Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ya boy (no homo) Houston & Mike Jones, no homo

YO! My main man (no homo) djxplicit has set up my collabo with Mike Jones. I've been looking to do that shit, man! djxplicit, who is my unofficial manager, set the shit up with Mike Jones. The cut may be a mixtape-only joint, but thats aight. Here's the conversation between djxplicit and Mike.

djxplicit: hey is this mike jones?
mikejones: yea
mikejones: who is this
djxplicit: houston's manager
mikejones: YO
djxplicit: he said he wanted to collabo with you
mikejones: fa sho fa sho
djxplicit: aight. he was thinking of a remix to "i like that", possibly.
mikejones: nah man
mikejones: that old
mikejones: remix in "still tippin"
mikejones: my joint
djxplicit: okay. well i cant get into the artistic stuff.
djxplicit: houston's aim is ______
mikejones: ok
djxplicit: hes busy, so chances of him being on are low
mikejones: yeA
mikejones: the nigga did gouge his eye out....
.djxplicit: yeah
mikejones: how is he doin wit htat
djxplicit: but a word of advice, hes kinda tired of people just talking about his eye
djxplicit: hes doin better now
mikejones: he gonna have surgery on it?
mikejones: or what?
djxplicit: hes out of surgery
mikejones: word?
mikejones: how his eye look
djxplicit: his eye socket you mean?
mikejones: yea
djxplicit: well, its covered up
mikejones: eye patch?
djxplicit: yeah. hes experimenting with other options
mikejones: like?
djxplicit: i dont know. thats what i was told
mikejones: but u his manger
mikejones: u gotta know
djxplicit: his sister, billie, said thats what they were going to do. he hasnt tried anything else up to this point as far as i know
djxplicit: and theres actually 3 managers
djxplicit: reno rankin, andrew rowe, and me
mikejones: look
mikejones: i got to go
djxplicit: yeah
djxplicit: ill see u around
mikejones: set up this sound session i got with my nig
djxplicit: right
mikejones: peace
djxplicit: peace