Saturday, February 12, 2005

One Quick Question.......

Listen, I know that i'm not the brightest person, but could someone with knowledge of this topic please reply and explain this to me. Why can the United States go around the world and stop other countries from developing or obtaining neuclear weapons? Seriously, don't we have tons of them and were'nt we the only country that actually used them? So as the country that is against neuclear prolifiration, why are we armed to the teeth and have a record of actually USING them?

How can we say no one else can have them but us and the others that already have them? Should'nt we also be trying to disarm the others that are already known to have them or is there a grandfather clause involved?Seriously, this is the biggest pile of shit I have ever heard!It's like me saying, No one else can own a gun but me,but I have already shot and killed some people , and then go around threatening and shooting people who try to obtain one. WTF?


Blogger JB said...

It is horse isn't it. I've asked this question before and this is the answer I got. There is a treaty with certain countries saying that they will not create or obtain nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction. These are the "un-trustworthy" countries in accordance to, I believe, the UN. So some countries are allowed to have them but a lot are not, like Iraq. The US believes that the only reason a country like Iraq would have these weapons is to attack US soil, because after all, who else is worth bombing right (that was sarcasm). DOes that clear things up a bit?

9:38 AM  
Blogger soundboyz said...

Thank you Baines, I appreciate the effort, however it still leaves more questions.I know about the neuclear non-prolifiration treaty,but countries were forced to sign it or face stiff sanctions.O.K....I just figured it all out. Heres the deal, the US developed neuclear weapons before mostly every other country.This made them a major player in the UN.They are the backbone of the UN.They used this power to force other developing countries to sign on to the neuclear non prolifiration treaty, or face stiff sanctions(shut out those countries from the rest of the world and collapse their economies).Countries felt forced to sign on or risk starving to death, so they signed on but continued developing the weapons anyway because they saw them as the only way to have equal leverage in the world!I think I got it now!!!Thanks for your help Baines.

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