Friday, January 21, 2005

Fuck it.

I can't compete with Ronny Octavius. I quote:

"Fuck this blog. This blog can eat shit, at least until next week."

...which is exactly how I'm feeling. However , if you have checked his latest post, you will see what I mean by "I can't compete". However, I guess I have to for the legions of fans. Here goes:

I Intellectually Beat The Shit out of a Racist Guy
Who has a blog I will not link to, since I don't enjoy linking to racists like that. Allow me to show a little of the back-and-forth.

racist guy: I guess my point is: A) Black people, you cannot get my sympathy. This is the land of opportunity. B)Just look at those black guys on MTV cribs with the talking ferraris and the jets with swimming pools in them. I mean, this 'oppressed' business is losing credibility, stop milking it.

me: was it intentional for your argument to so closely follow the arguements presented for segregation in Brown v. Board? they said, "look at all these wonderful black people who aren't poor! segregation obviously isnt hurting blacks because look at W.E.B. Dubois. a wonderful human being! surely segragation cant be that bad if someone like him comes out of it!"

obviously, he could not actually admit to being racist, he had to find a way to shift the attention from his flawed logic.

racist guy: I guess you are right. There really is no sense in having ambitions. You're right. Blacks are just plain hopeless. Why even try. I guess the other 98% are just destined to be poor ghetto guys, and there's no reason to think otherwise. I love how you think.

I will never visit and/or mention that blog again. Just one last response:

Whew! Really dodged a bullet there. Instead of conceding you are in basic agreement with the people who oppose the descision of Brown v. Board, you claim to be helping blacks (a classic KKK strategy, btw) and saying I am being racist. I never said a person shouldn't have ambitions. My point is, the government sets people up to be poor. To fail. And a few outstanding people can get by, and get rich, but the vast majority can't. Not very many are born outsanding basketball players or businessmen, and those who don't unfortuanetly, have a lowered opportunities. For example, George W. Bush is accepted at Harvard and Yale for being rich, white, and the President's son, while the average poor man or woman does not have that advantage. The one thing I'm NOT saying is be a conformist and let it be that way. No. Just like the people in Brown v. Board didn't say "segregation damages people, but oh well, too bad". Change must occur. And people like you who ignore it and say the problem doesn't exist are the people who are doing everything in their power NOT to change and NOT to fix the problem. In other words, the problem's not "liberals who make people want to be poor" by giving them help when they really need it. The problem is the average citizen who elects leaders who don't want to do anything about the problem, and if anything, only worsen it. I'm out of this forever. Don't even bother responding. Have a good day.

P.S. - If you want to talk to the racist guy, his AIM is evilnursemask. He is always ready to blame "liberals" for anything and entretain you with stupid ideology like saying that MLK would be a Republican (even though he opposed Vietnam, which is what Bush II wants to re-create, and even though MLK wanted economic equality between races, something Bush II quitely opposes, and even get the point).


Blogger macq said...

Yea the argument of why cant black people just pull themselves up by their bootstraps is always funny to me. Most of the time the people arguing this are suburban white cats who have never had to overcome anything in their life except chicken pox.

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And another thing......This country has a debt that is is not legal to enslave a people and exploit them for their labor for a country's gain....Compensation is well overdue and to put in place policies such as affermitive action is only a start of repayment!!!!! There must be other types of compensation.....It is unfair for whites to think that because they were'nt a part of this country during slavery and therefore they don't owe anything.....They live in and benefit from this country..who in turn benefitted from free labor and exploitation and downright cruelty of blacks......This might be a weak comparison......but it's like a foot race where blacks were held back at the start until whites were well in the lead and then blacks were made to jump hurdles while whites run a straight race with no hurdles.This gives whites an unfair advantage and this explains why many blacks start out disadvantaged....Things need to be done to even the race and compensate blacks for this disadvantage!!!!!It's not a's the fair and just thing to do.....We did it for the American Indians(somewhat).....we did it for the Jews......When we were'nt responsible for their atrocities....we do it for a lot of people....we just have NOT done it for the Ones that suffered the most!!! Black Power!!!!!

9:47 AM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

no, "we" didnt "do it" for the american indians.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it's not just compensation......but the indians were given soverign territories (res) in these United States....They were also allowed to run tax free businesses.(Casinos)....they were also given tuition free education(some) At least they have been acknowledged as being victimized and some compensation has been granted....But blacks.....we got MLK day....Affirmitive action and bubble gum........and MLK day had nothing to do with slavery.....Brown power!!!!!

4:28 AM  

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