Friday, January 07, 2005

DviousMindZ in your area, bitch!

Okay, I gotta get the word out on my man DviousMindZ aka DJ DVMZ. I just know this kid's 2nd mixtape is gonna be great. Read my lips, trick, you have no idea what he's going to do. I have an idea of what's coming out, and I'm sold. I won't even comment on what I know unless he wants me to. That image is from his first tape, "If Skillz Sold Pt. 1" which, in all honesty, was mediocre. You can't fault a guy with less than a year of experience trying to get his name out (which explains all the G-Unit tracks, he says he hates them as much as I do).

Download here, but please donate (email me for more info). You will get a signed copy if you donate as an exclusive over here. The best song is track 3, although I don't like Ashanti much (monotone, limited range).


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