Friday, January 07, 2005

LTDMFK....the people's blog

Yeah....while this kid is probably sleeping, I've copied him by putting a counter, and since I like large numbers, I'm just counting hits now. People of the world - refresh like you have never done before. Don't overdo it - just 5 or 10 or 3,000. The reason this is the people's blog is because I don't actually know HTML (like most people). So, being the prophet that I am, I have decided to copy what Aymon has done through common sense, and now the word of God is let known. Follow for now, power to the people say, "make a miracle, X, pump the lyrical". Black is back all in we're gonna win, check it out, yeah y'all, here we go again.


Blogger "Roland Pavlak" said...

didnt see that you addmitted to it, disregard the notions of teh previous comments, lol.

11:56 AM  
Blogger "Roland Pavlak" said...

Oh and, I wantted to tell you that u missled your desciption. You wrote "purposfully" SO you just want people to refresh so you get hits? Thats ridiculous, and yeah, thats really not cool to fucking copy me. (The swear word doesnt denote anger, just emphasis. )Why do you have to go and do that. And you changed "Posted by" as I did. Respect points -1. Anyways Peace.

12:02 PM  

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