Friday, January 28, 2005

Bitin-ass dj's (or sum isht liek dat)

First off, there's DJ LRM. He fuckin stole my initials! All of them! If you see his tapes, theyre mostly all-instrumental tapes, meaning he d/l'ed some instrumentals from Kazaa and burned it into a CD and called it a day.

But more importantly, is this piece of trash. DJ Explicit? What kinda bullshit is that? I already made it all kool-lookin without "E", space and caps. djxplicit. Like that. And all this kid's tapes are bullshit dirty south tapes, which he then realeases a "Screwed and Chopped Version" of. That means he changed the color scheme of the cover art and slowed down every song. That bitch.

Currently I am in talks with Skillz in Virgina to write some sort of diss record for me. I'll pay him the $5 flat fee for writing and recording, and I'll produce some sort of beat. Get ready, bitches.

"Ain't they like $8?"

Nah, we agreed at $5.


Blogger macq said...

How did you find all these google your name?

1:14 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...
just looking for mixtapes in the new arrivals, and then you go "whoa! thats me!"

2:14 PM  
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