Sunday, April 24, 2005

LTDMK = All Grown Up (nhjic) OR Hit # 30,000

Hit #30,000 shouldve registered on the hit counter by the time I post this beeyotch up. Nhjic. I don't have much to type about but that. I had something but then it just went away.

And then, right here, in this second paragraph, I was going to tell you all the cool things I was gonna write about. And I planned on linking this to my continued dysfuntional relationship with Blogger. Nhjic. But the moment has passed.

So instead, I'm going to introduce a new contest. The first 30,000 people who email me will get a copy of the Main Ingredient's overlooked 1974 album, "The Euphrates River." Any females ages 10-58 who send me naked pictures of themselves also get an audio version of "Killin 'Em Softly" by Dave Chappelle plus his show in SF.

About that age thing: Just kidding. Ha-Ha. If this is the FBI reading this shit, that was a joke. I was joking. I really meant 12-58. HO. I'm joking again. Please don't come to my house at 5 in the morning and take me out in handcuffs. I was joking. Har-Har.

To the people who havn't noticed what i've been doing (nhjic) the past 4 days or so in my posts, here's a hint: I'm all about that copyright infringement.


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