Sunday, June 19, 2005

Least Gully Rappers

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With DJX gone doing whatever (nhjic), and with Bol doing a least gully rappers entry, I thought it was necessary that I let some dumb motherfuckers know about some very ungully rappers on this site in DJX's absence, because he would have definitely said something on this topic.

Bol picked FatherMC, Pete Rock, Sticky Fingaz, Prodigy and Cassidy. Some amendments are in order.

Of Father MC, Bol said "More or less forgotten today, Father MC was actually pretty big back in the early, early '90s. He had a string of successful singles...he was already pretty much gone from the scene by 1993."

No Homo Juelz Santana, but given that description, I think a less gully rapper fits the profile.

As for Pete Rock, since he's clearly more renowned for his production, I'll substitute another producer who thinks he can rap in Pete's stead.

It's definitely impossible to argue against P, although I think Havoc The Dwarf should be added. Even if we combine those two, we still have one very ungully creation. I'll put Havoc in Sticky's place (nhjic).

No Homo Juelz Santana, but I have to admit that until the recent charges against him, I was pretty sure that Mashonda could beat the everloving shit out of Cassidy. That guy definitely needed that "One Shyning Moment" to erase his ungully factor. Since I don't know if he's guilty or not, I think he should be disqualified until we're sure.

So who should take Cassidy's spot? Nelly is too obvious. Bol considered Pac but he's definitely disqualified for shooting cops.

What about The Gayme (nh)?

Consider his resume.

#1 - Before he was a popular rapper, The Gayme got served on Change of Heart by a bitch who of course dumped him.

#2 - The Gayme has/had a tongue ring. We all know what tongue rings are for.

By the way, The Gayme admitted that both of those points are true.

#3 -

Not only did The Gayme willingly accept a kiss from Fifty in public, but as we now know, that whole squashing the beef thing was bullshit from the start. So in otherwords, Gayme simply got kissed by Fifty for nothing.

And when Gayme's not telling G-Unit to suck his dick, major no homo, he's trying to beef with Carmelo Anthony. There are simply no limits to Gayme's ungulliness.

I think we have to include an individual who isn't a professional recording artist but put out music anyway. That's the easiest, least controversial decision of all time.

And one more, who pretty much defies proper description but is definitely necessary.

So I've nominated Gayme, Mobb Deep, Pharrell and Vanilla Ice. I'd be remiss not to include an Honorable Mention, so here it is.

Honorable Mention

Nothing about Twista is gully.

Take your pick.

No Homo Juelz Santana: Between him and Kanye, it's a true tossup.


Anonymous djxplicit said...

i think the whole cassidy or pac or sticky is based alot on just this one event that makes them alot less gully than they say they are.

take sticky for example, no homo. he got his ass kicked by a white guy on TV, but is there any doubt j-kwon would have also?

i mean, mike tyson has gotten his ass kicked by a white guy on tv, and i dare a motherfucker say shit about "alleged manhood" to his face, nhjic.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Noodles said...

Do the people that robbed Prodigy for his chain about a dozen times count as gully? Or do they count as ungully because they went for a soft target (nh)?

2:49 PM  
Blogger JWhitewater said...

I think sticking P up while he was on location for his own fucking video shoot is kinda gully, just because there had to be like a horde of weed carriers around there.

I believe P once said in Drop A Gem that he's got 100 strong armed negroes ready to rock this shit. No Homo?

1:56 AM  
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