Monday, February 07, 2005

My Internet = Broke and other math equations

My internet's I won't be able to post indefinitely. But fear not, the main man macq will hold the fort down (hopefully). Rite now, I'm using a school computer at my mother's work, and since I'm sure that I'm being spied on as I speak, I can't curse (like CL & Pete, BDK, Q-Tip, Heavy D and all them). I'm actually typing into the search bar on Yahoo!, so that LTDMK logo isnt displayed 5 feet away from the PK room. It feels like a cover operation or sum i-s-t-h liek dat. I just want to make a few quick points before I go:

Patriots = Not Really a Dynasty
C'mon? 3/4 Isn't a dynasty. 4/4 or 5/6 for me is a real dynasty. At least 3/3...but not 3/4.
Madden 2005 = Always right
It picked the Patriots by a score of 17-14 with McNabb throwing 3 INT's.
MC Hammer Is a Broke Woman Beater
He got a little money from that ad, but it would probably go to coke or some zn!+ like that.
And I'm OUT


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously you are very jealous of the success of the Patriots. You clearly don't have a local team in which you could be proud of. I understand your frustration. The Redskins havent won shit since the 1800's!They could'nt clean the Port o Potties of the Pats! You should admit greatness when you are smart enough and lucky enough to witness it! How dare YOU!

5:14 PM  
Blogger flyno20 said...

3/4 in the NFL is a dynasty

5:31 PM  
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