Friday, February 25, 2005

"Dont make me expose you to the people who dont know you"

I apologize to my loyal blog readers for my recent absence from this site. I have been busy with school lately and have not been able to be on the Internet as much id like. However xplicit and I have had the last couple of days off because of snow so i hope to get in at least 3 posts this weekend.

On 50 cents new album , "The Massacre" , there is a song that peeked my interest (the rest of the album is pretty much throwaway). It was the remix to the original Game song "hate it or love it" on his shitty album The Documentary. On this remix the Game plods through the song as usual with his suspect flow, dropping names and not making much sense. I am ready to skip it and then I hear the following line, "Fo' I creep and turn yo' projects into columbine/nd I'm Rap's MVP/dont make me remind y'all what happened in DC''.
Now I started thinking, 'Im from DC, what is he talking about'. And then I remembered. Back in early January when the Game was promoting his piece of shit album he came do DC and did the standard hip hop stations promotional tour. He came on Wkys's night show with host Zulux. Zulux does the standard interview for a while and then starts to joke around with Game. Im not sure what was said but whatever it was it angered Game so much that he had his manager attack the host. After that Game's bodyguards jumped in and also started attacking Zulux. Then at the end of the fight game sucker punched Zulux and all of the men fled the studio.

So now that we know what happened in DC,I have some questions. The first being if Game is such a tough guy why does he need two bodyguards? The second question is if he had a problem with Zulux ,whom I have met and cannot be taller than 5'7, why were his bodyguards and managers the first ones to confront him. The third, and final question being, if you had to get 3 people to soften up a 5'7 radio dj before you jumped in why would you want to brag about that?

"Dont make me remind y'all what happened in DC", no Game, dont make me remind YOU about what happened in DC you talent-less, name dropping, Dr Dre dick riding prick.