Sunday, January 16, 2005

Talib Kweli isn't any good anymore?

I'm sick of the e-thugs over at SOHH saying Kweli isn't good anymore right before listening to their Cam'Ron CD. Yeah, "The Beautiful Struggle" wasn't as good as the last 3 Kweli albums, but really, there were NO albums that topped "Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are..." in 3 years. "The Beautiful Struggle" was just as good as Jay-Z's "Black Album", but it's a step down from older Kweli albums. Still, its good. If you put it together with some "Beautiful Mix CD" songs, I can't beleive someone had that much a better year than that. Kweli put out 30+ songs in the "Beatiful" series which are better than anything Snoop Dogg has put out in 3 years. So in short: shut the fuck up.

"Radio...suckas don't play me cause I won't let 'em"
No, I didn't count "Back Up Offa Me" in my 30+ songs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

co-sign this post. Some songs on Kweli mixtapes are better than most dude's singles. People who tolerate crap from other artists insist of Kweli doesn't make an album on the level of Reflection Eternal or Quality, it ain't any good.

I ethered a deuch-bag named somethin like "gnaw" who hated on Kweli on the byroncrawford board:

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