Monday, September 12, 2005

Whitewater's Weekly Burning Questions

Which football player has the least heart: Peerless Price, Maurice Clarett or Thomas Herrion?

Where will New Orleans suffer more losses: in the French Quarter or the NFL Standings?

Is Hurricane Katrina the only thing that could pack the Superdome?

Who's less likely to be on the other end of Joe Horn's call: Someone congratulating him on a victory or FEMA?

What's more torn up: Javon Walker's ACL or Scarlett Johannson's genitalia?

Who will score more points this year:

Da Darko


Da Bears


Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

the worthless redskins beat da bears, so im guessin da darko will score more

8:22 PM  
Blogger Young'un said...

This is so wrong, yet so funny.
Keep up the work.

9:33 PM  

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