Monday, February 14, 2005

The 2005 Grammy's Rap up......

Greetings, Happy Valentine's Day to all(no homo).I wish everyone a happy and SAFE Valentine's day.I hope you find my tips helpful on getting the most out of this wonderful day! O.K. enough of this mushy shit! I really would like to review this years Grammy Awards.
As some of you know , and some of you may not, yesterday was the day when the 2005 Grammy Awards was held. It was a star studded event and as usual, the show was filled with performances from a mixture of the music industries best and brightest in all genres of music ,and this was all in the first 5 minutes of the show! The Black Eyed Peas, or those interracial liberals, as the Republicans commonly refer to them, really gave a wonderful performance of their now cliche hit"Let's get it Started"(or Let's Get Retarted ,depending on your political correctness). This performance included a mixture of Rock's best such as ......What's their name ....and pop's famous...who's her face, chiming in to show the unifying effect of good music.The performance also included slave attire by one of the members of The Black Eyed Peas along with Leprauchan shoes from another(I shit you not),while yet another member proudly sported clothes from the wardrobe of the play, Pirate's of Pinzance.Anyway, I tuned in long enough to see a beautiful performance by Ms. Alicia Keys. Is it me , or is she just ravishingly beautiful, and extreamly talented to boot.She followed up her performance of "if I Ain't Got You"(Chick needs some English lessons) with an emotional duo with Jamie Foxx. This was a great performance of the late Ray Charles' song "Georgia".I always was a big fan of Jamie Foxx, as a singer, and could never understand why this silky,smooth crooner with skills on the ivory, was'nt a big deal in music. Anyway, I tuned in long enough to see Kanye West win the Grammy for Best Rap album! As I stated before, I don't respect that guy's ability because it takes little skill and talent to sample parts of an old record then speed it up to the pitch of the Chipmunks and then program a beat under it! Well, after that, I stopped watching it and got on the computer and did some stuff......and things of that nature.I Hope this gave you the feeling of actually being at the ceremony.Tune in next time when I review the AVN's.

P.S. OOOh ...I just remembered that I saw the J. LO Marc Anthony duet.Well, if you saw it, you would understand why I forgot about it! It was something straight from Telemundo's soaps .The only thing that was missing was the midget and someone toting a M16!


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