Thursday, May 26, 2005

I am better than all of you

Why? Cause my shit looks different. Okay, not that different, but its got a gully logo as well as minor edits. My old kanyegate site was much more different. I find that having your blog the same as the template is bad. Boring. No offense, but I've seen a million of blogs that have that little orange thing. So at least get a logo.

Damn. Someone just called looking for the same Asian doctor as always. Although usually I would take it as a compliment that they think that a crafty Asian genius doctor lives here (no homo), it gets tiring when they are calling more than once and asking for a patient's medical record for their murder case. And how do they think that someone like me is working for an Asian (read: crafty genius) doctor?

Caller: I'm looking for doctor Robert Lee.
Me: Yeah....what do you want?
Caller: I'm working for an attorney and I'd like a patient's medical record.
Me: Which patient? What happened to him?
Caller: Just get me doctor Robert Lee.
Me: Oh. Wrong number.

And finally: Watch Star Wars Cartoons Online. No nerd.


Blogger flyno20 said...

That orange thing is cool. and a) i don't know how to make a logo b) i don't know how to post a logo.

2:14 AM  

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