Monday, February 07, 2005

The Takeover: Macq edition

Im holdin down this blog for my man Louis (no homo) until he gets his internet situation fixed. So while Im in charge you will hear alot of Patriot hating.

Ok so the Patriots won the Super Bowl , again, yesterday, and for one reason and one reason only did I rue this outcome. That reason being that people like Fitz are just itching to crown this team the best ever. I wont front, this team has had some impressive wins and even though they do not dominate they always find a way to win. Bill Bellicheck has put together the best team of assistant coaches since the Holgram bunch at Green Bay.

That being said lets not go crazy here people. Bellicheck isnt the greatest coach since Lombardi, the Pats are not yet a dynasty, and finally and most importantly Tom Brady isnt that great of a QB. Tom Brady has moxy, Tom Brady is cool under pressure, Tom Brady even has a pretty good arm but these factors do no a great QB make. If he continues down the path he is going Brady will end up being one of the greatest ever but he has only been a starter for 3 years.

Not only is he young but Brady just does not have Super Bowl numbers to stake a claim as one of the best. In 4 Superbowls Joe Montana never threw an interception, converseley just last year Brady threw an interception in the red zone. Brady has also had to rely on Adam Venetierri (sp?) to save his ass in two of his three Superbowl wins. So again, lets not go crazy over this people.

BTW if anyone could tell me how to post pictures on this thing thatd be really great


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