Sunday, January 09, 2005

this blog = the only place you'll see a comparison like this

That's right folks, I will compare the soft rock band "Chicago" to Chicago MC "The Last Emperor". Oh, I'll be referring to Chicago when Peter Cetera was the main guy.

Lyrics: Love is a big part of Chicago's lyrics, as well as everyday life. The Last Emperor also uses everyday life, but more abstract concepts are present as well.
Music: A big part of Chicago was horn arrangement. Last Emperor uses horns as well but in a much different way, usually sampled.
Voice: Peter Cetera's voice is high but actually really good. Thinking about it, it actually sounds just a little like the Eagles. Last Emperor has a noticebly lower tone, but actually pretty soft and soothing when compared to some other artists.
First Song I Heard From Him/Them: Chicago - "If You Leave Me Now". Last Emperor - "Secret Wars (Prince Paul Remix)". I actually was somewhat obsessed a looong time ago with that Chicago song, however, the Last Emperor's somewhat goofy, somewhat nerdy, song concept of rappers fighting comic book characters is just too much for me to resist, especially when the Last Emperor imitates Redman as he fights the Hulk or whatnot. Prince Paul's instrumentation which mainly features a piano and bass is pretty basic, but pretty effective.

"Locked in mortal combat is Dr. Strange and The Genius,
Here son, he's no match, let that grafted wizard have it ,
[Imitating GZA]'My Liquid Sword slashes straight through Dr. Strange's Magic'"