Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rakim signed with No Limit?!??!?!

UPDATED: Appearently, my theory was correct, it was an April Fool's joke, but has it on its fuckin front page. Props to the Internets' most hated man for the confusion.


Say it aint so!

According to and similarly terribly-written websites, Rakim Allah has signed to Master P's No Limit Records.

Is this some belated April Fool's Joke or are we suppossed to break down crying and throw several bitch fits? This becomes especially shocking considering the latest rumour was that he was going to sign to Talib Kweli's record company, Blacksmith or whatever it's called.

The record allegedly will feature all kinds of no-talents such as Mo.B Dick, Mia X, Silkk the Shocker and the like. Now, when Rakim recorded that video with the gold teeth saying some BULLshit for that company, and appearing in Juelz Santana music videos and that kind of stupid shit, some of us may have questioned "the God."

But signing to No Limit? That's a fallen hero for alotta people.

BTW, didnt Master Percy himself make a cover of "Paid in Full," except he changed the words so that it would be about selling crack? Or am I the one who's on crack?


Blogger Robbie said...

That was posted a while back man:

"Thursday - April 1, 1999"

It's a poor attempt at humor by some SOHH writer.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

ok thanks man. wow, i thought it had to be a joke, but it was on the front page of or something or other

8:31 PM  
Blogger Young'un said...

...My bad.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous dj mirateck said...

yeah i think this was from way back in 99, a lame sohh april fools joke. back when rakim and no limit were halfway relevant.

2:29 AM  

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