Saturday, January 08, 2005

Bored as hell = gully?

With all kinds of death and destruction and gore and whatnot, is "Bored as Hell" aka "You just gotta skip most posts", gory enough to qualify as "gully"? Give me your thoughts on the situatuion. Yeah, you.

Also, I added a picture of Ras Kass on the "About Me" section. I think I might at some point change the color scheme to grayscale. If I ever feel like it.

"No justice, RAIDER RUCKUS!
Underground till we under ground
But y'all first MOTHAFUCKERS!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no that shti aint gully man.........
yeah its raw, liek those parts wit the blood and shit but on the whole, that shit just aint gully man......

6:03 PM  

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