Tuesday, April 05, 2005

GUA = Way too gully for you

I just came back from Guatemala. People need to understand the amount of gulliness found in that country. With no real amount of images, I will try to express it thru the written word. Here goes.

Point 1: The President killed 3 people
Well, ex-president. He was president up to halfway through 2004. He shot and killed 3 people in the 80's. He is currently hiding in Mexico.

Wikipedia link
"[he] immediately recognised that he had shot the 3 students..."
They got something wrong, tho. He was never acquitted, he basically was never prosecuted under some weird Mexican law (the killings happened in Mexico, you see).

Point 2: 80+ dead, 180+ injured at a soccer game
They laid out the bodies outside on the field. I've been to a buncha games, and its basically a buncha drunk guys getting pissed off. I went to one about a week ago, and one dude was arrested for throwing large rocks at the players.
CNN Link

Also, the goalie for my team got killed on the pitch by another player from a rival team. He hit him on a play "unintentionally" with his knee. One year later, my team signed the killer. The killer is currently loaned out to and playing for the Colombus Crew.

Point 3: Politicians, gangs, thieves and my family
Every politician is lying and stealing so much, its all about choosing the least shady of the candidates instead of the most honest. Theres at least 20 incarcerated at this point. You know what's even gullier? Those prisons are nicer than 80% of houses in the country. Now there's the gangs, which are mostly a scare tactic. Theyre there, sure, but the government blames them as the main cause of crime, which is untrue. They do this because theyre easy to catch than the real criminals. The thieves basically are stealing whatever at whichever point possible. Ive seen everything get stolen (including from me/family/friends): soccer balls, garfield comics, stuffed animals, cellphones, cars, school backpacks, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, purses...the list goes on. I remember someone telling me about this dude who was offered a fruit drink on a bus. He drank it, blacked out, and woke up with only his underwear on. Lastly, my family. I saw my aunt grab a guy who was carjacking her friend's car. She threw him down and shit. She is a 50 year old woman. My father used to always carry a gun. My uncle (i.e. his brother) got in a gunfight like a month ago. Carjackers too, I think. Basically, he shot (injured, not killed) 2 of them (there were 3 or 4), and now he shaved his mustache changed his haircut so they wouldnt recognize him. They were likely a part of some sort organized crime, but not the regular gangs with young tatooed dudes.

I could go on.

Point 4: Dont forget to visit, tourists!
Forget all that I just said. Pump some money into the economy before our president shoots you.


Blogger soundboyz said...

How are things in Guatamala?Wattup xplicit , people are mad worried about you. They've been asking about you like crazy. It's a shame things are like that in Gua. I can't see how people survive on a day to day basis.
Yo, chick Goldi was asking about you, kids from Pella .TK been asking for you. I think they changed sites , they got hacked again. Geekbird was asking for you....Everybody's been asking for you! I started another blog , so I haven't been contributing like I should, if you want you can exile me and you and Houston the one eyed Gee can hold it down along with Macq!!I ran out of shit to say . But looks like you've come back with plenty of stories!!!Make sure you let people know that you're back and that you're alright!!Peace!!!

6:54 PM  
Blogger Geekbird said...

yo dj, good to have you back (no homo). Guata sounds gullier then gully.

Aye, is that .com site with your same name minus the blogspot yours and are those pictures you?

9:48 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

geekbird - no, i dont look like a black version of the rock with red hair. that guy is just a biter.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Noodles said...

So in a fight who would win? Guatemala or Nicaragua?

8:40 AM  
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