Saturday, January 08, 2005

The magic of 15105...

wow...I didn't know my completely unethical attempt to boost people into getting into my site was going to work. I posted about it everywhere I knew, went to the nerd rap chatroom, said this site was racist, contained the new G-Unit CD or had Paris Hilton's porn tape. I saw it at 700, and I am amazed that it worked. Some soldier(s) pumped it from 700 to 15100 recently though. They took time out of their lives to contribute to the People's Blog (tm). I was actually talking to DviousMindZ today on Soulseek, and I still thought it was around 700.

(0:07) [DviousMindZ] thanks :D
[me] yeah
[me] press refresh some 100 times to thank me
[me] i want my hit counter to be at 1500
(0:07) [DviousMindZ] lol
(0:07) [DviousMindZ] okay
[me] what is it now at anyway?
(0:08) [DviousMindZ] yea
(0:09) [DviousMindZ] 15100 now
(0:09) [DviousMindZ] lol
[me] what?
[me] wow

For the record: I only refreshed it some 20 times. And I saw my blog to see what it looked like some 5 more. So, no, it's not me refreshing forever. Its just me spamming everywhere. I wonder which is more effective?

I was sick when Biz Markie got compliments for being a cute baby...
^ i think a visual will help you understand that punchline:


Blogger "Roland Pavlak" said...

But if you arent nagging people to refresh your page, you get very few visits. THe amount of hits only was about +80 or so in like 10 hours

12:05 PM  

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