Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Guatemalan Dead Whores

I thought about saving this one for Wednesday, but decided against it, since I should be back in deep Dr. Phil - Oprah type hell by the middle of this week. I go to get better interviewing skills, and I find myself going through some psychological, touché - feelie boot camp. What does getting a new job have to do with getting in touch with myself. It's bullshit. That's why I'm going to need a little something by the weekend. (Hint - hint) You know what the fuck I mean.

I'm anxiously awaiting a little package, a little package from across the border (Yeah. I know that shit reads kind of gay. So, no homo). You know. Something with a little white powder in it. Something that rhymes with hohaine. Or maybe something else that rhymes with lopium. I'm not saying that I might be receiving something like that. I'm just saying that I could be receiving something like that.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI'm not telling the authorities to, you know, look out for little brown skinned kids who just might be smuggling drugs across the border. What I am saying is that maybe, just maybe, the authorites should be ready to butt search little brown skinned kids crossing over the border. You know, have the surgical gloves ready for a little colon exploration. Because, you never know, you could catch one of those little bastards with several kilos of the good stuff.

And to be certain, I think the authorities should also have large quantities of ex-lax ready just because I heard the little brown kids swallow (no homo) the baggies. Either have that shit ready, or be willing to cut their little brown bellies open. I hear when you puncture them, they spill a sweet maple syrup type substance. I heard several Guatemalan whores call it nature's sweetener. We call it shit or bile in the states, which should make some of you feel happier about being born in the states, especially you pussy liberal types.

DISCLAIMER: I probably need to strike half the shit I just typed. I mean, I'm not looking to get sued. And you never know when somebody's gonna go beyotch and start crying and shit, saying you hurt their little third world heart, which is something I would never want to do on purpose. But if I happen to do it by accident, then I think it's okay. Having an accident is the world's little way of giving man an out after he's completely shitted on his fellow human. Example: let's call Hiroshima an accident? Maybe the Holocaust? Slavery? Who knows. I might be pushing it a tad. Which is probably why I need a full time lawyer.

See. I'm out here in the public domain. And when you're in the public domain, you're fair game. Take for example, some little kid comes across my weblog. He reads half the filth on my shit and gets a kick out of it. He tells his friends about my shit. They start repeating half the dumb shit on my weblog to each other.

One night, they get all hyped up on some PCP, or some other weird shit. And they go out, maybe to some convenient store late at night. And they go in and decide to rob the place. The shit goes bad. And one of the kids starts screaming out that he's a villain and he can't stand them beyotches. And then he starts shooting up everything in sight. He eventually kills two shoppers and the dude behind the cash register. The two bastards jump in the car, and as they speed away, one of the idiots yells out, Super-Villain Style!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNow I know everybody knows what happens next. The police track the two little bastards down. They both get charged with murder. And it eventually leaks out that the two boys' defense is that they were coerced by the text on some weblog, that they wouldn't have gotten the idea to kill if it wasn't for the sick shit on this weblog. Now that's trouble for my ass, because I'm the sick fuck who came up with that shit. And the trial pretty much becomes a trial on weblogs, personal responsibility, and free speech. And I become the main beyotch on trial.

Now, I'm telling you before that shit happens, that it's all bullshit. I'm just a broke dude with a shitty job trying to develop a voice in this cold world. And it ain't my fault that some sick fucks can't tell that I'm bullshit, that I don't and shouldn't mean a goddamn thing. So, all you little sick fucks who read my shit, I got one thing to say: Don't get caught. You can do all the dumb shit you want, but don't get caught. Because I ain't got the dough for a lawsuit. Be smart about you robbin' and killin'. Think before you do.

Take Xplicit. Have any of you heard about the recent whore killings down in Guatemala. It's weird. They haven't had any whore killings for almost a year. And all of a sudden, within the past week, eight whore killings. First that Levy chick in DC, and now this. I wonder what's the connection. I wonder.

Point I'm getting at is if you're gonna commit murder, don't do it in a way where you'll get caught. Make sure nobody can link you to the murders. Hopefully you'll pick a victim that's linked to a public figure so that asshole'll get the blame. He probably deserves it. Or perhaps, you might try killing individuals nobody gives a damn about, victims no one really misses, like drug addicts, or runaways, or teenage Guatemalan prostitutes.

I know if I was thinking about killing someone, it would probably be a whore. But that's just me. Plus, I would be a stand up guy. If I got caught, I wouldn't go about blaming my Internet buddies. Because doing that shit would be straight up pussy. And it would also be pussy if you turned and did some Columbine type shit. Because I'd definitely get sued, then. And you assholes know I'm already dead broke. So, why would you give your parents, or your relatives, or Fox News the chance to fuck me over with some bullshit witchhunt.

So, I guess, the point I'm making is it's okay to murder, but like I said many times before, don't get caught. And don't kill pretty chicks. Only kill ugly people, possibly skinny beyotches like Paris Hilton, or fat beyotches like Kirstie Alley. And drug addicts. It's okay to kill drug addicts. And some alcoholics. It's okay. They probably won't even feel the pain. And if you fuck up and they survive, they won't remember shit because they would've been so fucked up high when you tried to kill them that it'll all be a blur to them. Trust me. I know these things.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Six Feet Under

I remember this episode of Six Feet Under, the one where ol' boy's wife is finally found, washed up on the ocean shore, or some shit like that. The only reason I call him ol' boy is that I very seldom watch the show. I find that shit boring, pretty much like every CSI episode.

I actually tried watching the CSI episode that Quentin Tarantino directed, thinking I'd finally stay awake through that shit. And I didn't. I went to sleep within the first 10 minutes. This phenomenon tends to also happen with every episode of Six Feet Deep, I mean, Under. It even happened during the episode I'm about to talk about. I had the shit on tape, and I went to sleep on it at least three times, each time trying to rewatch it to catch all the bullshit I slept through. The only shit I would stay awake on is the ending.

See, the beyotch is found on the shore all fucked up and decomposed. And ol'boy wants to give her a proper burial. Seems she always wanted to be buried au natural, no casket, no clothes, no nothing, just thrown in a hole by some tree with dirt put on top. So, in the end, ol' boy steals her body from the wake or the memorial, whatever the fuck it was, and he takes her body to this place, digs a hole and throws her body in the shit. Then, afterwards, he starts screaming like a retard. And then the shit goes off. It went something like that. But that isn't really important.

The point I'm trying to make is that I wouldn't mind being buried, thrown in a hole like that. Or at least cremated. What I wouldn't want to happen is all that weird serial killer shit that happens on CSI, where they fuckin' carve the fuckin body up like roast beef and poke around at the dead shit like it ain't nothing. I'm thinking, you gotta be a sick fuck to be a coroner. Only sick murderous bastards treat bodies like that. You gotta be fucked up in the brain to carve up another former human being like shit don't mean a thing. Sorry. I just can't go out like that.

And that's why I've decided to stop being an organ donor. When I die, all I want is to be burned up and tossed in the river, or to be thrown in a ditch like that beyotch was. Ain't nobody carving me up when I'm dead. And I won't stand for my people fuckin' homo-in' me up with all that caked on make-up and shit. Don't you know they gotta do some serious damage on a man to get him ready for some bullshit like a funeral.

I hear that they cut off your arms and drain all the blood from your body. Then, they sow your shit back on, and use thread to make your skin seem tight again. Then they embalm your ass and stick you in the freezer. They take all the organs outta your body. And then they do a whole bunch of weird shit before they put on the make up and roll your ass out like a stiff for your family to cry over you. And then, people have the nerve to kiss all on a corpse. I'm telling you, it's all some sick shit.

That's why, I beg you all, if I should die, make sure you talk my people into either dumping my ass in a hole or frying me. I'll thank you in advance from Hell.

NEXT POST: Xplicit and the Guatemalan Dead Whores

Saturday, June 25, 2005

First blog post from Guatemala in history

And I mean all history. I dare someone prove me wrong.
But I dont actually have anything to write about.

Here´s a little true story I wrote on an email that I´m going to expand upon.

My little cousin was celebrating on Monday, his words after picking up the newspaper were "Yay! No mass killings today!"

Seriously, the newspaper is almost depressing. Yesterday there was a policeman shooting a guy in the eye next to a child with a bloody face, and that was just the front of the sports section. Dead serious.

I´m still going to a game where that shit happened tomorrow. So maybe Im just an idiot.
Here´s the guy getting shot.

Couldn´t find the other picture of the litle kid with the bloody face. Anyways, Im going to be right there at that stadium with those same police guys, who threatened the other people. The reason this shit got much attention is cause the guy who got shot (if I remember correctly) used to be interim mayor of the city, who actually is pretty much second in terms of power to the president, nhjic. He now runs some exec position with the rival team to my team.

Which brings me to the game. The final consists of 2 games, where the overall score in both decides the winner. This is the second game of the finals, so its basically it. What happens usually is that teams from the capital lose to teams from outside when they play outside because of the Motherfucking Heat produced at such places. Then they play at the capital and they win.

The team from the capital is my team, Municipal. The team from outside is Suchitepequez. The good thing is that we won outside 1-0, which gives a huge advantage here at home.

Side story: my mom worked at the school i went to, so naturally she befriended my elementary school teachers. I guess that´s weird. My old gym teacher eventually started hosting a radio show, initially on AM radio and now in basically THE sports radio channel. This has lead to 3 radio appearences by yours truly, first time I must have been...shit, 8 or so.

Anyways, I´m going to the game, hopefully it wont rain, hopefuly shitll be peaceful, hopefully we win.

Links, all in spanish:
Something I found.
News about the guy getting shot.
News about the first game.

Keep it gully children. Till next time, no homo.
Oh and I swear it´s the last soccer post I´ll do in basically ever. Promise.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Introductions From The Man in Hell

Good. Somebody posted first.

I didn't want to just start posting massive amounts of crap without at least introducing myself. Some of you may know of me. Most of you may not. I'm Doc Savage, also known as Ronny Octavius, and Ron Savage, Crack Master 3000, or Male Prostitute, whichever you prefer.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI've been blogging for over two years, since early 2003. You can visit my little piece of crap by clicking right here. Now, you really don't have to click that link because I'm not really fiending for new eyeballs. I haven't updated the site since May 5th. At the present time, that shit is dead. By the way, I would like to thank all the people who sent me them kind words through the e-mail and comments. I really appreciated that shit.

I decided to discontinue that shit a little under a month before I ended it. I knew the months ahead of me would be pretty busy. And since I knew I couldn't half-ass post anymore than I always was, I decided to take a little hiatus instead. I've been coy about the site's future. But the truth is, I really don't know what I'm going to do next.

I thought about deleting that shit, like I did before, and starting from scratch. But a couple of little birdies told me to keep the shit around. What I'm thinking of doing now is getting a real domain name, actually putting some real dough behind that shit. I already have a server. Some of you have already leeched shit off of it before. I have the space. So, why shouldn't I do something worthwhile with it. Only thing is, I'm one of the few people who still likes blogger. The shit ain't the most feature-rich, but it gets the job done.

But, see, I keep thinking big. I wanna do some shit large-like. But, the only problem is, I'm a lazy bastard, and I have no such concept of following through, which is why I'm in the shithole I'm in right now. But I wanna change that shit. That's why I'm busy right now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI'm currently looking to change jobs. Seriously. I actually joined some shithole self-improvement program. I've been spilling my guts in these group sessions, doing Jerry Springer type shit in front of a bunch of people I don't even know. pronouncing how inadequate and loser-like I think I am. Sort of like in this post.

I've been embarrassing myself, giving out intimate details of my life and my crappy work history. Nobody has said it, but I know they're all wondering how a intelligent degreed man like myself end up shit out of luck, with no prospects, up to his neck in debt, and pimping his filthy loser ass out to a bunch of has-beens like themselves. And you know what? I've been wondering about that same shit myself. Just not in those words.

But I can't dwell on that shit. I got to suck up my ego and let shit go (n/h). I've been told over and over again that that's the only way I'm going to better myself. So, I'm going for it. And in the meantime, I'm going to take the opportunity that Xplicit has given me to refresh myself before this coming fall. If shit goes right, I'll be back on my own shit, posting up bullshit and continuing with the copyright infringement. Until then, I'll just piss all over this shit, in a good way, sort of like my idol R. Kelly, who has a new album coming out July 5th, I think. Go buy that shit, or download it. I know I will. I mean, I'll buy it. Tee-hee.

Until then, check this shit out every once in a while. I'll probably drop some shit in between sleeping, eating and shitting. I might have a sweet little something for you every blue moon. The faithful know what I mean. And hopefully I'll entertain you better than I did in this shit.

Until next time, enjoy.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Least Gully Rappers

Crossposted at Bloggystyle

With DJX gone doing whatever (nhjic), and with Bol doing a least gully rappers entry, I thought it was necessary that I let some dumb motherfuckers know about some very ungully rappers on this site in DJX's absence, because he would have definitely said something on this topic.

Bol picked FatherMC, Pete Rock, Sticky Fingaz, Prodigy and Cassidy. Some amendments are in order.

Of Father MC, Bol said "More or less forgotten today, Father MC was actually pretty big back in the early, early '90s. He had a string of successful singles...he was already pretty much gone from the scene by 1993."

No Homo Juelz Santana, but given that description, I think a less gully rapper fits the profile.

As for Pete Rock, since he's clearly more renowned for his production, I'll substitute another producer who thinks he can rap in Pete's stead.

It's definitely impossible to argue against P, although I think Havoc The Dwarf should be added. Even if we combine those two, we still have one very ungully creation. I'll put Havoc in Sticky's place (nhjic).

No Homo Juelz Santana, but I have to admit that until the recent charges against him, I was pretty sure that Mashonda could beat the everloving shit out of Cassidy. That guy definitely needed that "One Shyning Moment" to erase his ungully factor. Since I don't know if he's guilty or not, I think he should be disqualified until we're sure.

So who should take Cassidy's spot? Nelly is too obvious. Bol considered Pac but he's definitely disqualified for shooting cops.

What about The Gayme (nh)?

Consider his resume.

#1 - Before he was a popular rapper, The Gayme got served on Change of Heart by a bitch who of course dumped him.

#2 - The Gayme has/had a tongue ring. We all know what tongue rings are for.

By the way, The Gayme admitted that both of those points are true.

#3 -

Not only did The Gayme willingly accept a kiss from Fifty in public, but as we now know, that whole squashing the beef thing was bullshit from the start. So in otherwords, Gayme simply got kissed by Fifty for nothing.

And when Gayme's not telling G-Unit to suck his dick, major no homo, he's trying to beef with Carmelo Anthony. There are simply no limits to Gayme's ungulliness.

I think we have to include an individual who isn't a professional recording artist but put out music anyway. That's the easiest, least controversial decision of all time.

And one more, who pretty much defies proper description but is definitely necessary.

So I've nominated Gayme, Mobb Deep, Pharrell and Vanilla Ice. I'd be remiss not to include an Honorable Mention, so here it is.

Honorable Mention

Nothing about Twista is gully.

Take your pick.

No Homo Juelz Santana: Between him and Kanye, it's a true tossup.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm going away (again)

This year has been weird. I went to Guatemala City as recently as April. The reason I went was cause it was going to be a huge family event cause it was my grandfather's 80th birthday and cause my other grandfather was in bad shape in the hospital. And my uncle works at an airline, and we get discounts and such.

Anyways, back to me leaving. Im leaving on June 13th and not coming back till mid-August. I MIGHT drop a couple posts. I MIGHT send a few emails. Other than that, my e-friends, you will not "see" me. The blog still will be updated pretty regularly, I got a whole posse of bloggers. NO HOMO.

By the way, I hate that they dont show the streets on any pictures. I had to look for that picture a bit. Every picture was an old church or the nicest mall they could find. That's alright, I do like the style of the churches and the ruins there are, but it'd be nice to see a few more pics of the general city. I might up pictures, if I take them. By the way, ive been in that pharmacy. Tip: NEVER go in one of those buses. I went on it a couple'a times, and its an insane driver, way too many people inside, and the bumpiest ride youve ever gotten (nh) - it was like Blind Date where they try to bump as much as possible so as to having the chick's boobs jiggle. Not that I watch Blind Date, mind you. I leave you with some more pictures, no homo. Click to enlarge, nhjic.

Ive actually never seen this before. Probably new considering how clean it looks.

Yeah, imma try to check this whole deal out, no homo.

I've been here. Alot of times. I can't exactly point out where it is, but I've been there.

This is right near the main government building. That's why there's that freshly painted orange thing. I have to pass through this area alot - you need to go through there to get to my uncle's house.

This is right before that. They sell random bullshit. I go through there alot but ive never gonne inside.

Never been here. Or not to my memory.

"Gringos fuera de Guate." There's alotta little grafitti writings like that. More.

These kids, despite being somewhat weird-lookin, are pretty gully. They live there. It's right in front of a big government building. They and 30 members got fired by Pepsi cause they are representatives of SITRAEMSA, a workers union. Here's a picture of them looking all fight the power-like, except they themselves dont look the part.



Peace out, kids.

More on "Rebirth of a Nation"

So, I wasn't going to write more about the new PE, but I ran into a few interesting articles, so I present them to you.

Rebirth of a Word, a Film, a Slur

This is mainly about appropriation of offensive terms, film, etc.. It also talks about DJ Spooky (the one with that song with Killah Priest?) who made a "remix" to the film "Birth of a Nation" (titled "Rebirth of a Nation") again, dealing with the appropiation of something offensive.

Interesting quotes from the article:
Chris Rock: "This word, it's . . . the only thing white people can't do. That's the only reason . . . anybody writes about it. It's like white people can't believe there's a thing that exists (that) they can't do."

Ida Wells of the NAACP: "D. W. Griffith [director of "Birth of a Nation"] was a great artist and one of the leading geniuses in presenting photo plays. That he should prostitute his talents in what would otherwise have [been] the finest picture presented, in an effort to misrepresent a helpless race, has always been a wonder to me."

Preview DJ Spooky's remix, as well as an essay he wrote.

Found an old (Jan 2004) "Terrordome" posting by Chuck D:
"While I’m at it... hold your horses, good friend, trooper and ally PARIS is producing a limited edition recording on Guerilla Funk called “Rebirth of a Nation”, but it’s a project slated for summer 2005, not 2004 as previously reported."

And thats the only mention of the album on www.publicenemy.com. Weird.

Guerilla Funk Compilation:
"And if that wasn't enough Guerilla Funk Recordings will also release the 'Hard Truth Soldiers' compilations this year, and Volume 1 promises to make considerable noise. Already committed are Paris, Public Enemy, The Coup, dead prez, Immortal Technique, T-Kash, Kam, The Conscious Daughters, MC Ren, and Zion-I, with more to come."

On an unrelated note:
Am I the only one who feels underground hip-hop is becoming more mainstream? I see Mos Def in car commercials, Common on Jay Leno, pop-up ads for Little Brother, Talib Kweli in entertainment magazines...

I honestly don't know if it's a good thing or not.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Meme

Passed over from Joey. No homo.

Total volume of music files on my computer:
13.6 GB if you count data CD's i burned cause i ran out of hardrive space. Um, i dont have an iPod. Shit is expensive.

Last CD I bought was:

You buy CD's?

Music CD's you mean?

Not blank CD's you put music on, but CD's with music in them?

Thats insane. I dont believe you.

Actually, I bought "Virtuosity" by Chops from the bargain bin couple 'a days ago.

Song playing right now:
Mash Out Posse, "Hilltop Flava (No Sleep Till Brooklyn)" - Nothing incredibly special, but I got it stuck on my head.

M.F. Grimm, "Do It For the Kids" - Produced by Rob Swift, pretty minimalistic but really great, has a horn on the chorus. Grimm has a great voice, and i enjoy the lyrics.

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:
This list changes evey 3 days or so. But here goes.

1) Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, "It's Like That" - Basically the whole album, but this one has been getting alot of plays especially. Nhjic. I just love the beat, no homo. C.L.'s greatest talent is how much at home he sounds over any Pete Rock track. Pete needs this kid (nh) to rap over his beats....the Soul Survivor projects and whatnot have been pretty good, but they eventually need to put out an album together again.

2) Public Enemy & Stephen Stills, "He Got Game (DVD Version)" - Yeah, they rock the laid-back sample pretty well, nhjic. The DVD version has a third verse and some extra guitar playing from Stephen Stills. The Long Island Community Choir (or whatever, sorry cant remember what they are called) sound good singing, Stephen is great, even though its him singing the same shit from way back when. Chuck has one of those laid-back analytical flows - the song plays into the the metaphor of life and basketball alot, and i like it alot. "Last time in the church be the last time in the church / Dead pledge alligence to CD's and movies"

3) Sepultura, "Kiowas" - This is a instrumental tribal jam from a brazillian metal band. The guitar playing I find enjoyable, as well as whatever theyre using for percussion. Did you know they just covered "Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos" into Brazillian rap/metal? Trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds.

4) Proyecto Uno, "Latinos" - I found this CD again, and it was basically the first "rap" song I liked - even though it has strong merengue feel as well as some house influence. Looking back on it, it wasn't the genius I thought it was back then, but it's still good, and it has a somewhat sentimental value. Major no homo.

5) Public Enemy, "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" - Underrated song. The beat packs a killer bassline and some loud samples and manages to bury Prince's guitar solo underneath. The Bomb Squad gives you an in-your-face beat, Chuck D sounds angry and determined, Terminator X does some good scratching and Flava drops the usual back vocals...pretty familiar formula, but it just sounds so damn good. Nhjic.

And now I pass it off to, no homo just in case:


I just noticed theyre all white. Damn. for the sake of diversity:

Thursday, June 09, 2005

New PE: Delayed

New PE
An update on when I earlier reported that this shit was coming out on my birthday, August 9th: there has been a delay. It will now drop on August 23rd.

If they need more time, so be it. Also, I know I might be a little late with catching this - but the title of the album references (or at least I think it references) the racist silent film "The Birth of a Nation" which basically was set in reconstruction and made Klansmen to be heroic and black people (played by white actors with blackface) to be savages. President Woodrow Wilson, possibly the worst president of the United States of America ever, stated: "It is like writing history with lightning, and my only regret is that it is all so true." It's based on a book, "The Clansmen", by his former classmate and friend Thomas Dixon. At one point, the movie was the highest-grossing movie of all time.

Obviously, the title also references one of the best albums ever, PE's second album, "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back." I'd like to know how the other reference plays out - I seriously doubt it's not referencing the movie.

Only after a year from the release of the movie, the KKK was revived. Now, I never have seen the movie, nor do I ever plan to - just by looking at the cover and what people have said about it is enough for me to stay away. I dont know the actual plot, really - just that the civil war turns friends against each other, and (I think - I read some on wikipedia and idmb) as soon as we have equal protection, black people become the devil and start looting and raping. It is quite disgusting just reading about it, how it somehow tries to be a "historic" film when it is clearly not, even the stupidest of us can tell the shit is lying.

The last part is that it makes the KKK out to be the police of heroes protecting all whites from the danger of someone of another color. I havent watched it, nor will I watch it - it sounds incredibly stupid, racist, and disgusting. And I dont throw those words around lightly. Except for "stupid." That one I do throw around kind of lightly, no homo.

I wonder what exactly the "Rebirth of a Nation" is. My guess is something to do with anti-racism. As I have previously stated, the group is always interesting to listen to - even if I dont have the largest amount of faith in Paris producing the album.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Message from Hell - The World's Greatest Supervillain Speaks From Beyond the Grave

Dont act like you dont know.

I know many of you have been keeping up with that whole Jackson trial crap whether you want to or not. You can't escape it. Jennings, and that old dude who replaced Rather, and that other dude who replaced Brokaw, and CNN, and Fox News, and everybody who gets paid to report legitimate news have all jumped on the Jackson trial bandwagon. You get very little news, and a whole lot of opinion, sort of like on a, you know, weblog.

While we wait to find out if he'll be taking a couple in the back for the team, or if he'll be acquitted and find himself free to allegedly rape again, we also learn about the weird cardio treatments he's been receiving, which apparently stop his heart in between beats, and the many trips to the hospital because of his ailing aching back. Makes you feel for the brother? That is, if he wasn't such a child rapist.

You say rapist? Yep. I think we can all agree that Michael likes to rape hildren. Or better yet, so as not to get sued, we can all agree that we believe that he likes to rape children. I think the only people who still consider him innocent are adolescents, Europeans, and retards, which could be construed as essentailly all the same.

I heard some audio recently where Michael's crying over the possibility of never having a child around him ever again. That makes him a rapist right there. What man, let alone black man, looks forward to having children around him. Real non-raping black men run away from shit like that on the regular, hoping that some slut went Maury on a brother and slept with a cousin or two on a dumb ho' dickin' spree. Bastards do the Killa Cam Maury dance when that shit ends up negative. Also, you just can't have that many people popping up out of the woodwork saying that you fondled their privates on a cold wintery night without one or two of them being true (See Catholic Church).

Some may say that he's being targeted because he's ... black! Joke, for you retards. Actually, because he's rich. But I just don't buy it. Sure, the crowd that hangs around Mike are all a bunch of wack jobs made up of grifters and future robberers of liquor stores. But shit, they can't all be crazy lying circus freaks. And even if they can, I think we can all feel it in our gut, like many of the boys he's alledgedly raped, that maybe, just maybe, there's some truth to these
molestation allegations.

And what sickens me the worst is that Jackson will probably never be punished. There are probably hundreds of Michael Jackson victims out there. He's probably been raping kids since Thiller, or maybe as far back as the Jackson 5. And because a lying little bastard and hislying little fucked up mother couldn't stop scamming people, Jackson will probably go free in the next couple of days.

What's also sad, outside of the fact that a whole lot of effed kids with effed up parents will probably never see any real justice, is the fact that Jackson was so mentally screwed up that he eventually effed up his whole fuckin' career and legacy doing dumb weird shit.

I can't lie. I used to look up to Michael, no homo. I had his posters on my wall, no homo. I went to several of his concerts as a kid, no homo. I have most of his albums, maybe even all of them. Who knows? If Michael hadn't gone all weird, getting his skin lightened, getting his eyes widened, fuckin' up his nose, lips and chin, staying rail thin, still talking in that effeminate voice, he'd probably be getting the same kind of love that Muhammed Ali gets now in his old age. He'd probably would've grown old in a spectable way, if that's possible. Now, he'll
always be known as a freak, which is probably what he deserves.

But I guess that doesn't really matter. If Michael hadn't screwed up his face and start acting weird, would that make him less of an (alledged) baby rapist? Whether black or white, would that make him less evil? It helps that he looks like a freak. People can continue to believe the boogieman and the devil look nothing like regular folks. They can continue believing that the stranger is the greatest threat. When, in reality, the greatest threat to you and your children, is the man in the mirror.