Monday, May 30, 2005

An amusing message I got on

This is a mssg I got on, where my name is akidnamedroots.
From: deborah_2005
To: akidnamedroots
Subject: hello

Hello ,

I have the feeling that this piece of mail will reach you in a perfect state of mind and in a better healthy codition. While searching through the net, I came accross
your contact address and decided to contact you. I believe and also have the
feeling that in todays world, neither race, nationality nor religion will any longer posse a barrier to male/female relationships.

Although, we do not know each other well but I will really like to have you as a friend or pen pal if that is better for you.I am a single lady of 23 years old,
currently studing international relations at the University of New York , a citizen
of the United States of America residing in New York with my parents, brothers and sisters.

Presently, I am doing my final year in the University and so anncious to graduagate from the University into the free world. While I hope to hear from you soon, I
also look forward to receiving some information concerning you, your family, country and even your personal life experiences.

This will give us the opportunity of knowing each other better and be able to
understand ourselves more.

May God bless you as I wait to hear from you soon through this email address.

Yours Truely,
Deborah Williams.
My response
From: akidnamedroots
To: deborah_2005
Subject: RE: hello
dear deborah:
although i thank you for your reaching out, you unfortunately dont meet my minimum standard of hotness required for me to talk to someone.

better luck next time

New PE

I've known this shit from We Need Remedial English for around a month now (I need to check WNRE more often), but I didn't feel like bloggin this shit till now.

Anyways, the new Public Enemy album drops on my birthday, August 9th.

A review of Muse-Sick-N-Hour-Mess-Age stated that even when PE is at their worst, there is a certain excitment (no homo) to listening to them, especially Chuck D's voice.

So at the very least, it will be worth a listen. The details are still scarce:

The album features dead prez, MC Ren of N.W.A fame, Kam, Immortal Technique and more. The album is also entirely produced by hip-hop revolutionary Paris.

Okay, so it will basically feature alot of the political rappers who followed PE (Immortal Tech - good, Dead Prez - good) while giving jobs to some older west coast rappers (Ren, Kam <-also influenced by PE) and for whichever reason, all this shit is produced by Paris (no homo).

Paris? Why? What happened to Gary G. Whiz? Griff? DJ Johnny Juice? I wont even mention the Bomb Squad nor their weed carriers at this point.

Paris, from what Ive heard from him, has an overreliance on the P-Funk sample. He's not bad per se, he's just not outstanding. And produce the whole album? I don't know. Maybe it can work. We'll see.

Also - I heard some new Mix Master Mike shit. Fuckin good. Nhjic.

Raw Public now has 87 90 99 friends. Be a part of history or become it.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Raw Public RAWKED DA HOUSE [new RP blog post]

Check out the blog post on the Raw Public blog here:

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nas- Stillmatic Review

Macq is back to drop another 4 year old album review on you dumb motherfuckers. A little history, before this album Nas was in a funk. His last two albums were some shit and Jay-z had just killed him twice, once at Summer Jam and again on the classic Blueprint track "The Takeover". People were starting to say Nas had fallen off from his historic first album "Illmatic". This was a very important record because this reaffirmed Nas as one of the greatest mc's in the game and it helped quell the notion that he was finished as an artist.

01. Intro

" A yo the brothers stillmatic/ crawled up outa the grave/ wiping the dirt/ cleaning my shirt/they thought Id make another Illmatic/ but its always forward im moving/ never backwards stupid/ heres another classic. What a way to start the album, couldnt have put it better myself. Nas and Jay-z really set the bar when it comes to intros.

02. Ether

This was Nas's response record to "The Takeover" and its obvious that he did not pull any punches on this one. He had to have called Jay-z gay in this song at least 10 times, now if them aint fightin words I dunno what is, nhjic. So far on this album Nas seems focused. Like he is on a mission.

03. Got yourself a gun

The first single off the album. You can probably tell by the title but this song is like a remix to the theme music from "The Sopranos". This is probably one of the worse songs lyrically on this album, not his words exactly but what he is talking about on the song. The thing is I dont know what hes talking about. Whatever the beat is still bangin', nh.

04. Smokin'

The first real album cut. Nas is playing gangsta' on this song like he has the propensity to do from time to time. The production is just right for this song. Its not overbearing, a soft beat to go with Nas soft, matter of fact way of rhyming on this song. Nas at his worse is alot better than many at their best

05. Your the Man

Our first Large Professor sighting on the album. This is one of my favorite songs of all time, certainly one of the best on the album. The production is simple but genius. A simple violin loop with a rusty swing sound effect. Large Prof. really outdoes himself with this beat. Again another soft song. Nas is almost whispering on this song as his paranoid ass (nh) talks about people trying to knock him from the top.

06. Rewind

Back to back Large Prof. songs. The concept for the song is not neccesarily new but Nas still manages to make it interesting. He tells a story from end to beginning. Even some of his rhymes are said backwards, I admit it took me a couple of listens to get those ones. Its a pretty good song but its less entertaining the second and third time around.

07. One Mic

The second single off the album. This song was produced by Nas. This is also one of the better rap songs I think I have ever heard. This is Nas at his best, street poet. He starts the song off in an almost whisper as the track opens soft (nh) and his voice builds as the track builds. He seems extra motivated on this track as he yells out "the time is now" at the end of each verse.

08. 2nd Childhood

Now this really sounds like oldschool Nas. Again the production is great if not spectacular. It doesnt overshadow Nas on the mic. Which is a good thing on this song because he is really talking on this one. Most of yall can relate to this, you either are a person or know a person who just cant seem to give his youth up. The shit the male and female in this song are doing now when they are 30+ is the same shit they were doing when they were 20. Yea even though I didnt do a great job of explaining it, its still a great song.

09. Destroy and Rebuild

This is Nas's version of the classic KRS record "The Bidge is Over" . I like this song but on the real......Nas is a jackass (nh). Nas disses Cormega, Nature, Prodigy and a couple of other people on this record. Why one might ask? Apparently he is saying they are fake gangstas and traitors. Now forgive if Im wrong but isnt that kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. I dont think Nas ever stood on any block and did the shit he says he did, yet he wants to call other people out for doing that. Great song, Nas is an ass tho (nh). BTW Nas tells Prodigy that he loves him (nh) at the end of this song, Nas=teh ghey?

10. The Flyest (feat. Azz Iz)

One of Nas's weed carriers Azz Iz opens the song up. Hes not too bad, however the drop off in lyrical quality from Nas to him is very apparent.

11. Braveheart Party

Im guessing they thought if the album got to three singles this would have been the third. It really isnt great. The beat is annoying but Nas saves this from being a terrible song. In other words he overcomes the overall corniness of the beat.

12. Rule (feat. Amerie)

This album is getting weaker. This song isnt terrible but it is incredibly corny. Yes i know I just used that word, but i think it describes both songs perfectly. I dont think Amerie (who is from DC) is really right for this song, or any song for that matter. This song sounds alot like If I ruled the world.

13. My Country

Apparently the plan on this album was to stack all the politically driven songs at the end. Unlike the last song Nas actually brings up valid points on his veiws of whats wrong with the system. The weed carrier on this track isnt very good. I think its official, as of right now, Nas has the worst rapping weed carriers in the game.

14. What goes around

After track 12 I was expecting this album to just fall off. However the last track and this one have been on par with the greatness of the earlier tracks on the album. Another political song. But listening to Nas talk about politics isnt like listening to another generic rapper talkin about it (Jadakiss anyone?).

15. Every Ghetto

The beat on this track is real menacing. Another weed carrier, hes alot better than the last two who appeared on the album, I think he said his name was Blitz. Nas closes out the album just as strong as he started it.

Comments: This album started out on fire but near the end I felt like it was slowing down. The last 3 tracks however saved this album from being a complete let down. Nas really stepped up his game from the his two previous albums for this one. "Nas is garbage" no not really no.

Best Songs: Your the Man,Intro, One Mic, 2nd childhood.......actually just dl the whole album

Friday, May 27, 2005

Raw Public in your area, bitch!

This is my new band. It's called Raw Public, and its primarly Thrash-Jazz with Christian rap overtones. Check it out (no homo):

Now accepting groupies or background singers. FEMALES ATTRACTIVE FEMALES ONLY.

Shoutouts to Shredded Paper (Dub/Screamo). No homo.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bust the way that I say this: No Sell Out OR Why HaloScan = the devil OR Why I dont like comments

I see kids with terribly uninteresting shit getting 80+ comments with this HaloScan bullshit. Well, I say: fuck that shit! It's bad enough that I allow idiots to post as anonymous or other on this bullshit, I dont need a comments shit that makes it easy for idiots who cant work out blogger's retarded comments feature.

I know for a fact that people fear Blogger's built-in comments feature like the fuckin plague. So thats what I want. If youre not smart enough to figure out how to comment using blogger, then I dont want your lack of IQ being spread on my blog.

The thought of getting more feedback made me consider getting the bullshit. But im not a sell out like that. Plus who needs feedback? I know I rule. I know I'm right. I dont need you to tell me that.

Also, I dont know if people are aware of this, but HaloScan allows the person to go all Silly Bigots Online + the FCC on comments. And thats too much of temptation to be as bad as those Christian Supremacists.

On a final note, HaloScan fucks up on the IP address all the time. Thats why tonymacq has three different IP adresses, two to places to which he's never been to. And no, it wasnt someone pretending to be him, as it is confirmed that he wrote the shit.

In conclusion, read the title (which is triple named - a new breakthrough provided by the incredible genius)

link of the hour: Baby Jesus, save our souls

I am better than all of you

Why? Cause my shit looks different. Okay, not that different, but its got a gully logo as well as minor edits. My old kanyegate site was much more different. I find that having your blog the same as the template is bad. Boring. No offense, but I've seen a million of blogs that have that little orange thing. So at least get a logo.

Damn. Someone just called looking for the same Asian doctor as always. Although usually I would take it as a compliment that they think that a crafty Asian genius doctor lives here (no homo), it gets tiring when they are calling more than once and asking for a patient's medical record for their murder case. And how do they think that someone like me is working for an Asian (read: crafty genius) doctor?

Caller: I'm looking for doctor Robert Lee.
Me: Yeah....what do you want?
Caller: I'm working for an attorney and I'd like a patient's medical record.
Me: Which patient? What happened to him?
Caller: Just get me doctor Robert Lee.
Me: Oh. Wrong number.

And finally: Watch Star Wars Cartoons Online. No nerd.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Public Enemy - Revolverlution Album Review

1. Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need
This song sounds like its produced by DJ Johnny Juice. Its really good...the beat is sparse, featuring a guitar and some nice percussion. Chuck D's voice is as good as always, and he spits some real nice shit...this has been in the "About Me" section of my profile for a bit a couple weeks ago:

"If y'all missin this, it's like dissin this / See ya uncle Sam pissin on this / He runnin' real low on my shit list / Take 'em all out wit the quickness"

2. Revolverlution
This sounds more sounds like a Prof Griff. Its not as good as GGTPWTN, but its really good follow up.

3. Miuzi Weighs A Ton - (live)
This is a live track from SF with a really impressive performance from DJ Lord (nh), with Chuck and Flav rhyming over it.

4. Put It Up
Unitenresting chorus + rather unintersting beat = skip

5. Can A Woman Make A Man Lose His Mind?
A funky beat, reminiscent of older PE tracks, and it's a Flav solo. Thats all you need to know about this song...its Flav talking about women.

6. PESA #1
Spoken word from Chuck D and Flav, who tell us to "stay in school and stay away from drugs." Although its great that these dudes are spreading a positive message...its not all that entretaining at all.

7. Fight The Power - (live)
Live from Switzerland in 1992. You can feel the energy on this performance (n/h)...good song overall.

8. Silly Techno Remix #1
What the hell is this?

9. Post Concert Arizona - (interview)
From the U2 tour. Its cool to listen to this and what happened after Arizona, but once you hear it once...

10. Son Of A Bush
Fuck yeah. Over a ill guitar and some weird synths (I think it's a Griff beat), Chuck D gets angry and fuckin kills it, attacking Bush:

"Bringin kilos to fill up silos
You probably sniffed piles
Got inmates in Texas scrubbin tiles
That shit is wild...
That shit is wild CIA child

Chuck's intensity cannot be i said, fuck yeah

11. 54321...BOOM
This one's a winner with samples of Chuck going "5", "4", "3", "2", "1", "Boom" on the chorus and a beat that uses a bunch of unidentefiable sounds. Chuck is Chuck. Nhjic.

12. Welcome To The Terrordome - (live)
Another Switzerland performance...the energy that PE brings to its shows is evident, and its really cool to listen to them doing such an incredible song 13 years ago.

13. Silly Techno Remix #2
Fuck this bullshit, no homo.

14. Get Your Sh*t Together
Fuck yeah! This one's another Johnny Juice beat with omnious horns, and Chuck D brings his trademark booming voice and intensity. The lyrics are incredible, for example this memorable quote: "Shit, my flag's always at half-mast." The chorus features some weird vocal samples being scratched and there is a point in which the beat switches up and a synth plays and there is some scratching. Overall, great song.

15. PESA #2
"Don't be a vulpture, know ya culture." Nothing against Black History Month, but you won't listen to this spoken word announcement more than twice.

16. Silly Techno Remix #3
This one's bearable, but not at all good.

17. Now A' Daze
The Minista of Information, Griff rhymes over this beat with bells and a piano sample (?). It's a layered beat, and Griff makes it enjoyable, but I'd rather listen to "Get Your Shit Together".

18. Silly Techno Remix #4
Some dudes from Argentina rap in spanish and mix in vocals from "Public Enemy #1" with their ridonkulous techno beat. What could possibly go wrong?

19. The Making Of Burn Hollywood Burn - (with Big Daddy Kane/Flavor Flav/Chuck D, interview)
The whole phone conversation that was sampled in "Burn Hollywood Burn." Another "interesting once, but I wont listen to it ever again" shit.

20. Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need - (DJ Johnny Juice - Paris Revolverlutionary mix)
A remix of the first track with everything the same aside from a verse from Paris in the middle and some samples to introduce him and then go back to Chuck. Interesting, but the original is better. Btw, Paris is the second most "no homo" name after Fab. Nhjic.

21. What Good Is A Bomb?
Another Griff solo? This one's Professor Griff attempt at Rage Against the Machine, which is weird cause Rage came from the PE sound, not the other way around. Anyways, this song is alright for what it is, that is, rap-rock. I don't know exactly what to think of Professor Griff doing some Zach de la Rocha 8th ocatve yelling amid guitar and turntable solos.

Chuck tried to do something different with this album as a whole. First off, it cut off the middle man, going with and such instead of with major record labels. Second, it attempted to mix up the format of albums, opting for diversity over cohesion. It does work as a half new shit/half live shit, but those silly techno remixes and those Public (Enemy) Service Announcements and phone conversations dont work out as well. Be ready to skip frequently for the really ill shit.

Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars

Sunday, May 22, 2005

What happened to CRU?

So I was setting up some shit for the BDK site, listening to launchcast shit....suddenly "The Ebonic Plague" by CRU came on. I remembered these kids - I had heard a few songs - and I welcomed listening to this. Nhjic.

Anyways, the song was pretty good - including a time during the second verse when I was like "this kid sounds like Ras Kass" and then "shit...this kid is Ras Kass" - which all lead to the obvious question: what the fuck happened to CRU?

Also, being so far out of the emo loop as i am (I know that comes as quite of a shock to many of you), I didnt know EmoBol is the guy from Dashboard Confessional(s). Actually, being so far out of the emo loop, I dont even know if Dashboard Confessional(s) is one pussy or several pussies.

Also - remind me: is the Bryan Adams who put out an album this year the same old one Bryan Adams who made that "So Far, So Good" album?

What the fuck is it with this song I'm hearing with Jay-Z and this bad R&B singer Teairra Marà (i doubt thats how it spelled, but thats how it shows up on my comp)­ called "Make Her Feel Good"? The beat is just Eric B & Rakim's "My Melody" err..melody, played through synthesized bells and sterotypical club rap drums. For whichever reason, it has that drum fill from the Main Ingredient's "California (My Way)" better known as "that little drum thing from Things Done Change."

Final note: Audioslave's new CD is terrible. Dont bother with it.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Don't let those dumb motherfuckers fool you (nhjic)

I am the creator of the "nhjic" the "NH" the "preemptive no homo" and the "no homo site" and all its images. Nhjic.

Why do I reinforce this shit? Cause some dumb motherfuckers were suggesting they came up with some of that shit...bitch please, you must have a mental disease. I am the one innovator of humanity who began all that shit. Dont let those dumb motherfuckers fool you, nhjic.

On another note: I am now going to make it known that I am looking for someone (nhjic) to do something with the ignorant amount of time i put into the beats I made.
I browsed the internets for such peoples, but I havent yet found a response. Ideally, we would be talking about a female around my age around my area.

But that's not gonna happen.

So im goin to lower those expectations.

I want to join an emo band who get reasonable amounts of tang from girls one missed episode of The OC away from suicide. And by "join," I mean, "stand around looking sad on stage with (nhjic)" with the occasional w/c'ing. Do emo bands have w/c's?

Last of all, a pic (no homo):

Yeah, thats Professor Griff third from the left. My favorite part (nh) is that Space Ghost is wearing a clock around his neck Flav-style. I also find it funny that Birdman has a suit with a mask and wings.

Terminator X is a wrestling superstar in Italy.

Also, google is perverted. For example, search for "rap chatroom" and you'll get this result:

"As she has no rap chatroom, he moves his fingers between her live german tv home cam girls and slowly introduces them into her vagina. ... "

Say what?!?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My conversation with an idiot

**A random Cameron Giles (n/h) fan IMed me (nh), probably as a response to this post **
BBJCUMM: leave cam alone or something might happen 1st worning
djxplicit09: excuse me?
djxplicit09: what is a "worning", exactly?
BBJCUMM: bye dont mess with her [note: notice the "her"]
djxplicit09: well, what exactly do you intend to do to me and why?
BBJCUMM: dont worry dont bother her any more [note: notice the "her"]
djxplicit09: you know as well as i do you cant do anything to me
djxplicit09: dont try this e-thug shit on me
djxplicit09: you dont know me
BBJCUMM: i have contacts every where
djxplicit09: i dont give a shit if youre the CIA
djxplicit09: like i said, dont try this e-thug shit on me
BBJCUMM: fuck you you wanne be thug you cant even drive a car i bet
djxplicit09: i know you like to think youre going to call jim jones to come beat me down for calling camron gay, but thats not happening
djxplicit09: simply put, i dont want to hear none of these empty threats
BBJCUMM: fuck you you loser
djxplicit09: fuck it, nh. its late. all that happened is that i dont like retarded "music" and i made it known. if that offends your friends, sorry. i know some people enjoy idiotic music. so whatever, i wont bring any logic to anyone of your friends again, and you wont come at me with those little threats over the internet, cause thats just sad

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Impending Hiatus

Well, my computer still hasnt been fixed, and this laptop that ive been borrowing will probably be returned in a few days. I will take a general hiatus, but, dont worry, there still will be posts up. I can still update and my team members (no homo for 1 of them) can still contribute.

So you dumb motherfuckers wont have to take a break from knowing.

On a related note, what do I do to erase evidence of me downloading P2P programs, going to websites with questionable content, etc? I of course deleted history, cookies, internet files. Anything else?

Justo Funeral Fund

I got the alert of Justo's passing a few days back. I don't really got much to say about that guy, I really don't know that much about him.

However, I will post this message I got for anybody who wants to contribute to his funeral:

DJ Kay Slay, one of Justo’s closest friends, has appointed Nelson Taboada of Shady Records/Interscope as the official point person for the fund, all of which will be turned over to Justo’s mother to help cover funeral costs, and give his son something to help the family get through this hard time. A receipt with the donator’s name and telephone number will be given to each person contributing and each will hear from Justo’s mother personally as she reaches out to thank all who have given. Nelson can be reached at (646) 234.6032 or for pledges or more information.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Public Enemy's alleged anti-semitism

I keep hearing a charge of anti-semitism against one of my favorite groups, Public Enemy. That sounds ridiculous just cause a Jew, Rick Rubin, signed them (Russell Simmons didn't believe in it) and executively produced their two first albums. But, now, if they are really anti-semites, why do they just say so? You'll never hear their side of the story.

Sez Griff:
"I can't even sit here...and look you in the face and say what you heard on that tape is actually what I said. I would have to hear that tape, cause like I said, you probably dont have the same tape that I have. I say that on the tape that you heard on the tape you got from David Mills"

Sez Interviewer: "So you didnt say that?"
Sez Griff: "No, definitely not. To say that the majority of Jews are wicked? That's crazy. Really, really crazy."

Sez Griff:
"White guy walks up to me, and basically asks me, did I want to make any comments, any statements on Jews and I was like... 'Nah!' Next morning...there in the paper...Chuck was furious...and I told him straight up...'why should I lie to you? I didnt say anything to this guy!' But Chuck didnt believe me...I was out."

Sez Chuck:
"[Griff] is going thorugh a delvelopment of reconcilatory action...because they dont represent the views of Public Enemy...and Rabbi Cooper, you know so."

Sez Chuck:
"In Schindler’s List, Spielberg was talking about the pain of what he visualized in his people, and I’d just say for me as a black man artist in the music industry, the pain I visualized was ‘Swindler’s Lust’. The swindle of the music industry has really been one-sided when it comes to black artists, especially in HipHop. People have taken it as an attack on ‘Schindler’s List’, like it’s me saying Jewish people run the music industry, which I think is stupid and I wouldn’t say it. But I would say that everybody had their piece of taking the soul out of black folks and turning us into jokes, even black people themselves. Anybody can be a swindler. People might say, ‘How could Chuck D play around with Spielberg’s creation?’ But I’m like, ‘Why the fuck not? He’s not God!’"

One last thing:
"More Dollars more cents for the big six/another million led to bled claimin’ innocence"
From "Swindlers Lust". The big six are the six big record companies in a million dollars business. EMI, CBS, Warner Bross, Universal, Columbia and Polygram.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Clipse - Lord Willin' Review

You may be asking yourself, why is Macq doing a review about an album that is 3 yrs old by a group who hasnt realeased an LP since. My answer to that is, cus I can bitches. But on a serious note all of these punk rock posts about bands that Ive never heard of not only on this site but also at The Mindset HQ have been kinda, well, uninteresting to me. So lets get back to reviewing bad hip hop albums.

01. Intro

Not a bad start. Malice or Pusha T (they sound alot alike) starts things off by telling us how prolific he is/was in the dope game. Pusha T or Malice then tells us that his grandmother was also a dealer. I have a feeling this may be a recurring theme throughout this LP. The beat is pretty good. Drums and a drippy faucet sound effect. Basic shit for an intro.

02. Young Boy

This is my problem with the Neptunes. Alot of their shit sounds the same. This song not only sounds like that song off of Jadakiss's album (Hot Sauce to go) but it also sounds like another song on this same album. That being said, I liked the beat on Jada's album and I like it here. Again Malice tells us that his Grandmother was a dealer. Im starting to believe him.

03. Virginia

This is the first song on the album that forces the Clipse to carry the song. Incredibly simple four or five note keyboard and drum combination. Lyrically this album so far is something we have all heard before. But Clipse are pretty good rappers. That is they dont suck, they can flow. If they could ever expand their repertoire then they would be real good. BTW I live about 20 mins from Virginia, VA= not that gully.

04. Grindin

This is what we all came here to hear. This was a great song 3 yrs ago, its even better now. Again with the drippy faucet sound effect, but the percussion on this song is straight old school. Another un-flashy, un-Neptune like beat accentuates Clipse well. The subject matter has not changed but lyrically they brought the heat on this track (nh).

05. Cot Damn (feat Ab Liva and Roscoe P. Coldchain.)

Back to back singles. Again I like this song even better 3 years later. This and Grindin are polar opposites. But again Pusha and Malice bring the heat. (Malice) You thought I was a rapper huh/Well that makes me an actor/ cus I would rather clap a gun . I think Roscoe P. Coldchain could be something good with the right production. Even though he only rhymes his words maybe once every 3 bars hes still pretty good.

06. Ma, I Don't Love Her (feat Faith Evans)

Back to back to back singles. You would think the obligatory girl song on this album would not consist of anything to do with guns, drugs, violence, or any combination of the three. Yet amazingly the Clipse pull it off (nh). And on the last verse Malice tells the girl he is trying to convince that he is not cheating that even if he did cheat on her, he did not love or even like the girl he cheated with. Why cant I find girls who would believe that?

07. Famlay Freestyle

One of the Neptunes weedcarriers spits a "freestyle" over a pretty good beat. Yea I really dont care about what he is saying. He is talking about shooting me and slitting my throat and killin my mom and shit and I aint really down with any weed carrier threatening me. Btw the Clipse shoulda kept this beat for themselves.

08. Whens the Last Time

Yay another single! This album is about halfway done and Im getting bored. Wtf is this song. THIS is the Neptunes. Very corny sounding, stupid club song. Im not going to hate on the production per se, but this song does not fit anywhere on this album. I understand that the Clipse needed a club hit but this just sounds too out of place.Btw Malice kills on the last part of the last verse.

09. Ego

Umm I think the Clipse have gotten bored themselves. LOL I dont think they even tried with this song. The production sounds like some HBCU's marching band. Not very inventive or good for that mattter. And this song is missing alot of No Homo's. The good thing about this song is that its under 3 minutes.

10. Comedy Central (feat. Fabolous)

When I saw feat. Fabolous I probably had the same reaction you are having now. Your finger is itching for the skip button. But the Neptunes really outdid themselves with this beat. Malice (I think) starts off the song with alot of energy and apparently that rubs off (no homo) on Fabolous's usually lethargic style. This is one of the very few songs that Fabolous does not sound like a (more) retarded version of Ma$e. This album has too much filler btw, these stupid skits or whatever at the ends of these songs are annoying.

11. Lets Talk about it (feat. Jermaine Dupree)

Unlike on the previous song, your instincts will be right on this one. Jermaine Dupree may be the most annoying midget ever. Someone needs to tell him he cant rap/ produce and he shouldnt even try unless he has Jay-z ghost writing for him or Biggie Smalls rapping over one of his remixes. I cant finish listening to this one so im skipping it.

12. Gangsta Lean

I like this one. Pharell opens the first 60 seconds of the song "singing". Usually that type of shit will get yo ass skipped (nh) but this beat isnt bad. I havent heard it anywhere else, which is always a good thing when talking about the Neptunes. Ive just realized that I have talked about the Neptunes or the Clipse guests more then I have the Clipse. Again I like the Clipse (no homo) but they really need to expand their lyrical content. This one is about a girl btw.

13. Im not you (feat. Jadakiss, Styles P., Roscoe P. Coldchain)

I had high hopes for this one. I like all the guests on this joint so why wouldnt I be optimistic about it. It didnt dissapoint (i know yea you thought i was gonna say somethin different, well i hafta entertain myself somehow, bitches). Yea umm whatever. I can see why Bol only does three lines for each song.

14. Grindin Remix (feat. Nore, Baby, Lil Wayne)

Yea this is pretty bad. Nore, Baby, and Lil Wayne are three of the worst rappers ever, so having them all on the same track is not a good idea. Nore can never seem to find the beat, Baby just doesnt have any talent, and Lil Wayne (who has potential btw nh) is pretty meh.

15. The OTHER Grindin Remix (Selector Remix)

Just what this album needed, more filler!! Sean Paul is on this track, no im not joking. And guess what hes talking about! Well I dont really know cus I dont understand him but I heard something about gun powder and yayo.......again Im not joking. There is another Dance Hall artists on here that i dont know, and Im pretty sure I just heard him say something about licking a guys head (nh), I wish to god I was joking. Skip!!!

Comments: Well I got bored halfway through this shit, there were a couple of songs at the end that saved me from tossing this cd out the window and just winging the rest of the review. I hope the Clipse take these 3 years off to find something else to talk about, they are too talented to be this boring.

Best Tracks: Grindin, Cot Damn, Comedy Central, Gangsta Lean

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Friday, May 13, 2005

Thievin DAWG's

note: This was written by CMB, who is my new favorite person who's ancestors don't come from Sri Lanka.

I know DAWG usually stands for Dumb Ass White Girls or some such nonsense, but these three women came into the restaurant I work at, calling themselves Women of God, so Dumb Ass Women of God it is. Now three ladies came in just as we were closing yesterday, trying to be cheap as hell. Anyways they had a little boy with them, and instead of ordering everyone something to eat or drink, they want to split one BBQ tray between the 3.5 of them.

A BBQ tray is 4.10 and it comes with slaw and hush puppies. Now a BBQ platter is 4.99 and comes with your choice of 2 vegetables. They don't want the BBQ platter because it costs 89 cent more. They want the BBQ tray, but they want to change the slaw and hush puppies to two different vegetables. Now everyone reading this should know by now that what they wanted was a BBQ platter, they just didn't want to pay the difference. And being the cheap DAWGs that they were, they wanted to share two cups of water.

Okay, water is 25 cents, but they wait until I ring it up so that they don't have to pay. I didn't say shit I just let them have it because I didn't want to go through the hassle of explaining this to them or having to ring up anything else. then one woman comes back and asks if she can get a small cup of water for the little boy who is sitting at the table talking about how great she is for getting him a cup of water. So I say I don't care, and she proceeds to fill the cup up with water.

Because we are closing and I'm trying to get shit done so I can go home, I went to the back to get some more ketchup, and as soon as I got back I see this DAWG pouring out the water as fast as she can and refilling it with sprite, because as we all know, sprite is clear and it is the only soda you can steal and call it water. I just sat there and watched those hypocrites. I wanted so badly to call her out and embarass the shit out of her, but I knew my boss would get on me. HOW CHEAP CAN YOU BE? Damn, I mean I would have gave them the hookup, especially for the little boy, but don't be so crude as to come into my place of business trying to preach to me and talk me into coming to your church; then when I turn my back you're stealing a 75 cent cup of sprite! She's lucky, because I'm big on karma, so the next time I'm probably at McDonalds or wherever, and I'm stealing my complimentary cup of sprite, I should be safe.

On a totally unrelated note (by djxplicit): Shoutouts to the BJB again, nhjic. They mentioned this site, nhjic, and that is the kind of accomplishment you tell your grand children.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I found the second Internet!

The term "internets" was used by George W. Bush to correctly refer to the two existing internets: internet and internet2. Internet2 is used by educational institutions for high-bandwith data transfers where as the first internet -- the one usually used by the average person -- is best-known for its hypertext protocol. Ignorant media made fun of Bush for using the plural of internet not realizing that the joke was on them. They should have done more research by visiting

Yeeeeahhh boyeee!

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Album Review

How come we don't see more bands with one asian and one black guy? What the hell is the asian one doing, btw?

01. Like Eating Glass
The asian guy might look nerdy, but DAMN, can that motherfucker drum. The chinaman does = the drummer, right? Also, isnt the black guy sterotypically the bassist or the drummer, and not the lead singer? All racism aside, this song is great.

02. Helicopter
Thats a fucking memorable riff, and the drummer is ridiculous again. The black guy, who sounds like a white guy...i dont really love (nh) his voice. This song has some extremely precise stops and starts, and, like Bol said, almost suspiciously too precise.

03. Positive Tension
Which leads me to the question: What exactly does the nerdy, thin cracka play? Bass? Anyone who knows, feel free to tell me in the comments. Dont tell me their names, refer to them strictly as "the chinaman" and "the nerdy cracka-ass cracka," and so on.

04. Banquet
This is the lead single, with those epic choruses. Some incredible drumming, again. Also, all the songs have a few random electronic effects. Is that what the nerdy cracka is doing?

05. Blue Light
One of the mellower songs, not much new to say. I like the singing (nhjic) here more than the usual wailing.

06. She’s Hearing Voices
The asian dude gets angry on this one, and the snare is noticeably harder. Everything else, especially the singing = meh..

07. This Modern Love
Another mellow-ed out song. The drumming is still excellent, if less prominent. There's bells insteads of weird techno effects. On a different note, when did the black guy develop a British accent? Or is the non-nerdy cracka decide to sing on this one? Yeah, thats it.

08. Pioneers
The song starts with one guitar, then another, then the singer comes in, and of course the chinaman on the drums performs great (nh, nr) and then the bass, and it all builds into the chorus. Pretty good.

09. Price of Gas
The british dude sings on this one. I like the bass, and how they ocassionally have this little clap deal when some other dude sings. I've heard better than this, however.

10. So Here We Are
Its another mellowed out song. At first listen, I didn't like it so much. But its grown on me (n/h.) Its actually one of the best songs, i think.

11. Luno
This one of the faster songs. The drums are good, but not as outstanding as other songs, altho then he goes insane and plays 8 million shits at the same time. That asian dude needs a solo album or something. The song as a whole fails to impress all that much.

12. Plans
Another mellow song with some pretty nice shit, but there's better songs. Not bad at all, tho. I swear they jacked those synthesizers from DJ Quik.

13. Compliments
This song starts with really soft shit and then you notice the drums are not made by an asian guy having a seizure on the drums but by a drum machine. I didnt bother with this song after two guys sung all soft.But then I skipped ahead and I found my favorite oriental friend (n/h) on the drums, so I went back and listened to the whole song. He's not having a seizure on this one, he plays pretty regularly. A good song, but without the asian guy spazing out.

14 (and on). Silly Techno Remixes
Dont bother

This album is good. Some of the songs arent that great but have strong parts to it (usually the drummer, who I'm convinced is the Asian one), which makes even the weaker tracks rewarding (nhjic) in some way. I think this might be their "Can I Borrow a Dollar?" before their "Ressurection."

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Stars

Someone tell Flavor Flav to go listen to "She Watch Channel Zero"

Especially what he says at the beggining and ending:

"You're blind baby, you're blind from the facts on who ya are cause youre watchin that garbage"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Rise Against - Siren Song of the Counter Culture Album Review

How come punk bands are, 9 times out of 10, some ugly, nerdy-looking or dirty-looking crackas? Anyways, on with the review. This review will be considerably shorter and more "Bol-style" (nhjic) than my style.

1. State of the Union
If I had to make a comparison, it'd be to Anthrax. And considering that bands like Simple Plan sound more like the motherfuckin Backstreet Boys these days, that's a good thing.

2. First Drop
One thing you'll notice is good drumming, and some real good picked bass. Also the singer does singing and screaming equally as well. While the last one was near-metal, this one is more punk-ish.

3. Life Less Frightening
Unlike several emo bands, these dudes dont fuck around (nh) with all this pussy "lost love" bullshit. Seriously, emo sucks.

4. Paper Wings
Okay, I dont like this. This sounds like... motherfuckin Simple Plan except faster and with better musicians and a grittier singer. Skip.

5. Blood to Bleed
This is OK, but not exactly my shit. This one is more of a personal than a political song, and it tends to blend into the background a bit.

6. To Them These Streets Belong
See...this is what punk-rock is supposed to be about. Not for the timid. Not self-indulgent or whiny. It is brash, it is frequently political and it is hardcore-influenced. Fuck all this Good Charlotte bullshit, no homo. This song isnt as good as others tho.

7. Tip the Scales
Fuck yeah. This is another song that embodies the punk genre not only musically but in attitude and subject matter and so on.

8. Anywhere But Here
This one's fast, but not particularly all that good. The starts-and-stops are nice tho. Nhjic.

9. Give It All
This has one of those anthemic choruses that I don't know whether to like (nh) or hate. The verses I like more, however. No homo.

10. Dancing for Rain
This is actually the first song I heard. It starts with acoustic guitars, pretty mellow...and then youre hit with hardcore punk-rock and it's like "fuck yeah!" A little history: the bassist used to be with 88 Fingers Louie. 88FL used to be with those Fat Wreck Chords people, and they were not too special, at least in my opinion. But I do like how he plays on this song, no homo.

11. Swing Life Away
When the fuck did this become John Mayer? I blame it on Kanye West. Oh, and Jay-Z.

12. Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
This is the longest (4:16) song, and this is middle tempo for punk music. The lyrics are good if lacking a general theme, and the bridge is done well. Overall, great closer.

Overall, this shit is good. It's not better than Revolutions Per Minute (great title, btw) but it is an album in which the good greatly outweighs the bad. It's alot of back-to-basics but also alot of expanding on it. In that way, it compares to, say, Nas's "Stillmatic." Are tall Israelis and quasi-homosexuals runnin this punk shit, btw? Cause I don't know how to make a joke about downloading the CD without that knowledge. Nhjic.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

Also, my next review will be either Showbiz & A.G.'s "Runaway Slave" or Bloc Party's "Silent Alarm."

Where have all your manners gone, ladies?

In possibly the gulliest idea for a blog, Davie Vegas of the Blowjob Blog explains how swallowing is good, and the polite thing to do. He also says its environmentally friendly. Sez he:

Swallowing is the ultimate form of enviromentally-friendly recycling.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ras Kass - Soul On Ice Album Review

Okay. this is a review for what I think is one of the most criminally overlooked albums ever. Watch out for me reviewing a chicago hardcore punk rock. Isnt most good hardcore punk from Chicago? Anyways.

01 On Earth As It Is... 5 Stars
The album starts off with a deep, dark beat. There are some eerie sounds mixed with hard drums. Ras Kass drops a battle-type rap. The song is loaded with biblical and religious references and punchlines and metaphors:

"The hip-hop martyr who sacrificed and gave my life
But got "4Pac", so I'm livin the "Thug-Life" in the afterlife
Then I be walking through the pearly gates
with an infared scope ten millimeter heater
Cuz if my name ain't in the "Book of Life" I'm snuffing St. Peter
Drinking the blood of Jesus Christ and p*ssing holy water
no QUESTION who can come cleaner
M-P-C plus M-I-C equals holy B-I-B-L-E to me
Matrimony is getting head but I refuse to break bread
with Jezebels, my management already gets twenty percent
so f*ck tieing, go to Hell... I'd rather continue backsliding
You're not from the tribe of Judah, so why you lying?
Come watch the Zion, I'm signifying
the next sh*t to wreck sh*t and see the Exodus

02 Anything Goes 5 Stars
Masterpiece. The beat uses low violins, vocal effects, a melodically deep bassline and a loud clap. Ras talks about how all the people do everything for money. He says "Capitalism is pimps and hoes / In ninety-six I 'spose anything goes"

03 Marinatin’ 5 Stars
This song is a west-coast party, Ras Kass-style. The beat is jazzy and G-Funk influenced track, with flutes, slowed down pianos some synth effects. Ras Kass drops some really cool wordplay, for example:
"She free like Mandela, she bringin a box of Philly pantellas
Acapellas, I game like Lou Pinella, made sure to tell her
"Chips like the MGM casino"
"I get around like Dolby Pro Logic"
"So let the front door hit you where Ru Paul probably might"

04 Reelyishymn 5 Stars
The beat uses a heavily processed horn sample, a jazz bassline, a high pitched string, and violins. The chorus is old school R&B-influenced, while the lyrics are ridiculously good. This song is mostly summed up by one of my favorite quotes:

"Make a radio hit - headz criticize it;
Underground classic - nobody buys it:
So, rap is f*cked
And everything blowing up sounds redundant
But money talks and bullsh*t does 9 flat in the hundred

I could quote the entire song, but here is a another writing sample for your reading pleasure, nhjic"

"My syntax hydroplanes as though my brain
Slides over liquidated grains of asphault caught cranial calluses
Over analysis leads to paralysis, mediocrity my nemesis
Try to f*ck every radical feminist I meet, call it engage and defeat
That's the reason why black men hide in the womb, homes
Cuz life is all taxes and tombstones
So as flesh and bone I zone my thoughts explode with rap shranel syntax;
That'll wax to the past, and present the future of Ras Kass lies in the
Like the coronal suture
So I write truly fat sh*t for the core audience
But sometimes I wonder does it really exist?
Cuz true lyricists in hip-hop Joe Public be dissin
N*ggas don't relate
Elevate and its treated like elevator music
Cuz' n*ggas don't listen
But ridicle is the burden of genius
Have you ever seen this socioeconomic gullitine rip?
A n*gga's hopes and dreams
And now I'm lead to believe that life is all about CREAM
I'm living a life idealistically principle over profit
But realistically good intentions are microscopic to fat pockets
Exploitation is world's oldest occupation

05 Nature of the Threat 5 Stars
Depending on who you ask, this is either the most incredible culmination of lyrcism in hip-hop or a racist piece of filth. What it can't be, however, is ignored. From a musical standpoint only, Ras comes with the basics and the haunting beat provides a great backdrop. An 8 minute epic.

06 Etc. 5 Stars
Another beat that isnt flashy, but it allows Ras to fucking murder the track again. The beat is funky, and it switches up a bit, and there is a lot of vocal samples. Check for example, the alliteration:

"Y'all all suffer the consequences
I dispense dope sentences without a prescription
prefixes asphyxiate b*tches who flips linguistics
Representin the West, relevant to relentless sentences
If renegade rebels resent this wicked syntax (then jack)
Revert to revolution Ras reverse, reverberates
Revolvin with written retalliation, rate repetitious
Reflex flex, regret n*ggaz regress to less than recoup
When recording, I wreck, records
Reflect stupid, it's so much more than just another rap and sample
Cause I model more styles than Naomi Campbell
See we been burning idiots with lyrical syphillis
Since E.S.T. was Ackniculous, the nickle slick meticulous
ventriloquist when I throws my voice over the Western HemisFear
While my peers step over a Trail of Tears

or how he just tears it up:
"So bulletproof fists is the only way I'm gone miss, but peep this
My mental's the bullet, my tongue's the finger that pull it
Check the method, soundtrack voodoo uh and bamboo like strapped
Come better you, oh, sorry, verbal dyslexia...
You better come strapped like bamboo and a voodoo soundtrack
And make sure not even one bar sounds wack (b*tch)

07 Sonset 5 Stars
This album was recorded in the East Coast-West Coast thing, and this song is not an Eastcoast diss, but it's more of standing up for where he's from. Ras mocks New York's superiority complex. The background beat is simple, yet haunting. The lyrics...damn. Again, too much to quote, but here's a sample:

"Geographic prejudice against increments of incredulos legislature
Pschologically, I masturbate with the hands of fate
So bust nuts on Mother Nature coming on your landscape
If nuttin' else here's all you need to remember
LLA'Y LLA KCUF for all you backwards n*ggas

Dem gwan front like Rosa Parks
But them marks is broke wristed (b*tch)
You got superiority complex
Based on old statisitics, now listen
Respect due to the pioneers
But what you burrogh did in 83'
Is ancient history brah'
So why these n*ggas actin' like
Since they live in the state
That rap originates
They automatically, all-time greats?
It takes classic material to make phat shit
Not proof of New York residence and an accent
Fundamentally is the ability to smother suckas
So if rap was born to another then that makes me your motha's fucka

08 Drama f/ Coolio 3 1/2 Stars
Coolio is a questionable guest appearence. However, Ras kills the shit. The beat is bouncy, and Ras Kass spits some truly memorable lines:

"Cause when I was lackin, b*tches made me want to roll over and die
So now I lie, cause b*tches are like flies {why?}
They attract to the best sh*t {oh!}
You gotta play Max Julian's role unless you plan on being celibate
Cause b*tches want the money clip and whatever d*ck that comes with it
{The b*tch} saw me in the Lex and didn't know it came from Avis
Now she's on the Tip like my name was John Davis

Really, it takes a pop culture encyclopedia sometimes to catch all the metaphors and all the word play (i.e. Tip/John Davis.) However, this is not as good as the other songs.

09 The Evil That Men Do 5 Stars
Fuckin awesome. The beat uses thumping drums and a deep basslines as well as a great synth effect. Ras raps about the evil that corrupts men, and its an introspective masterpiece:

"In eighty-one I remember the night
I covered myself with baby powder, so my black ass could be light
Cause God is white, and Bo Derek is a ten
I hate my black skin, it's just a sin to be a n*gga

The second verse is about how he himself does the evil. He talks about how he ends up having a child and going to prison, and concludes:

"I'm lookin at myself and seein every other n*gga I knew
It's the evil that men do

10 If/Then 4 1/2 Stars
This beat is only midly amusing. However, it's main use of flutes fits the mood of the song, and Ras Kass absoultely murders the shit with a Canibus-style battle rap. There's too much to quote. Ras references everything from Wu-Tang to acryllic nails to Lamaze breathing techniques to Hershey's kisses. Incredible.

11 Miami Life 4 1/2 Stars
This is a pro-Miami song, talking about his life in Miami. The beat is simple enough, with synthesized flutes and vocals and a siren. Ras drops incredible amount of metaphors and similies, and here is a small sample:
"Walk these streets with more Heat than Alonzo Mourning"
"I'm on a roll like toilet tissue"
"I never been seen like the Loch Ness"

and so on.

12 Soul On Ice [Diamond D Remix] 5 Stars
This is the title track, remixed by the legendary Diamond D. The beat is great, using synth pianos, violins, and the like. Ras Kass raps in a "Public Enemy style" but of course in his style, more heavy on wordplay and metaphors and the like. Again, too much to quote. Here's a real short sample:

"Tiger Woods ain't even up to par in the game of survival
That's why I'm pissin' in y'all Cristal bottles
Drink Listerine brush my teeth with amphetamine
So I can sound fresh and say dope things in between

13 Ordo Abchao (Order Out of Chaos) 5 Stars
The end track can be seen as the follow-up to "Nature of the Threat." The introduction to the song is a thumping and haunting drum beat, until a horn, piano keys, chimes, hard bass, and some background vocals, which provide the backdrop for the rest of the track. Ras raps mostly about the Illuminati and shit. For example:

"It only takes a trigger and 12.98 plus tax to potentially murder 50 n*ggas
So motherf*ckers better duck like Daffy
Cause nowadays the average n*gga think they Butch Cassidy
And the Sundance Kid, doin' bids with no remorse
It's almost methodical, education is false assimulation

Also, some quotables: "Most of us n*ggas wanna be pimps but Uncle Sam really pimpin' them," but one of my favorite quotes ever:

"The planet revolves, supposedly, man evolves
But no promblem is solved, cause man is the cause

Fucking classic.

The album is one of the most lyrically intense in history. The biggest complaint is that the beats can't match Ras Kass sonically. However, even tho some of the beats are a little pedestrian, they fit the overall theme of the song and complement Ras Kass. Whereas more flashy production mightve tried to compete for your attention, these beats provide a backdrop so that you focus your attention on the album's strongest point: lyricism.

Final rating: 5 Stars out of 5

Friday, May 06, 2005

DAWG the racist

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
My Definition of a DAWG (on

I know I might be overdoing it with the DAWG posts, but this one is worth mentioning.
This concerns DAWG #2, the one who called me a crackhead. This is how it went:

Sez person: Does slavery affect our current world?
Sez DAWG: Yes. Well. No.
Sez DAWG: Well it doesn't, but I know that all black people will blame everything. And they'll make comments about racism existing, but it has nothing to do with anything.

This, mind you, coming from a female who suggested women should get paid 20% more by law to make up for lost wages when women made 20% less.

But the more blatant sign of racism was this. She was talking to this very obviously hispanic-looking guy, and I just happened to be around. For whichever reason, she asked what his parents did.

Sez DAWG: What do your parents do?
Sez Hispanic guy: They own a clothing store in Virgina.
Sez DAWG (clearly confused:) So....are you adopted, or something?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

10 Best Hip Hop Albums Ever

Since appearently its everybody's motherfuckin job to do this post, i will too, since im a follower like that. Nhjic.

What MTV sez...

1. Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full
2. Nas - Illmatic
3. Dr. Dre - The Chronic
4. Notorious BIG - Ready to Die

Though I dont necessarily agree with those being the top 4 picks, those are good picks. I can certainly respect them.

5. Run-DMC - Raising Hell
Fuck the hataz, no homo. This was influential and good. I find this pick about as reasonable as putting Makaveli here. Maybe even more.

6. Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
Not that it wasn't good, but it is not top 10. #6 is just way to high

7. NWA - Efil4ziggan (Am I the only one who spells this shit right?)
Straight Outta Compton is a better album, and I wouldn't put that in the top 10 anyways.

8. Ice Cube - Death Certificate
Solid pick, but I wouldnt put it up here.

9. Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory
This is not even my favorite Tupac album. No. I hate to say it again: Great album, but this is a top 10 all time list.

10. Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
That took them a while. 10 is way too low.

What I say:

My list, in no particular order

01. Eric B. & Rakim - "Paid In Full"
02. Nas - "Illmatic"
03. Public Enemy - "Nation of Millions"
04. Notorious B.I.G. - "Ready to Die"
05. Dr. Dre - "The Chronic"
06. BDP - "Criminal Minded"
07. Wu-Tang - "36 Chambers"
08. De La Soul - "3 Feet High & Rising"
09. ATCQ - "The Low End Theory"
10. Beasties - "License to Ill"
11. BDK - "Long Live the Kane"
12. EPMD - "Strictly Business"

Honorable Mentions:
Mobb Deep - "The Infamous"
NWA - "Straight Outta Compton"
2Pac - "Me Against the World"
GangStarr - "Daily Operation"
Run-D.M.C. - "Raising Hell"
Ice Cube - "Death Certificate"
The Pharcyde - "Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde"
Mos Def - "Black On Both Sides"
Jay-Z - "Reasonable Doubt"
Slick Rick - "Great Adventures of"
Blackstar - "Mos Def & Talib Kweli are..."
Big L - "Livestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous"
Outkast - "Aquemini"
Cypress Hill - "Cypress Hill"
Ultramagnetic MC's - "Critical Beatdown"
Common Sense - "Ressurection"
Ras Kass - "Soul On Ice"
Jeru the Damaja - "The Sun Rises In The East"
Snoop Dogg - "Doggystyle"
Main Source - "Breaking Atoms"
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "Road To The Riches"
Genius / GZA - "Liquid Swords"
Raekwon the Chef - "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..."
Geto Boys - "We Can't Be Stopped"
The Roots - "Illadelph Halflife"
Public Enemy - "Fear of a Black Planet"
De La Soul - "De La Soul Is Dead"
ATCQ - "Midnight Marauders"
...Buncha other shit..

Mr. T sez: "No Homo"

Happy no homo day. No homo. This is my second of the posts surronding the event.

Mr. T is No Homo Day's unofficial spokesman. Why? Mutual respect, no homo. Mr. T is probably not only one of the gulliest people alive, but one of the illest DJ's the world has seen.

As part of NHD, here is what Mr. T did.


Fuck Cameron Giles (no homo x2)

Happy no homo day! No homo.
This should be my first of the posts for no homo day.

I wanna talk about (no homo) this fake-ass clown, Cameron Giles. I bought his CD "Come Home With Me" (no homo) for 99 cents. I did this because of 3 reasons:
1) It was 99 Cents
2) It had Daz Dillinger, Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z
3) Just Blaze produced a few songs

Basically, for 99 cents, it was amusing, no homo. Some of the beats were crazy, some sucked, no homo. The guest appearences were basically what I expected them to be. The worst part, however, was Cameron's total inability to rap. He rarely made sense, and when he did, he did sucked even worse than his weed carrier, Juelz Santana. And Juelz is pretty much what you would expect a weed carrier's weed carrier to sound like.

One of the main knocks against him, nhjic, is how blatantly teh ghey he is. But I won't even get into that. NO HOMO. I think this picture best sums up my argument:

Cameron Giles and the love of his life.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Picking the date = Not obssesive, space-age science

People are asking me how i picked the date, for No Homo Day. I said its cause it marked the 1 year anniversary of the first time "no homo" was used over at the BC dot C.

And people misunderstood this as that I went through every single post and comment since the beggining, scanning carefully for the phrase.

NO, YOU DUMB BITCHES. All i did was pick a month, search through the entire month using Ctrl+F ("Find" feature.) Takes less than a minute. Try it for yourself.

Go here:
Press: Ctrl+F
Type in: no homo
Press: Enter


Monday, May 02, 2005

May 5: National No Homo Day

I, as one of the innovators and one of the most highly respected (no homo) theolgans on the studies of "no homo"-ism, nhjic, have declared this coming May 5 as "National No Homo Day."

This is the following e-mail that I sent (n/h) another well-respected mind in the field, which provides the details, no homo.

From: "Djxplicit"
Subject: national no homo day, no homo
To: "Byron Crawford"

may 5. the anniversary of the first time that "no homo" was said in the bc dot c.

i already got bloggystyle involved, no homo. johnny reminded me it was cinco de mayo as well. maybe we can do a joint HBA/no homo deal here, no homo. maybe not.

no homo related shit:
1. do you have any idea were i can get non-teh ghey hosting for (since angelfire puts teh ghey banner ads on the site)? no homo.

2. im tryin to introduce the latest in no-homo technlogy: "the preemptive no homo." you use it when you said something that, in itself, is not teh ghey, but it will probably lead to teh ghey situations. for example, if you interview usher, no homo:

"so what did you do in p. diddy's house? PREEMPTIVE NO HOMO"

I know that pulling off a nation-wide holiday in 4 days might not work out that well. However, I suggest that bloggers, news journalist, message board peoples, etc. write about it both before and during the day. Possible suggestions for celebration for men, no homo, is anything manly; probably a sport, eating some sort of meat (NO HOMO), drinking beer, etc, etc. For women, its just making yourself available, if you know what I mean.

Also, read what Bol Guevara has to say about this, no homo (essentially a response to the e-mail, nhjic.)

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Quote of the day

They will have back-alley abortions. They will insert sharp objects like coat hangers into their uteruses. And they will douche with toxic chemicals like lye or Clorox.


I'm a thief

All of this last 8 days, I've been stealing. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but on all the posts since last friday or so have been been biting (no homo) my mentor (nhjic) Doc Savage. I thought it was pretty fuckin obvious, but no one commented on it. Not even Doc himself, who I told I was going to do this bullshit, no homo. How did it happen? I was bored, and I felt that I had to make a post, so I thought:

"Hard to have an original idea. Brain hurts. Must steal."

So I took a little off of his site. This first bite, no homo, gave me inspiration for a classic post. In short, if you lie, you steal, and I'm pretty sure that if you steal, you lie.