Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rare post at school

OK...I'm glad the duo of Soundboyz and Macq (nh?) has held up pretty well. Some cool posts, and stuff. A few things that could be improved is Soundboyz' ridiculous punctuation and inability to break stuff into paragraphs and the ideology clash (but I guess those are things that come along with having more than 2 writers on 1 blog). Verizon told me that my computer's f_qed up and Compaq tells me I gotta pay $40 to them to help me...The plan now is re-formatting the hard drive, so any advice with that stuff is appreciated. I don't have anything in my mind right now. Oh CD player doesnt work anymore. I would turn to the darkside and buy an iPod if it wasn't so damn expensive. Wow. I just used the "d" word. Hope that the keylogger's Ok with that...stuff.


Blogger soundboyz said...

Hey......punctuate these NUTZ (No Homo)!!!!!! I hope you get your computer back on track..You might try to get another hard drive ,then transfer your old hard drive material to your new drive...then re format your old drive.....that way you don't have to lose all of your info off of the old drive!I had to do that before,you can only do it with certain brand drives....I know Maxtor can do it!That way you get more space and a backup drive!!

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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