question to ya then....What do you do when you are at the fucking register and someone reaches over you to shove cash in the cashiers hand and then run out while you stay and wait for the girl to open the drawer?? Legally??

6:37 AM  
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