Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogs are for nerds, losers, and the like

Yknow what I just noticed? Blogs are for cotdamn losers.

And all you might be askin, "well, djx, arent you calling yourself a loser, given that you have this 8 month old blog or whatever that I love so dearly?"

And then I would answer, "No, anonymous fangirl. I am not calling myself a loser, just saying I have something that alot of losers have. For example, watchin Star Wars doesnt make you a nerd even if Star Wars is for nerds. Get what I'm sayin'?

"But, looking for girl bloggers who might be willing to engage in some blog anal these recent days, I found out theyre the type of beeyotches who read the Harry Potter books twice - nerds. And not even those kinda hot nerds, but the fat nerds.

"Also, I found several older women who were supporting men monetarily and expecting sex in return, which is totally OK if you're a guy, but women? I thought cha'll were like, smart or something. A similar blog talked about consuming the llello, which is just sad.

"So now that we established that alotta people on this blog shit are nerds or losers or fat or ugly, or all 4 (actually, for the most part its all 4), I gotta say, thats it.

"I'm very seriously considering retiring this blog shit. Ive had a very successful run considering the complete lack of effort and funds I put into this. Honestly tho, now knowing how the blog world works, I gotta say that if what I wanted was success, I woulda pretended I was a 19 year old hot girl, with pics stolen from a myspace acct, and talk about how much sex I have. Idiot men love those blogs. And, appearently, women do, too. I thought cha'll were like, smart or something."


Anonymous Zim said...

Have you noticed that your Kanghey urbandictionary def has reached numero uno xplicit?

2:44 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

cant believe its still #1, on some krs-one shit

2:57 PM  

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