Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Don't mess with science AKA the cereal debate

*Conducted by the master and the good folks at Super Villain Style*
djxplicit09: can i ask you a very personal question?
Stokey Ross: Go.
djxplicit09: what is your favorite cereal?
Stokey Ross: Golden Grahams.
djxplicit09: really? the ones with the bear in a blue shirt?
Stokey Ross: Blue shirt? I have no idea.
djxplicit09: so what does the golden grahams box look
like? just yellow-ish? does it have a mascot?

djxplicit09: now i remember...
djxplicit09: its the yellow one with the spoon and the
square-shaped cereal!

Stokey Ross: Yeah that's it.
djxplicit09: ok - the one i was thinking of was golden
crisp. it has this brown bear with a blue shirt on the front
of the box

Stokey Ross: I don't eat cereal with funny little cartoon
characters. It's beneath me.

djxplicit09: my favorite cereal count chocula - does he
count as a "funny little cartoon character"?

Stokey Ross: Hell yeah. The effed up pointed ass
head. The effed up teeth.

djxplicit09: whatever. i wasnt ever drawn by the
character. its the promise of chocolate with chocolate

djxplicit09: ...and then they pretend that its good for you
Stokey Ross: Might as well shot sugar in your veins.
djxplicit09: hell yeah!
Stokey Ross: Fiendin for CocoPuffs.
djxplicit09: yeah - but they lack marshmellows. and the
regular cereal bits arent as good anyway

Stokey Ross: But the sugar at the bottom of the bowl.
And the nasty brown milk. MMMM delicious.

djxplicit09: i thought silly cartoon characters were
beneath you

Stokey Ross: They are. At least until I contradict

djxplicit09: trix is overrated
Stokey Ross: I agree. Nasty.
Stokey Ross: I'm also against them Frosted Flakes
djxplicit09: Theyre meh. Theyre not exactly "nasty" tho
Stokey Ross: Oh yeah. they're nasty. And too sugary
Stokey Ross: And Frosted Flakes get too mushy.
djxplicit09: yeah. thats a problem.
djxplicit09: one question - milk first or cereal first?
Stokey Ross: Cereal first.
Stokey Ross: When milk is first, you don't get the
maximum of cereal in the bowl.

djxplicit09: im a milk first guy. im insane, i know. i
actually was suprised to find out people put their cereal
in first

djxplicit09: see - i pour cereal in spurts
djxplicit09: to maximize content
Stokey Ross: Man, it's all about getting as much cereal
in the bowl as possible.

Stokey Ross: because you always will have an excess
of milk in the end.

djxplicit09: but then you just put more cereal in
djxplicit09: thats what i do - i put more cereal as needed to have each spoonful with maximum cereal content
Stokey Ross: But then the cereal falls over on the table
out of the bowl.

djxplicit09: why does the cereal fall over?
Stokey Ross: All that liquid. The cereal floats.
Stokey Ross: You put more in, the cereal falls over.
djxplicit09: you dont fill the milk to the top of the bowl -
the bowl is around 3/4 or less full

Stokey Ross: Too much trouble.
djxplicit09: its automatic for me. ive done it all my life
djxplicit09: again - i know im insane
Stokey Ross: Fill the bowl up with cereal to the top.
Put weight on the cereal. Add milk.

Stokey Ross: You'll still get floatage. But you'll have
maximum cereal yield.

Stokey Ross: It's science
djxplicit09: hahaha
Stokey Ross: Come on, dammit.
Stokey Ross: Einstein put that crap in the theory of

Stokey Ross: It's all about gravity
Stokey Ross: e=mc2
Stokey Ross: Don't mess with science
djxplicit09: m= milk
djxplicit09: c=cereal
djxplicit09: e=enjoyment
Stokey Ross: Something like that.
djxplicit09: enjoyement equals milk times cereal squared

Stokey Ross: Dude. You just gave me inspiration
Stokey Ross: Like Jesus or something
Stokey Ross: I might have a real theory workin in a day or two.
Stokey Ross: I'm getting all hyped up with the

djxplicit09: theory about what?
djxplicit09: and who's jesus in your simile? me?
Stokey Ross: Cereal, man. CEREAL
Stokey Ross: I haven't put it all together yet.
djxplicit09: jesus is cereal?
djxplicit09: whaaaaaaaaa?
Stokey Ross: Yeah. Go with that
Stokey Ross: Twix is the messiah
djxplicit09: twix? what is that? isnt that some sort of

Stokey Ross: Whatever. Yeah. I don't know.
djxplicit09: yeah - its those chocolate bars which have 2 in each package
Stokey Ross: Yeah, cookie, then caramel, then

Stokey Ross: That's the top candy bar.
Stokey Ross: Plus you get two


Blogger macq said...

An idle mind is a devils playtoy or something like that

10:09 PM  
Blogger Doc Savage said...

I'm glad you cleaned that crap up because I could've come out looking like some insane, psychotic bastard.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Doc Savage said...

Oh yeah. Wanted to add this link:

1:29 AM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

> I'm glad you cleaned that crap up because I could've come out looking like some insane, psychotic bastard.

I'll leave your blog to do that
(, y'all)

5:45 PM  
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