Saturday, December 10, 2005

What is the best album of 2005?

So...when I saw the Grammy nominations come out, I realized that even when I had enough sense to know that none of the Grammy nominees were correct, I myself didn't know what the correct winners would be.

So I am embarking on a discovery of the best album of 2005 - downloading and listening to an album per day to find the best. I'll do a brief overview of the albums I've heard so far in this quest.

Day 1 - Dec 9:
Sean Price - Monkey Barz

Sean Peeeee is a nice continuation of hardcore NY hip hop, with grimy beats and a sense of humour. He shows a nice switch up from regular topics with songs like "Brokest Rapper You Know" and the gully "I Love You (Bitch)" which probably is the best love song ever. The bad part is that some of the musical backdrops lack a little and sometimes Sean himself seems stuck treading the familiar parts of uncreative brag rap. All in all, it's a nice album.

Day 2 - Dec 10:
Common - BE

Common's most successful and hyped-up album is, unsuprisingly, not his best (that would be "Ressurection"). However its an honest effort from the Chicago native. The production is split between JayDee, who shines on the 3 tracks he produces, and Kanye West, who dissapoints in about half the 8 songs he produces. The album is good overall but inconsistent - I like parts of this better than the Sean Price album, but overall I like "Monkey Barz" better.

2005 still sucks: Richard Pryor RIP.


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