Thursday, June 16, 2005

More on "Rebirth of a Nation"

So, I wasn't going to write more about the new PE, but I ran into a few interesting articles, so I present them to you.

Rebirth of a Word, a Film, a Slur

This is mainly about appropriation of offensive terms, film, etc.. It also talks about DJ Spooky (the one with that song with Killah Priest?) who made a "remix" to the film "Birth of a Nation" (titled "Rebirth of a Nation") again, dealing with the appropiation of something offensive.

Interesting quotes from the article:
Chris Rock: "This word, it's . . . the only thing white people can't do. That's the only reason . . . anybody writes about it. It's like white people can't believe there's a thing that exists (that) they can't do."

Ida Wells of the NAACP: "D. W. Griffith [director of "Birth of a Nation"] was a great artist and one of the leading geniuses in presenting photo plays. That he should prostitute his talents in what would otherwise have [been] the finest picture presented, in an effort to misrepresent a helpless race, has always been a wonder to me."

Preview DJ Spooky's remix, as well as an essay he wrote.

Found an old (Jan 2004) "Terrordome" posting by Chuck D:
"While I’m at it... hold your horses, good friend, trooper and ally PARIS is producing a limited edition recording on Guerilla Funk called “Rebirth of a Nation”, but it’s a project slated for summer 2005, not 2004 as previously reported."

And thats the only mention of the album on Weird.

Guerilla Funk Compilation:
"And if that wasn't enough Guerilla Funk Recordings will also release the 'Hard Truth Soldiers' compilations this year, and Volume 1 promises to make considerable noise. Already committed are Paris, Public Enemy, The Coup, dead prez, Immortal Technique, T-Kash, Kam, The Conscious Daughters, MC Ren, and Zion-I, with more to come."

On an unrelated note:
Am I the only one who feels underground hip-hop is becoming more mainstream? I see Mos Def in car commercials, Common on Jay Leno, pop-up ads for Little Brother, Talib Kweli in entertainment magazines...

I honestly don't know if it's a good thing or not.


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