Saturday, June 25, 2005

First blog post from Guatemala in history

And I mean all history. I dare someone prove me wrong.
But I dont actually have anything to write about.

Here´s a little true story I wrote on an email that I´m going to expand upon.

My little cousin was celebrating on Monday, his words after picking up the newspaper were "Yay! No mass killings today!"

Seriously, the newspaper is almost depressing. Yesterday there was a policeman shooting a guy in the eye next to a child with a bloody face, and that was just the front of the sports section. Dead serious.

I´m still going to a game where that shit happened tomorrow. So maybe Im just an idiot.
Here´s the guy getting shot.

Couldn´t find the other picture of the litle kid with the bloody face. Anyways, Im going to be right there at that stadium with those same police guys, who threatened the other people. The reason this shit got much attention is cause the guy who got shot (if I remember correctly) used to be interim mayor of the city, who actually is pretty much second in terms of power to the president, nhjic. He now runs some exec position with the rival team to my team.

Which brings me to the game. The final consists of 2 games, where the overall score in both decides the winner. This is the second game of the finals, so its basically it. What happens usually is that teams from the capital lose to teams from outside when they play outside because of the Motherfucking Heat produced at such places. Then they play at the capital and they win.

The team from the capital is my team, Municipal. The team from outside is Suchitepequez. The good thing is that we won outside 1-0, which gives a huge advantage here at home.

Side story: my mom worked at the school i went to, so naturally she befriended my elementary school teachers. I guess that´s weird. My old gym teacher eventually started hosting a radio show, initially on AM radio and now in basically THE sports radio channel. This has lead to 3 radio appearences by yours truly, first time I must have been...shit, 8 or so.

Anyways, I´m going to the game, hopefully it wont rain, hopefuly shitll be peaceful, hopefully we win.

Links, all in spanish:
Something I found.
News about the guy getting shot.
News about the first game.

Keep it gully children. Till next time, no homo.
Oh and I swear it´s the last soccer post I´ll do in basically ever. Promise.


Anonymous Noodles said...

Soccer sucks. My team (Costa Rica) got booted out by America about a month ago. Boo to that.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous "whorekiller" said...

booted out of what? they lost but theyre still have a spot as is in the next world cup.

guatemala, on the other hand...

yeah, we lost to costa rica and were kinda doubtful on all that shit.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous aroldo said...

Other pictures in my photoblog:

12:28 PM  
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