Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cutting = Beautiful

I am outraged at other's comments about cutting. Cutting is art, and it is beautiful. I am attracted on a regular basis to women who have exotic patterns on their forearms. It is natural. Since the beggining of the late Middle Ages, people have cut themselves to show power, beauty, or for other reasons. In the present, it has many functions. Some still do it for art, or because they "[like] to see blood" (according to one cutter, who I assume wants to be kept anonymous). Obviously, some people beleive blood to have purposes in magical and medicinal potion-making. Because of this, some do it when in dire times because the combination of blood with oxygen touching a person's hands is said to releive depression. It also gives off a sort of fume which reacts with the basic predator consciousness in human instinct. This creates an "addiction" of sort, but a healthy one, since it prevents hydroencephalitis and diphtheria in pre-adults. Not only that, it heighten's a person's self-esteem, and as I have mentioned, shows power and beauty. In short cutting is natural and beautiful, just like masturbation.



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