Sunday, January 09, 2005

Chargers vs. Jets - Better than the Superbowl

That shit was MUCH better than last Superbowl, anyways. The Chargers put up a 7-0 lead but the Jets got 17 unanswered points. The Chargers bounced back with a field goal to make it 10-17 and then shut down the Jets' offense, but had 12 men on the field during the punt, meaning the Jets acquired a 1st down. The Jets missed an opportunity to kill off the Chargers by not advancing and kickin a field goal. The Chargers pulled off a brilliant drive in which TE Antonio Gates caught a long pass and RB LaDainian Tomlison caught a few passes and ran a draw play. QB Drew Brees scrambled on 2nd & Goal to the 1 yard line, and on 3rd Down Tomlinson got no gain. There were 24 seconds on the clock on 4th down, meaning the Chargers had to gain 1 yard to go to overtime. Brees dropped back, however, a rusher got his feet. Brees jumped back and escaped the sack, yet OLB Eric Barton got in his face. Brees threw up a prayer that got broken up in the end zone. However...Barton hit Brees late (roughing the passer) and this meant that the Chargers got 4 more downs with 16 seconds. Brees threw a quick TD pass to Gates and sent the game into overtime. After a few drives, the Chargers set up for K Nate Kaeding's 44 yarder. This would be the first overtime game a rookie had won in the playoffs, the first game-winner by a rookie in a playoff game since Superbowl VI. Suddenly, the unthinkable happened. The sound man played Chingy's "Right Thurr Remix", which would make me miss a field goal. Sure enough, he missed. Notice Brees threw a TD with 11 seconds in regulation after an Outkast song. The Jets got the ball back, and a long pass to WR Santana Moss set up K Doug Brien for a 28-yard FG. Brien kicked it straight and it went in. However...the Chargers' coached called a timeout milliseconds before the snap. Brien had to re-kick it. The sound man didn't play anything, so I played "Nazareth Savage" by Nas. Sure enough, Brien kicked it straight (again) and won the game. That's the second grueling overtime for the Jets, they're losing next week. And I thought all the time the Colts were going to win, but the Broncos might just pull an upset. I'm thinking overconfidence could do it. I doubt it, tho. Im gonna be playing Eric B. & Rakim for them...yeah its that bad.

"I though of a rabbit the way she bouncing fo' thurr curr"


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Yeah I saw that game, but not over overtime unfortuneatly because TiVo. but I saw an amazingpass in the earlier parts where he was double covered, and teh pass was like 50 yards, and caught it cleared and even did a funny dance.

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