Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Message from Hell - The World's Greatest Supervillain Speaks From Beyond the Grave

Dont act like you dont know.

I know many of you have been keeping up with that whole Jackson trial crap whether you want to or not. You can't escape it. Jennings, and that old dude who replaced Rather, and that other dude who replaced Brokaw, and CNN, and Fox News, and everybody who gets paid to report legitimate news have all jumped on the Jackson trial bandwagon. You get very little news, and a whole lot of opinion, sort of like on a, you know, weblog.

While we wait to find out if he'll be taking a couple in the back for the team, or if he'll be acquitted and find himself free to allegedly rape again, we also learn about the weird cardio treatments he's been receiving, which apparently stop his heart in between beats, and the many trips to the hospital because of his ailing aching back. Makes you feel for the brother? That is, if he wasn't such a child rapist.

You say rapist? Yep. I think we can all agree that Michael likes to rape hildren. Or better yet, so as not to get sued, we can all agree that we believe that he likes to rape children. I think the only people who still consider him innocent are adolescents, Europeans, and retards, which could be construed as essentailly all the same.

I heard some audio recently where Michael's crying over the possibility of never having a child around him ever again. That makes him a rapist right there. What man, let alone black man, looks forward to having children around him. Real non-raping black men run away from shit like that on the regular, hoping that some slut went Maury on a brother and slept with a cousin or two on a dumb ho' dickin' spree. Bastards do the Killa Cam Maury dance when that shit ends up negative. Also, you just can't have that many people popping up out of the woodwork saying that you fondled their privates on a cold wintery night without one or two of them being true (See Catholic Church).

Some may say that he's being targeted because he's ... black! Joke, for you retards. Actually, because he's rich. But I just don't buy it. Sure, the crowd that hangs around Mike are all a bunch of wack jobs made up of grifters and future robberers of liquor stores. But shit, they can't all be crazy lying circus freaks. And even if they can, I think we can all feel it in our gut, like many of the boys he's alledgedly raped, that maybe, just maybe, there's some truth to these
molestation allegations.

And what sickens me the worst is that Jackson will probably never be punished. There are probably hundreds of Michael Jackson victims out there. He's probably been raping kids since Thiller, or maybe as far back as the Jackson 5. And because a lying little bastard and hislying little fucked up mother couldn't stop scamming people, Jackson will probably go free in the next couple of days.

What's also sad, outside of the fact that a whole lot of effed kids with effed up parents will probably never see any real justice, is the fact that Jackson was so mentally screwed up that he eventually effed up his whole fuckin' career and legacy doing dumb weird shit.

I can't lie. I used to look up to Michael, no homo. I had his posters on my wall, no homo. I went to several of his concerts as a kid, no homo. I have most of his albums, maybe even all of them. Who knows? If Michael hadn't gone all weird, getting his skin lightened, getting his eyes widened, fuckin' up his nose, lips and chin, staying rail thin, still talking in that effeminate voice, he'd probably be getting the same kind of love that Muhammed Ali gets now in his old age. He'd probably would've grown old in a spectable way, if that's possible. Now, he'll
always be known as a freak, which is probably what he deserves.

But I guess that doesn't really matter. If Michael hadn't screwed up his face and start acting weird, would that make him less of an (alledged) baby rapist? Whether black or white, would that make him less evil? It helps that he looks like a freak. People can continue to believe the boogieman and the devil look nothing like regular folks. They can continue believing that the stranger is the greatest threat. When, in reality, the greatest threat to you and your children, is the man in the mirror.


Blogger Joey said...

I love Michael's music (at least, through "Dangerous") but I really just can't support the man, as a person, anymore. He's fucking nuts.

10:00 AM  
Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Cool post, and i agree that the news coverage is ridiculous..

10:11 AM  
Anonymous rena said...

I agree with most of this except for two things. That comment you made about black men not wanting to be around kids was effed up and unnecessary. That was a blanket generalized statement and not All of them are like that. Secondly, I can have my opinion of what Michael Jackson did to those kids but at the end of the day, it is my opinion. I was not there, I did not SEE it. So how can I make it a FACT. That is impossible. That is all. And to be fair, if you are going to grow disillusioned with Michael Jackson based on what he (allegededly) did, you better put some of those rappers you love so much in line with him.

3:38 AM  
Blogger -jkg said...

yeah. youre right. and i idolized that cat as a kid.

now its just sad. hes probably gonna commit suicide after this even if he gets off. and if he goes to jail he'll get killed anyway [ i mean c'om, even if he wasnt a child rapist and got sent to jail he would still get fucked and killed regardless, if for nothing less than the fame it would bring the fucker/rapist inmate he shared a cell with].

its just a shame his massive legacy is disintegrating. dumbass homo child molesting pervert.

3:31 AM  
Blogger Doc Savage said...


I kind of suspected it. They really didn't have much of a case. But that don't mean he hasn't raped anyone before. In fact, I put money on it. He just has that nasty evil rapist eye about him.

5:23 PM  

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