Saturday, January 08, 2005

El-P is waaay too underground to me.

So. I hate El-P. He is what I would call "nerd rap". His lyrics don't make sense. Lotta people thinks that means I don't understand his random 10-syllable words. No, I understand that. This is the problem:

"every mindf*ck i handout comes with a free month of internet access
and an updated year 2003 version of the mega clapper"


I took this photograph soaking wet
After an 8-ball cataract broken jazz bass frett"


"I shall lower the flag half mast, take time to wallow
Company Flow: the toughest penis sucky sucky"

wtf is this? his group is the toughest blowjob?

e I said, waaay too underground for me. Im gonna go back to listening to Puff Daddy and Will Smith. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na...

"Getting jiggy wit it"
"Bienvenido a Mee-a-mee"
(Seriously Will, you couldn't find 1 person who talk decent spanish in the entire state of Florida?)


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