Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My bad, people care

I forgot that people are loosers. I mean people watch soap operas and reality shows like its their fucking job. Im sure someone cares about random stranger's personal life to the point of insanity.

Some other shit: The opposite sex
Am I the only one who notices that girls wear prescription glasses for fashion purposes only?

Some other shit: Current playlist
I've been looking back at some classics, meaning some pretty obvious choices with a few new songs that have been overlooked.

- Ain't No Half-Steppin' (Big Daddy Kane) 1988
This is such a cool song. The beat is very light hearted and easy. BDK really is a very talented MC, his silky smooth delivery and all. The scratching by Mister Cee is cool as hell.

- I Know You Got Soul (Eric B. & Rakim) 1987
Yeah I've spent a while on this song. Rakim in 87 was ahead of most emcees right now in 2005.

- Let The Funk Flow (EPMD) 1988

- Welcome To The Terrordome (Public Enemy) 1990
This song is built on James Brown samples, and you have to love Chuck D's passion throughout the song. His lyrics don't hold anything back, and the way he says "...but welcome to the terrordome" is said with such authority and conviction...damn, too much to describe.

- For The Love of Money (The O'Jays) 1972

The bass is so funky...it's hard to explain.

- Don't Look Any Further (Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett) Don't know
Another bassline which is really good. 2Pac sampled the bassline for "Hit Em Up" if that is a frame of reference for anyone. The bass changes from that, and the guitars are nice.

- Back Stabbers (The O'Jays) 1972
Piano, strings, etc. The lyrics tell a story somewhat, and the singing is top-notch.

- Dollaz + Sense (DJ Quik) 1995
I like this song because Quik battles MC Ehit. The synths are my favorite part of the beat, like the "wind" sound and the high-pitched one on the hook.

- Timeless (Guru f/ Herbie Hancock) 2004?
This is a great collabo. Herbie's jazz instrumentation is great as usual. Guru's flow can still be a bit monotone, but I like it. My only complaint is that it could have been better. I mean Herbie is a legend and Guru is close to a legend if he isn't one himself, so it could have been better, but that's not to say its not good, its great.

- The Life Remix (Sheek f/ Pharaohe Monch & Skillz ) 2003?
The beat uses a sped-up sample heavily but it's not annoying. Pharaohe Monch does the best singing I've heard from a rapper in a while(unfourunately he only sings). Sheek puts up a good punchline-driven verse. Skillz drops a usual guest verse, meaning good but not that great. Skillz is talented but this verse is below-average for him, but still above average for most.

- Another Brick in the Wall Part 1 (Pink Floyd) 1979
A very emotional song which actually works best when played through the double album since the album was making an album-wide statement/narrative. Listening to the song only is kind of like taking out a chapter from an epic, rewarding but not as satisfying, especially considering the way that this song blends into "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" and "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2". The bassline is hypnotic and I especially like the keyboard accompaniment

- 'They' Schools (Dead Prez) 2000
Re-read the above description. Substitute the first song with "Hip-Hop" and the second with "Police State". Also change the word "keyboard" to "harp". There you go.

I just noticed I just started with old school party jams, went to old school funk, then to Quik, 2 relatively new songs, and ended with 2 similar yet very different songs about school. Meaning most of that playlist has to do with schools. Shit, that reminds me, I have school tomorrow. Goodnight, bitches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa..I have never seen seen anyone compare "Dead Prez" to Pink Floyd. I listened to that song and you are right in that they resemble each other in many subtle ways.

3:07 PM  
Blogger "Roland Pavlak" said...

Whoa you listen to Pink FLoyd too? Thats awesome.

11:44 AM  

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