Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Does anyone else think its fucked up that...

T.I. samples Jay-Z saying "Bring 'em out" on T.I.'s song "Bring 'Em Out"? Allow me to elaborate. This sample comes from Jay-Z's song "What More Can I Say?". The full line is:

"So the rings and things you sing about - bring 'em out / It's hard to yell when the bar-rel's in your mouth"

Why do I think this is bad? Well...because Jay-Z uses some...erhm..."creative sampling" of the Notorious one's "Rap Phenomenom" song:

"The rings and things you sing about, bring 'em out / It's hard to yell when the barrel's in your mouth"

Do I think it's all that bad that Jay-Z references Biggie so much? Not really, although other ones do get me, for example:

"Rocafella is a army, better yet the Navy" - Jay-Z, "Takeover"
"Cash Money is a army, better yet the Navy" - BG, "Cash Money Is A Army" (I think)

Here's a list of the "biter accusations"

Some of it is bullshit tho. But it doesnt even bother me that much that Jay-Z borrows from Ma$e or Snoop. My problem is that T.I. samples Jay-Z, not B.I.G. It's Biggie's line, so please sample him in the future. I don't give a shit if you dont have the acapella. On another note, I was re-listening to Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" and I found it funny that he sampled both Prodigy and Nas. One last thing about Takeover, sampling, and Jay-Z:

"So yeah I sampled your voice, you was usin it wrong / You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song"

Well, Jay, if he was using his voice wrong, how was it a hot line? Plus he sampled more than one line. But still. Jay-Z will come out of retirement...and...you ready for this ridiculous prediction I'm about to make? Ok. He'll make a 4 star album. I can't beleive I just said that.

Also, I saw Jay on the Cone Zone yesterday. Conan asked Jay if among so many rappers flashing the bling and whatnot, were there any known for being cheapstakes?

"Is there like an...'MC Thrifty' who brags: 'I got this at the Gap'?"

There was this thing on Power 106 which called Biggie a biter and then did the whole "let's play Biggie saying a line, and then Jay saying the same shit".


I find it to be OK for him to do that, but I think Jay-Z overdid it a little. The reason this debate goes on puzzles me. I doubt Jay-Z really needed to borrow a line from Dre (Dre!) to put on the chorus of "Takeover". But why does he do it so much?


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