Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Whitewater's Weekly Burning Questions

Who's the worst fit: Verne Troyer in a dunk contest, Gheorge Muresan in a limbo contest, Eminem behind the boards, or Mike Sherman being involved in anything other than a lobotomy (nullus)?

Who would be the best nose tackle for the Packers: Clitoris Cletidus Hunt, Grady Jackson, or Reggie White's coffin?

Speaking of which, does anyone else wonder if someone called Gilbert Brown when Reggie needed a "Grave Digger?"

Who has shown more signs of life over the past few years: Terry Schiavo or the Lions' offense?

What's typically more spastic: a T.O. touchdown celebration or Michael J Fox?

What comes out more often: a 2Pac album or a member of B2K?

Who would prove more useful in a raid:

Dutch Cavalry


New Orleans bums?


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