Monday, January 31, 2005

Hot97 Tsunami Song = My bad

After weeks of several racial slurs by Asians directed at Blacks, this whole thing got a huge breakthrough when Bol's "Jig Radio Affairs Bureau Chief", Princess Rock reported that:

Ms. Jones [black] is not the singing voice. The song was voiced by Rick Delgado [guessing hispanic], DJ Envy [hispanic].

So I responded:

I, as a certified spic, admit it was all my fault. Asians, please come to my blog ( with all sorts of stereotypes and racial slurs and call me a racist. thank you.

So let it begin. It's all that DJ Envy's fault. Plus I got his mixtape free and still thought I was almost ripped off. So fuck him. They act like I'm going to shoot all Asians.

Sorry, my mic got "clipped".

"Now now now I'ma place a order for a Scooby snack / Not at the Chinese resturant because I don't eat cats."
-Scoob Lover