Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bill Cosby.....He Done F#*ked UP

Now.....I know some of you might say.....Man Heathcliff Huxtable ain't no pervert!!!!Some might say.....Ghost Dad did'nt drug and rape no ho!!!!! those of you that are in denial.....I say're probably right....He did'nt do these things.....However ....Mr. Cosby has managed to put himself in a very dangerous position...You see.....if one is going to take on the current administration and refuse to sit next to Condaleeza (the Skeeza) Rice and refuse to support their policies and criticize their agenda.....then Guess what's gonna happen to you?? You see....Mr. Cosby did what a lot of Americans would like to do.....and thats show their opposition to the current administration's policy....However....doing so is a very dangerous and unwise move!!!!!These people don't play fair....they will tap your phone.....plant agents....bug your home.....anything to get the dirt on you and then use it to silence you and press criminal charges......when possible. Meanwhile.....they still can't figure out who leaked the name of the FBI agent.....A very serious crime.Yet...they are able to catch Scott Ritter (Former UN weapons Inspector who criticized them) in an internet child porn ring!!They are able to catch everyone else in various things that don't pan out in the end.....and they want to be able to hold you indefinatly without charges!!!!! Wow!!!! short Mr.Cosby has put a target on his back and opened himself up to their attacks....and I gurantee you....when they are done with will be hard pressed to find a re-run of the Cosby Show playing on any station( a pretty hard thing to imagine). Oh...One more thing.....Mr. Cosby has been careful to stay away from racial issues all of his life..he was smart enough to know that anyone who wanted mass appeal does not bring up race issues...Well Mr. Cosby must be getting either senile or bold in his old age because he fucked up and did that!!!! They immediatly jumped at the opportunity to slander him in the press....turn his own against him by selectively covering only the comments that criticized blacks...AND ....then began this systematic campaign to ruin his reputation .Hey ...this sounds like the Michael Jackson case!! Anyway....I wish him the best because I know he's in for the worst time of his life ....and he's lived through some shit!! I just want to say that i'm for the war ...I love President Bush and ALL of his current and former ADMINISTRATION and I believe fully in their cause!Shit ....i'm not trying to get set up and thrown in Guantanimo!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude..learn some proper punctuation and break stuff into paragraphs.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Nzyme said...

LMAO!! So true, so true!

9:58 AM  
Blogger Two Dogs said...

Oh, I just gotta comment on this. soundboyz goes off on a rant and attaches him name. What happens? Some dude/dudess rolls up in here and jumps on him about the grammar and leaves an anon? WTF? Come on folks, have some guts. No one at any blog is going to hunt you down. Bloggers yell their opinions loudly in the hope that someone will respond and there will be a dialogue of differnet opinions.

ANONYMOUS, my ass.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Two Dogs said...

Oh, and I can't spell worth a crap when I get upset.



or something.

11:27 PM  

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