Sunday, January 09, 2005

Fuckwatchaheard, Pt. 2

DJ Quik is a musical genius
Yeah, I said it. I found my "Under Tha Influence" CD, which is late 90's Quik. This is when he started to sound a little like early 90's Dr. Dre (if that makes any sense) with all the g-funk synths and whatnot. But a lot of tracks are still not g-funk but more like old Quik or something else. For example, the violins on "Out" or the gentle guitar strumming on "50 Ways". Quik's instrumentals could carry the album, however he can rap like the very best. On an earlier record, "Dollaz + Sense" off of "Safe + Sound" demonstrates that DJ Quik, although he's not Nas, is a great battler. The instrumental is good enough - the flute samples or the synth or the bunch of samples which I have no clue what they are. Some people say Quik fell off, but really, he just hasn't done as much work aside from some guest producing and some remixing. In 2002, "Put It In The Air", off of Talib Kweli's album "Quality" was great. In 2003, the DJ Quik remix to "Quaterbackin'" by E-40 was another great song, although his production for Jay-Z's "Justify my Thug" was average. Last year, he produced "Seven Thirty" off of Talib Kweli's "The Beautiful Mix CD", which was pretty basic but effective. This year his guest appearence on Ludacris's album (which btw mostly sucks) was a bright spot on the CD; the production is similar-sounding to some old stuff but its good (appearently he may not have produced it though). I'm gonna make DJ Quik Jake Plummer's theme song. I'll play "Put It In The Air" inside the 20. Yeah its that bad.

"Like blind men havin' sex, you don't know who you fuckin' with"


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