Saturday, January 22, 2005

Imagine - Nas Verse

Imagine we can all get along,
Won't be long, till that day comes,
Mothers, stop cookin, take off your aprons,
Fathers, stop lookin at every sport station,
Take a second, and think of every poor nation,
Makin weapons, they can't afford to play, no proper healthcare,
Over here, Section 8, a lot on welfare
Yo, the wealthy laugh, the market crash, economy's bad,
How do we change it? Newsflash about a power that's dangerous,
How do we escape these brainless acts of terror?
I tell you how, if Jesus ever comes to knock me be better,
Put our hearts in the right place,
Humans of all colors will stand up as one race,
I promise you one day...
Imagine that


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This hit, let`s say, it`s super...i`d say.....But does anybody have the other lyric part of the song? Please.....Publish it

7:45 AM  

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