Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Album Review

How come we don't see more bands with one asian and one black guy? What the hell is the asian one doing, btw?

01. Like Eating Glass
The asian guy might look nerdy, but DAMN, can that motherfucker drum. The chinaman does = the drummer, right? Also, isnt the black guy sterotypically the bassist or the drummer, and not the lead singer? All racism aside, this song is great.

02. Helicopter
Thats a fucking memorable riff, and the drummer is ridiculous again. The black guy, who sounds like a white guy...i dont really love (nh) his voice. This song has some extremely precise stops and starts, and, like Bol said, almost suspiciously too precise.

03. Positive Tension
Which leads me to the question: What exactly does the nerdy, thin cracka play? Bass? Anyone who knows, feel free to tell me in the comments. Dont tell me their names, refer to them strictly as "the chinaman" and "the nerdy cracka-ass cracka," and so on.

04. Banquet
This is the lead single, with those epic choruses. Some incredible drumming, again. Also, all the songs have a few random electronic effects. Is that what the nerdy cracka is doing?

05. Blue Light
One of the mellower songs, not much new to say. I like the singing (nhjic) here more than the usual wailing.

06. She’s Hearing Voices
The asian dude gets angry on this one, and the snare is noticeably harder. Everything else, especially the singing = meh..

07. This Modern Love
Another mellow-ed out song. The drumming is still excellent, if less prominent. There's bells insteads of weird techno effects. On a different note, when did the black guy develop a British accent? Or is the non-nerdy cracka decide to sing on this one? Yeah, thats it.

08. Pioneers
The song starts with one guitar, then another, then the singer comes in, and of course the chinaman on the drums performs great (nh, nr) and then the bass, and it all builds into the chorus. Pretty good.

09. Price of Gas
The british dude sings on this one. I like the bass, and how they ocassionally have this little clap deal when some other dude sings. I've heard better than this, however.

10. So Here We Are
Its another mellowed out song. At first listen, I didn't like it so much. But its grown on me (n/h.) Its actually one of the best songs, i think.

11. Luno
This one of the faster songs. The drums are good, but not as outstanding as other songs, altho then he goes insane and plays 8 million shits at the same time. That asian dude needs a solo album or something. The song as a whole fails to impress all that much.

12. Plans
Another mellow song with some pretty nice shit, but there's better songs. Not bad at all, tho. I swear they jacked those synthesizers from DJ Quik.

13. Compliments
This song starts with really soft shit and then you notice the drums are not made by an asian guy having a seizure on the drums but by a drum machine. I didnt bother with this song after two guys sung all soft.But then I skipped ahead and I found my favorite oriental friend (n/h) on the drums, so I went back and listened to the whole song. He's not having a seizure on this one, he plays pretty regularly. A good song, but without the asian guy spazing out.

14 (and on). Silly Techno Remixes
Dont bother

This album is good. Some of the songs arent that great but have strong parts to it (usually the drummer, who I'm convinced is the Asian one), which makes even the weaker tracks rewarding (nhjic) in some way. I think this might be their "Can I Borrow a Dollar?" before their "Ressurection."

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Stars


Blogger Ian said...

The black guy (Kele) developed a British accent because they are British. The Asian guy is the drummer and the skinny crackas play the other instruments. Probably my favorite album of the year, thus far.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

how the hell did i guess that the asian one was the drummer?

on another note, i heard the british accent much more heavily in some songs than others.

9:28 PM  
Blogger chiseven said...

What the fuck is this Bloc Party shit? I must not be up on the new music. Who want's to send me a copy so I can be down? But so help me, if this is anywhere near as shitty as M.I.A. I'll burn this mutherfucker down. Figuratively of course.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Stephania said...

wow they sound great!

and yeah, i noticed black guys are usully drummers too. like in the libertines.

7:45 PM  
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