Wednesday, January 26, 2005

me = poor

These are pictures of stuff in my room (except the first one) which pretty much defines my poorness.

That is my family's first TV. It cost $2 at a garage sale. As you can see, it lacks 5/7 buttons and doesnt have a remote. Meaning you cant actually change the channel without technical equipment and/or risking your life.

This is a picture of the only light source in my room. It is a lamp that is broke down on its neck. As you can see, the white cover thing (whatever it's called) has sustained heavy damage. Behind it is my window, which doesn't close, and I try to cover half-assedly using some gay towel I found.

Now. This is a TV in my room (and the only other one, might I add). It's pretty old and pretty small, although the remote's 6, 2, and volume buttons dont work. Meaning if I want to turn it up, I have to get up and change it manually. BTW - bet you a dollar you can't find where the volume control is. It doesn't look all that bad except...

That. It has a large burn (or melt) mark on the side, and you it ocassionally looses all its volume. To make it regain its volume, I have to get up and smack it. No joke.

Now...tell me that isnt the ghetto-est antenna you've ever seen in your life. As I have previously stated, I don't have cable or nothing like that, so I watch NBC and FOX and even that shitty Spanish channel. But notice the left antenna is all bent and shit, while the right is broken and taped and rubber band'ed and shit.

That's my headphones. Terrifying isn't it? So obviously I don't have an iPod, or a cellphone. My family's car is a Toyota Echo. Yeah. We rent this house. Yeah. Discover Card calls like crazy. We never pick up. Oh - and I took all those pictures with a digital camera that the school owns. No, my family does not own any type of camera. But I can't complain. I could be out like my cousins areNT, illegally and NOT in Texas. Actually, we got this house cause of a legal complaint in which the landlord of our old house had to give money to us (long story). The last house (which this kid visited) had my mother sleeping on the couch since there were only 2 rooms. No joke. And some 4 years ago, I was legally homeless for 6 months. I need to take pictures of my old house in the big GUA. I still visit there every year, since my cousins (on the other side of my family) live there now. conclusion, I can't complain. Thanks for letting me bitch about my personal finances, though.


Blogger ravenspirits said...

dude, not to diss, but i can see you are representing "the majority of people" because you took two pictures of your prized television sets and choose to display them so that people could get an idea of how you define yourself.. there are diurnal mental states of poor.

kill your television - open your mind..and then you will be representing the real people. no confrontations here, just truths..

12:44 AM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

^LOL @ kids taking this shit seriously...
what? you wanted to put my beat-up books as a sign of my poorness...? "prized tv sets"...THE SHIT COST 2 DOLLARS!!!!

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now i see where that anger and resentment of the world comes from. i didnt know you were suffering .i feel your pain and i now understand why u hate the world and lash out at everyone about well in school it can serve as a way to escape the ghetto. maby you can get a job in journalism to escape your seem to write well.keep on trying and never never give up.

p.s. be thankful for the little that you have .some people dont even have that much.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

you pieces of shit. I KNOW THIS. stop talking to me like I didnt live in a third world country for 11 years and didnt visit last summer and am not going there spring break. Its all supposed to be a joke, I FUCKIN KNOW people who work for 10 dollars a week. And I dont mean that I acknowledge the fact these people exist, I mean I ACTUALLY KNOW AND HAVE TALKED TO THESE PEOPLE. It's supposed to be humorous, and I end with "I can't complain". So get off my fuckin back.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its ok , go ahead and let it out. i understand,you have every right to be angry. you can make it , just turn that anger into determination.turn that frown upside down! you can do anything you want to sweetie, just put your mind to there any way i can help? do you people have a charity? i have a old tv i could donate .

6:17 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

yes i do have a charity. email me here for details:
ignore the NOSPAM, of course.

7:50 PM  
Blogger macq said...

Lol see when your mothers told you to buck up because some people have got it worse than you, they were talkin about my man (no homo) djxplicit

10:06 PM  
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