Saturday, January 22, 2005

D/L Nas & Jay-Z - God's Black (Previews)

Some 30-50 seconds each
Hopefully the links still work

01 Winner's Circle
02 Wussup?
03 Ain't Goin Nowhere (feat. Macy Gray)
04 The Mossberg Anthem (feat. Big Kap & Fatman Scoop)
05 Spread Love
06 Living Proof (feat. AZ)
07 Quiet Storm 2 (feat. Havoc)
08 Contra (feat. DJ Clue)
09 Damn
10 Still Ain't Goin Nowhere (feat. Lil' Kim)
11 Hearts Go On (feat. Celine Dion)
12 Save Me
13 Who's The Best (feat. Biggie Smalls)

I promise to review this someday (when I get the full).

"Please, try to interpret the following passage:
Magnetohydrodynamic mechanics
Translated into Canibus language you'll never understand it
Thermodynamics of the second law
Isolated physical systems lead toward greater disorder
Across the dry desert in the featureless sand
Water is secondary to the meaning of man
I know but I won't tell
There's more to the human race than polymers proteins and protocells
Chemical evolution, L- and D-form sudunits"


Blogger macq said...

Ayo where did you get this from.........Ima hafta go cop it

1:44 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

you cant get it at, since one thing I definitely WONT do is give it to you if you ask me for it on aim and have a fast connection. I wont do that, since I am not an internet pirate like that.

7:01 PM  
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