Thursday, April 28, 2005

The further adventures of DAWG's

Part I
Part II
My Definition of a DAWG (on

This concerns primarily DAWG #2, the one who called me a crackhead. She, from that day on, hated me, and she started noticing how much I emphasized what an idiot she was. Appearently, she told everybody in her DAWG/DAWB circle this. I never thought of it to be a big deal, but appearently, I had to be hated by DAWG's nationwide.

It started when they asked her a question:
Sez guy: "Is this a national, state, or local issue?"
Sez DAWG: "Both"

I laughed in the corner, and of course, she turned...that made me laugh even more. She told one of her friends to "slap me," which made him laugh, which made me laugh more. Later on, she talked about how the Green Party and Democratic Party "split the vote almost in half," which I just found typically hatin on my man (no homo) Ralph Nader. Come on, last election, he didn't even make a difference. People say Al Gore wouldve won if it wasnt for Nader, and that's typicially dumb reasoning. He wouldve won assuming these people who voted for Nader wouldve voted for Gore, and thats just not neccessarily true. The truth is, Al didnt win those votes. Anyone who just assumes all those votes wouldve gone to Al is assuming too much. If Al won his goddamn home state, then he wouldve won. But damn. Even if he wouldve won, its still not a "split in half," Nader got what, 3% nationwide in either of last 2 elections? Less?

Another new, Irish DAWG made this comment:
Sez person: "We are required by law to have a certain number of fire drills"
Irish DAWG: "Don't we do that during holidays when no one is here?"
Sez everybody: "No..."

Keep in mind she said this after we just had come back from a fire drill.

UPDATE: Appearently, Latino kids account for 75% of lead poisoning deaths in California. Appearently, they poisoned our main food supply: mexican "candy." And when they say candy, theyre talking about this lemon/salt-flavored (i.e. real sour, not like lemonade or anything) white powder. I tried it, and the bullshit is good. Altho I will die from lead poisoning, it was worth it. And no one talks about it. I hear things, chatter. No one's talking about it. It's like its not really happening, just a figment of my imagination.


Blogger macq said...

Pls.........I have a very fragile ego.........will someone anyone check out my side blog, btw LTDMFK still rules the free world

6:33 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

and he cant even make a direct link to his own blog from these comments section. here ya go, nhjic:

6:36 PM  
Anonymous brownie said...

These dawg posts are funny as hell! I don't know which one I like best out of part 2 and 3.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Geekbird said...

i can't find your DAWG'S definition in urban dictionary.

5:25 PM  
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