Friday, October 28, 2005

Around the hip-hop world

You know, i usually dont check out hip-hop news sites cause they suck. Today i checked out and heres my shitty opinions on shit.

Clyde Smith launches new site
Here's some free promotion for him. I didnt actually read the article, but if the dude at the top is him then thats funny.

Beastie Boys hate KFC
Come on, the Beasties are funny jewish people who used to make good albums. Who gives a shit what they think about how chicken die?

Biggie's clothing line
Sounds suspect, since cashing in on dead people is the hot rap trend these days.

Will & Jada with "open marriage" - i.e. fuck other people
I'll go ahead and bet that who they fuck is people their own sex.

JMJ tribute, foundation
Personally i'd like a pair of Ultrastars (nhjic). Do they ever plan on brining those back?

Wu-Tang do an ODB tribute song
Sounds sweet, actually. Wtf is up with the neptunes on their album though? Preemo should be tight

Nas Clothing Line
It's okay, I guess.

Dude from Fear Factory also produces

Fergie pisses herself at show
The fuck?

Chuck D interviews Superhead
He wont call her that though.

And im done.


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Blogger An Ape said...

Yo, An Ape here from
This has absolutely nothing to do with your recent post just kibbutzing about your comments on

I thought 222 was fucking great. I did know Kanye hates Jews, but really, don't most people? I actually kind of like some of his joints... But he ain't all that smart he just got $$$ and media exposure!

Sorry about the confusion with your name and shit. BTW, Cencoring? man we don't intentionally censor anything! Let me know what got censored and I'll fix that. I'm serious. One time I put up a picture of some crack and my fellow bloggers censored that and I got pissed! I'm still pissed like Fergies junk in her trunk. Holler.

4:45 PM  
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