Saturday, May 14, 2005

Clipse - Lord Willin' Review

You may be asking yourself, why is Macq doing a review about an album that is 3 yrs old by a group who hasnt realeased an LP since. My answer to that is, cus I can bitches. But on a serious note all of these punk rock posts about bands that Ive never heard of not only on this site but also at The Mindset HQ have been kinda, well, uninteresting to me. So lets get back to reviewing bad hip hop albums.

01. Intro

Not a bad start. Malice or Pusha T (they sound alot alike) starts things off by telling us how prolific he is/was in the dope game. Pusha T or Malice then tells us that his grandmother was also a dealer. I have a feeling this may be a recurring theme throughout this LP. The beat is pretty good. Drums and a drippy faucet sound effect. Basic shit for an intro.

02. Young Boy

This is my problem with the Neptunes. Alot of their shit sounds the same. This song not only sounds like that song off of Jadakiss's album (Hot Sauce to go) but it also sounds like another song on this same album. That being said, I liked the beat on Jada's album and I like it here. Again Malice tells us that his Grandmother was a dealer. Im starting to believe him.

03. Virginia

This is the first song on the album that forces the Clipse to carry the song. Incredibly simple four or five note keyboard and drum combination. Lyrically this album so far is something we have all heard before. But Clipse are pretty good rappers. That is they dont suck, they can flow. If they could ever expand their repertoire then they would be real good. BTW I live about 20 mins from Virginia, VA= not that gully.

04. Grindin

This is what we all came here to hear. This was a great song 3 yrs ago, its even better now. Again with the drippy faucet sound effect, but the percussion on this song is straight old school. Another un-flashy, un-Neptune like beat accentuates Clipse well. The subject matter has not changed but lyrically they brought the heat on this track (nh).

05. Cot Damn (feat Ab Liva and Roscoe P. Coldchain.)

Back to back singles. Again I like this song even better 3 years later. This and Grindin are polar opposites. But again Pusha and Malice bring the heat. (Malice) You thought I was a rapper huh/Well that makes me an actor/ cus I would rather clap a gun . I think Roscoe P. Coldchain could be something good with the right production. Even though he only rhymes his words maybe once every 3 bars hes still pretty good.

06. Ma, I Don't Love Her (feat Faith Evans)

Back to back to back singles. You would think the obligatory girl song on this album would not consist of anything to do with guns, drugs, violence, or any combination of the three. Yet amazingly the Clipse pull it off (nh). And on the last verse Malice tells the girl he is trying to convince that he is not cheating that even if he did cheat on her, he did not love or even like the girl he cheated with. Why cant I find girls who would believe that?

07. Famlay Freestyle

One of the Neptunes weedcarriers spits a "freestyle" over a pretty good beat. Yea I really dont care about what he is saying. He is talking about shooting me and slitting my throat and killin my mom and shit and I aint really down with any weed carrier threatening me. Btw the Clipse shoulda kept this beat for themselves.

08. Whens the Last Time

Yay another single! This album is about halfway done and Im getting bored. Wtf is this song. THIS is the Neptunes. Very corny sounding, stupid club song. Im not going to hate on the production per se, but this song does not fit anywhere on this album. I understand that the Clipse needed a club hit but this just sounds too out of place.Btw Malice kills on the last part of the last verse.

09. Ego

Umm I think the Clipse have gotten bored themselves. LOL I dont think they even tried with this song. The production sounds like some HBCU's marching band. Not very inventive or good for that mattter. And this song is missing alot of No Homo's. The good thing about this song is that its under 3 minutes.

10. Comedy Central (feat. Fabolous)

When I saw feat. Fabolous I probably had the same reaction you are having now. Your finger is itching for the skip button. But the Neptunes really outdid themselves with this beat. Malice (I think) starts off the song with alot of energy and apparently that rubs off (no homo) on Fabolous's usually lethargic style. This is one of the very few songs that Fabolous does not sound like a (more) retarded version of Ma$e. This album has too much filler btw, these stupid skits or whatever at the ends of these songs are annoying.

11. Lets Talk about it (feat. Jermaine Dupree)

Unlike on the previous song, your instincts will be right on this one. Jermaine Dupree may be the most annoying midget ever. Someone needs to tell him he cant rap/ produce and he shouldnt even try unless he has Jay-z ghost writing for him or Biggie Smalls rapping over one of his remixes. I cant finish listening to this one so im skipping it.

12. Gangsta Lean

I like this one. Pharell opens the first 60 seconds of the song "singing". Usually that type of shit will get yo ass skipped (nh) but this beat isnt bad. I havent heard it anywhere else, which is always a good thing when talking about the Neptunes. Ive just realized that I have talked about the Neptunes or the Clipse guests more then I have the Clipse. Again I like the Clipse (no homo) but they really need to expand their lyrical content. This one is about a girl btw.

13. Im not you (feat. Jadakiss, Styles P., Roscoe P. Coldchain)

I had high hopes for this one. I like all the guests on this joint so why wouldnt I be optimistic about it. It didnt dissapoint (i know yea you thought i was gonna say somethin different, well i hafta entertain myself somehow, bitches). Yea umm whatever. I can see why Bol only does three lines for each song.

14. Grindin Remix (feat. Nore, Baby, Lil Wayne)

Yea this is pretty bad. Nore, Baby, and Lil Wayne are three of the worst rappers ever, so having them all on the same track is not a good idea. Nore can never seem to find the beat, Baby just doesnt have any talent, and Lil Wayne (who has potential btw nh) is pretty meh.

15. The OTHER Grindin Remix (Selector Remix)

Just what this album needed, more filler!! Sean Paul is on this track, no im not joking. And guess what hes talking about! Well I dont really know cus I dont understand him but I heard something about gun powder and yayo.......again Im not joking. There is another Dance Hall artists on here that i dont know, and Im pretty sure I just heard him say something about licking a guys head (nh), I wish to god I was joking. Skip!!!

Comments: Well I got bored halfway through this shit, there were a couple of songs at the end that saved me from tossing this cd out the window and just winging the rest of the review. I hope the Clipse take these 3 years off to find something else to talk about, they are too talented to be this boring.

Best Tracks: Grindin, Cot Damn, Comedy Central, Gangsta Lean

Rating: 2.75 out of 5


Blogger CMB said...

thank you. because i am sick of that shitty ass music that no one cares about? what are we really saying abt ourselves by posting something like that? what kind of visitors are we attracting with that shit?

7:46 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

that other dancehall artist on that other grindin remix is none other than kardinal offishall.

and kardinal offishall is a good MC. nh, nr. fuckwatchaheard.

HOWEVER. i cant defend his verse in the grindin remix. he usually doesnt sound like that.

one last thing: he is canadian

7:54 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

wow. review one punk album no one has heard of...and then this kind of shit.

so i guess ill hold off on my review of a global threat's "in the red" ep

can i still review jorge ben's "√°frica brasil" album?

8:00 PM  
Blogger macq said...

na there are three ppl on that remix.......I know kardinal offishall and that wasnt him. And youv done two punk albums Luis, cmb is right what kinda visitors are we attracting............

10:16 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

third person - simpleton

gayest line ever:
"Me travel a thousand miles just to lick a guy head"
-Simpleton, 2002

and i did one punk review: "Siren Song of the Counter Culture"

Bloc Party isnt close to being punk

10:52 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

PLUS they have a black guy and what is probably the best british asian drummer ever

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Gliss said...

BTW I live about 20 mins from Virginia, VA = not that gully.

I didn't think so.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

fun fact (nh): chad hugo, pharrell, and timbaland all used to be in a group called "surrounded by idiots"

11:37 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

I lived in VA for a while (the decidedly non-gully part in the middle), but there are actually some really, really awful ghettos in Richmond and the Tidewater region (Hampton in particular, where AI and the Clipse are from).

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gangsta lean is about herb! not no chick,man!

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay I live in aTl I goto school in aTL at CAU I live in Virginia u said u stay 20 minutes away? whereu live? NOT GULLY??
yeah right
go to newport news BAD news Downtown and say that go to Huntersville or Norview and pop off that noise go to RIchmond south side or Creighton or Lee High Heights and tell me go to ALexandria up in 703 go to Early Bird Ave nue and see over 100 some cemetery lots of young inz killed go to most dangerous cities in AMerica see if Norfolk Va dont pop up I live in Va beach and its not bad there but Norfolk which is 10 minutes away yeah right Norfolk alone last past six months had pver 2oo some murders so dont say VA not gully
know what u talking about
u live 20 minutes away u dont stay in VA 7 cities three years ago u said it has gotten worse trust me
I want u walk out in Huntersville in P Place N Tidewata Park or in Ptown and say FUCK VIRIGNIA yall not gully
I honestly can say u best have ya will written out it is that serious
VA is filled wiht out of towners PEOPLE FROM ALL OVA the owrld live here especaill in the 757 crazy Hatians and Jamaicans niggaz dont fuck around dont think VA is soft u think that u thinkin wrong
VA is 1st state of USA its the Birthplace its mother of USA so u lve twenty minutes away form USA birth canal man
come on be smart
LOrd WIllin was a tight album CLIPSe fuckin Sick SKillz from Va he sicka though u ask me but
all I m saying gumpy azz dude dont speak on suntin u know nuthin about

VA iz alwayz been known for the grindin and weight helloooo right by the water surrounded by ports so dont disrespect know what u taklin about first and Pusha grams did deal drugz TRUE STORY! PUsha and Malice are originaly from Harlem Tidewater Region Hampton roads 7 cities is 80% NYC bredrenz or CHicago head mad fellaz be from there its military base and When USA gets in trouble its VA they call on for the sickest military We got it all and we right by the Capital wasnt for Va lending out land wouldnt be a DC know ya history fam forreal
Music is music teritory is what it is dont be sleepin or be talkin shyt u dont know

And ALl neptunes beatz dont sound alike dunnie u a gump azz nigga forreal

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Kay Dash Plus said...

By the way listen again to gangsta lean. Its not a love song about a girl, its a love song about drugs! "I said you're from jamaica straight outta my mercedes trunk"...."your complexion lime green/ with red specs in it"..."Hold her wit the index and thumb tippy"..."hell i hit you and then pass you to my man/ like i do my women" theres plenty more examples have a listen to the song. Thats what makes it so clever the use of similes to anthropomorphise weed. Overall i find your review of the album quite harsh, its more of a rant than a review, heck im startin to doubt if u listened to it and understood the lyrics or just skimmed through it. That said i agree with you on the JD track and grindin remixes lol.


4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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