Sunday, January 09, 2005

That was close...

Man, I thought we had one of those kids who say racist things to get attention they don't get from their was only soundboyz. That was close. To him, I must say, you are not even the slightest bit convincing as a white supremacist - which I guess is a good thing. I randomly posted lyrics and he really blew it by:

a) recognizing the artist who first wrote the lyrics
b) spelling his name phonetically, meaning he knew how to pronounce his name
c) putting 8 million !'s and .'s
d) sounding like the "Black White Supremacist" from Chappelle's show.

So again, the People's Blog (tm) is white supremacist-free cause the blog is waaay too gully for that shit. I can't say the same about this blog, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo's soundboyz......I love your blog man!!!!! I check in all the time cause you are known to keep it gully!!!!!I hope I did'nt cause too much problems......I apologise for any hurt feelings I might have caused from that prank!!!!!! And yes....I am black...I knew you would catch on.....actually you caught on pretty quick.... Keep blogging.....One!!!!

10:19 PM  
Blogger "Roland Pavlak" said...

Wtf is this, you just like t diss my blog man, Im the one who advised you start one, because I knwo you are a smart motherfucker. And tehn you go and dis me. But whatever its fine if you let me get those Cds from you. Peace

10:37 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said... just saying your site isnt white-supremacist free...

3:51 PM  

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