Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Its 3 AM

Fuck. I gotta wake up tomorrow, supposedly. On the + side, school may be canceled due to snow. Fuck it, it has to. As I told Fly AKA TZA (Im sure most people pronounce it "TeeZeeAy" rather than "Tuh-zah") Ive been putting off stuff since Wednesday last week. I need another day, God. Another day that I'll prolly waste playing Madden and singing along to Pharaohe Monch, but another day nonetheless. What I do in Madden might be pathetic, it might be heroic. You judge. I control a fucked up team, trade 90% of the players, win the Superbowl by simulating. Then, after a couple of years of dynasty, I add another team to my control and randomly move them to Mexico City. I do the same, trading 90% of the players, and have my 2 teams face off on the Superbowl. I do this for 5 years, taking the worst team in the league and making them contenders. Currently, Im on my 6th year, and added the Arizona Cardinals (4th team), who were 68 million dollars in the red. I made a playoff appearence, but barely made a profit. So I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska (one of the relocation packages) and thats where I'm at now. This whole description of my weird Madden playing experience probably sucked and didn't entratin anybody. Oh well. Its 3 AM. Wtf you want from me?


Blogger Two Dogs said...

Believe or not, you are not the only one that does that shit. I can't stand to come in and play with the Patriots. Give me the Dolphins or someone that sucks, let me sell a hot dog for 3.50, and let's make some money with the dudes nobody has heard of.

That's what it's about. Capitalism, baby.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Two Dogs said...

Oh, a big NO HOMO.

9:34 PM  
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